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Her Heartbeat

You're naked. I love the way you look after I have thoroughly had my way with you. You're naked and curled up next to me in bed. In our bed. That's how I like you best.

My right hand is cupping your left breast. It fills it out perfectly. You've left me exhausted from our activities just moments ago but I suddenly have the urge to take that rosy nipple in my mouth and start arousing you all over again.

Before I have the chance to make my thoughts into action, you take my hand off your breast and move it up to your heart. My palm is directly above its thudding. Its' moving fast. It's still coming down from the bliss I gave you.

"Draco, can you feel it?"

You give me one of your dreamy smiles. You move your hand to rest on top of mine so we can both feel your heart. It's your left hand that is covering mine. And now I'm not so much concerned with feeling your heart but watching that ring on your third finger glint at me. By nature, I know I'm a possessive man. But you don't seem to mind. I can't help but smile at that ring. You might have thought the diamond was too big or too flashy. I wouldn't let you wear anything less. This way no one can miss it on your hand and anyone who sees you knows you're taken. That ring boldly says, you're mine. I get the sudden urge again to show you just how much you belong to me but you start talking again.

"Sometimes I can hear my heartbeat and feel it move inside of my body. I can't help wonder if I've just imagined the sound and the feeling of vibrations of my skin from the pumping of my heart and then I get scared of my own skin. But you can feel it too, can't you? Can you hear it also? That thumping sound."

You're looking at me for reassurance.

"I feel your heart. It's loud too."

You give me another smile. You look so innocent and your eyes gaze at me with wonder as you continue to feel your heart. The urge to corrupt you is becoming overwhelming. No matter how many times I make love to you, that aura of innocence about you never seems to dissipate. It's one of the things I love about you. You seem to be the only pure thing in my life.

"Can I feel your heart now, Draco?"

"You can feel it after." I say as my hand moves down from your heart back again to cup your breast.

"After what?"

As I lean down to kiss you passionately and massage your breast with my hand, I think this is a good enough answer. Your body immediately wraps around me, accepting me.

"I love you," you say against my lips.

And I know I'll never tire of you saying those words just as I know you'll never tire of me whispering in your ear, "I love you, Luna," as I finally move inside of you.

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