Secrets revealed!
(OOC:I'm using paragraphs now! I think.) Jian was finally in Healriz. He needed to take a Gad's Express job, but there was only one left.
"I'll take that one." Jian said, pointing to the little piece of wood with the listed jobs. "Sorry, already reserved. Take a break, and a hike, you need to build those muscles, kid." I was mad then. "Like you could beat Gideon, alone"
"Gideon, eh? The Vile Tribe were weaklings, kid. If you have some weird past, then just get."

As I left, I heard him say,"Humans." He snickered. "Urrr, INFERN ALDA!" The entire shop caught fire. I was stunned. My rage took over, not exactly DragonMaster-like. The Beastman escaped, but the Healriz guardians were chasing me. "SONOUR QUA!" A rocky fist rose from the ground and hit the ground. The force was so intense, the very surface of the silver star was warping! I ran as fast as I could, and found a human-run airship-port. "One ship, Vile Remains."

As the ship arrived, it left. I was finally safe. I climbed down towards the Underground Tunnel, and found a gate there. "Hello!" I shouted into the silent tunnel. Then, Lucia crawled out of a shortcut. "Lucia? What are you doing here"
I asked, puzzled. "Visiting friends. Oh, you never ANSWERED MY QUESTION!" She hated me already. Lucia was really angry lately. "What question?" I asked, hoping it would work. "Just get in you oaf. Say any spell-name, just don't cast it"
"Sonour Qua." Then the huge metal gate opened slowly, revealing a wider tunnel than expected. I soon saw the main room, with Flora, Gaby, Rufus, Titus, and Peres. "Hey, guys." I said cheerfully. Silence. Then Peres spoke, "Ya'know, that question Lucia asked you was kind'a funny, in contrast to your response." I felt very small. "Oh, that.Heh-heh. " They looked strongly disturbed. "Jian, how could you be like that, after what you said at The Cathedral Of Althena!" Flora looked like she wanted to kill me. I turned bright red. "I...Uh...It...Well, I don't...Know the answer so I was purposely avoiding the question!" I finally got it out. I felt better. Then it was Gaby's turn. "Jian, you said you loved her, no matter what." I was really stressed out. "Things have changed, just...Let me sleep." I ran towards the bunks where I slept a long time ago, and instintaneously fell asleep.

That night, I woke up early. "Flora? Why are you up so early?" "Why are you?" "I couldn't sleep. I can't stop thinking about...Uh, Lucia." Shit! I almost said Flora. Too close. "Well, why were you like that? With that simple question"
"She would've killed me if I had said the answer." "Is it no?" "Well, yes. My true answer is no." Flora seemed worried. "Jian, you should just tell her, you'll feel better. Trust me, we girls may act like we will react in hostility, but we can let things go very easily. Trust me, Jian. " "Yeah." We looked at each other for awhile, and our lips touched. We broke away fast. "Holy shit, what'd I just do?" We exclaimed simultaneously. Rufus stirred. "What are you two lovebirds talking about at this hour?" "I don't know what you're talking about, Rufe." "Not LOVEBIRDS, lovebirds, you know what I mean." Flora always knows what to say.

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