.:Cherry Blossom Dreams:.

Chapter 30-A Final Chapter, a Brand New Day

"Stop! That hurts!!!!"

"What hurts? I'm not even touching you!"

"You aren't, but the needle is, now quit it!!!"

"Stop acting like such a scaredy-cat!"

"Hmph…you suck…."

"What was that?!?"

"Eh…uh…gomennasai Kaa-chan."

"Good boy, now just shut up and let me take care of that mean old virus, m'kay?"

Daisuke glared at his mother. "Fine……but I don't see what that stupid virus will do to me." Sakura sighed. "Just hold still," she said, holding the vaccine firmly. Daisuke shut his eyes.

Just think of it as a kunai…

It's only a kunai…

It won't hurt….it won't hurt…

"OH, WHO the HELL am I kidding?!?!?! IT FUCKING HURTS!!!!!" he screamed. Sakura inserted the needle into his arm and let the liquid flow out. Daisuke opened one eye, only to see that his mother was sticking her tongue out at him. Daisuke glared at her and looked away. "Not funny…." He muttered. Sakura put on hand on her hip and smirked. "C'mon, we have to meet your father and the others at the park," she said.

Sasuke and his little angels…

Rinko and Mikoto were once again quarrelling about who had the best stamina. Yuki, Akito, and Satoshi could only watch in embarrassment at what their sisters were doing, while Sasuke was rubbing his temple, pleading for them to finally come to terms with each other.

"It's because I can run faster and take more hits that you!" yelled Mikoto.

Rinko snorted. "Oh yeah? Then why the hell did you faint the moment Syusuke pushed you off the swing?" Mikoto's cheeks swiftly turned a pale pink. "I don't know what you're talking about. And besides, Syusuke and I don't talk that much. He's too inconsiderate of others, and he's always alone and……." Mikoto's blush turned even deeper. Rinko smirked. "You've got a little crush on him…don'cha kiddo?"

Mikoto smiled. "No…..but he did draw a picture of me. It was lovely!" she took out a folded piece of paper and showed it to Rinko. "See? I got a picture from him….and it's SO KAWAII!"

Rinko sighed. "You absolutely killed the mood already."

Sasuke finally decided he should stop this pointless drabble. "Alright you two, we have to go meet your mother and the others at the park, and we're late already," he said. He rubbed the back of his neck, and walked off. They all exchanged looked, shrugged, and walked behind their father.

As they walked through the streets of Konoha, their small group eventually turned into a crowed, with Ino and Shikamaru's children, Tenten and Neji's kids, and the rest of the Rookie 9 and Team Gai.

Once they arrived, everyone just stared at the mother and son. Sakura and Daisuke we're sitting under the old sakura tree, Daisuke glaring at his mother while she just smiled foolishly. Sasuke slowly walked over to Sakura. She smiled sweetly, but her eyes were filled with tears.

Sakura stood up and hugged Sasuke.

"The nightmare is finally over," she whispered in his ear. Sasuke looked at her and his eyes turned emotionless. "And I'm glad." They both parted and looked over to the crowd dressed in black. They all looked to the front, where they saw a small tombstone. Sakura walked over to it and placed her hand on it. A single teardrop fell from her eye, but it wasn't from sadness, it was from anger. She moved her lips forming the words "I love you mom". She turned her back and looked at Sasuke.

Sasuke softened up his gaze at the sight of Sakura's eyes drying up quickly.

Atta girl, he thought. Sakura went over to Yuki and whispered something in her ear. She nodded and disappeared with Sakura in a puff of smoke.

Naruto came over and walked to Sasuke. "Sakura-chan really misses her mom, huh Sasuke." Sasuke merely nodded. "And I know you do to. I have never had any parents, but I can only imagine the pain it causes to someone when you lose someone close to you. I know that if I lost Iruka-sensei, I'd go mad. But…..maybe this was supposed to happen for a reason Sasuke. The new Uchiha clan will be much stronger with you as their new founder…you'll see." Naruto gave him a small smile and walked over to Hinata, who was holding a newborn baby girl in her arms.

Sasuke looked to his side. "Maybe Naruto….maybe…." he murmured.

"Oi, Sasuke! Round up your kids, we're going already!" called Ino. Sasuke nodded and gave his children a look that they immediately understood. They all gathered around Sasuke as they made their way out of the park.

At Sakura's old house-

The boarded up old cream house was still standing. Sakura walked inside, taking off her zori as a sign of respect, as did Yuki. They walked past the kitchen and living room and straight to Sakura's old room on the second floor.

A lot of dust had collected in her room, so it came to no surprise to Sakura when she started coughing like mad. Yuki however, had no reaction to the dust.

Sakura moved over to a drawer and opened it. She shaded her eyes with her right hand and slowly opened the drawer, careful to not rip it open. Sakura cautiously took out a small crystal necklace and placed it in Yuki's hands.

Yuki looked up at her mother with curious eyes. Sakura's eyes looked sad, but then they quickly turned cold.

"Yuki-chan…I know we aren't as close as you are with your father, but I believe that I should give this to you," she began. Yuki just kept looking at her. "You have the Sharingan, true, and the regular Sharingan doesn't change color as yours does. And it hit me that your father's Sharingan got mixed up with my Nikkougan."

Yuki pursed her lips. "And…what does this have to do with me?" she asked slowly. Sakura's lips slowly curved.

"You are the heiress to 2 clans now. You are the heiress of the Uchiha clan, and my clan, the Haruno clan. And this necklace belongs to you, as it belonged to my mother. Only a Haruno female can activate its power, and they have to be strong, powerful, and full of generosity. I see all those qualities in you, which is why I want you to have it. The Cherry Blossom crystal grants the user infinite chakra levels, but at a grave cost."

"What is it?" asked Yuki intently.

"You're body will stop malfunctioning, and if not treated right within 5 minutes, you'll die," she said seriously. Yuki felt her eyes go round. "Then…then why give me the necklace?" Sakura looked at the floor. "I don't want you to die, and I have been given special permission from Naruto to be your squad leader, while Tsunade-sama takes over the hospital again. I will be there to heal you every time, that way….I won't lose you…"

Yuki's eyes began to water. "Kaa-san……."

Sakura smiled through tears of her own. She took hold of Yuki's hand. "Come, let's go to the Uchiha Manor. They're waiting for us."

The Uchiha Household…

"Satoshi!!!!" yelled the Uchiha father. Satoshi stared at his dad. "I'm right next to you, tou-san," said Satoshi a little annoyed. Sasuke has been calling for him all day, and it was only to ask if Sakura and Yuki have come back to the manor.

"Taidama!!" called a familiar female voice.

Everyone's head shot over to the direction of the voice. There stood Sakura and Yuki. "Sorry we're late," they said simultaneously. Their smirks grew wider, especially Yuki's, who smirk showed how much pride she had in herself Sasuke smirk at Sakura, to which she returned with a wink.

Tsunade ran up to Sakura. "Sakura, you're late!!! Oh well, at least you're here. Anyways, just stand next to Sasuke and all your kids, and….everybody else.

Everybody lined up according to family. The Uchiha Family followed as such:

In the back were Sasuke and Sakura. Sakura was holding Mikoto in her arms, and Satoshi was on Sasuke's shoulders. Next to Sasuke was Yuki, who had her arms folded across her chest. In front of them were Rinko, Daisuke and Akito, all hugging each other's shoulders in a straight line.

Next to the Uchiha clan, was the Nara/ Yamanaka. Shikamaru and Ino stood in the back Ino were holding their daughter, which Ino called Tenshi. Below them were Fuu and Rai. Fuu was an exact version of Ino, only with very short hair. Rai was a mix of Shikamaru and Ino. He was very lazy yet always happy. He had his father's dark brown hair and his mother's eyes.

Up Next was Kiba, Chouji, lee, and Shino, all in a small group. They were still single and fairly proud.

Then was Neji and Tenten, in a small hug, expecting another child. Enveloped in the hug was their young girl, Chihiro, who was smiling from ear to ear. She had lavender eyes, and mahogany hair tied up in twin panda buns.

And finally, Naruto and Hinata, with their daughters Suki and Mai. Mai and Suki were identical twins. They both had blond hair and lavender eyes. The only way to tell them apart was by the different hairstyles they wore. Their son, Minato, looked exactly like Naruto, but acted like Hinata.

Tsunade and the sensei all stood on the very edge, next to the Uchiha and Uzumaki.

Pakkun, Kakashi's talking nindog, set the camera. "Everybody smile, I don't have all day!" he called. Everyone groaned and forced a smile on their face. Pakkun glared at them. "C'mon, like you mean it!!!" Everyone sighed and then smiled. Pakkun gave them paws up.



And that was the story of my life. To this day, Sasuke-kun and I are ANBU ninja. Yuki is a Jonin, and she's only 20! Mikoto and Rinko are Chuunin, and they have finally set apart their differences and are now in the same team. The others we really don't know their rank. They sometimes dress like ANBU….and at other times, we can't tell if their Jonin or Chuunin. Either way, we're proud of them.

Right now, Sasuke-kun is off on an assassination mission with Shikamaru and Neji. I think they're in Suna….I can't put my finger in it.

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