Title: tainted

Author: herebutnotremembered

Rating: R

Summary: Sammy never really trusted anyone in the same way again. When the youngest Winchester makes a new friend, he finds out how dangerous human beings can really be.

Disclaimer: The boys don't belong to me.

Chapter 1 Fake Smiles

Sam doesn't usually take well to other boys his age. Most of them are put off by Dean anyway, the other half don't like Sam's constant silence, not knowing that it is just the boy's nature. When Sam met Max Anderson, things changed. Dean noticed straight away. Sam would stay late at school nearly everyday, always making up such lame excuses he knew Dean would never believe. Dean encouraged his now teenage brother to pursue the friendship, and so of course, Sam did.

Their dad didn't usually stay in one town for long, but on the rare occasion they would be seemingly stuck in small towns for months at a time. This was one of those times. The hunt of a water wraith had lead them here, five months ago, and still they had no intent to leave. The school system was acceptable, according to Sammy, and the girls were acceptable according to Dean. Both boys had been happy to hear that they would be staying a little longer than originally planned and so Sam felt safe to continue his friendship with Max.

Max was a good kid, shy and kinda quiet until he got to know you. He was also very book smart, like Sammy. Dean thought that that was why the two got along so well. Not many other thirteen year olds were fascinated with books like those two were. Max was also…delicate. He often looked like he was underfed but would deny it whenever it was brought up. He blamed his size on his metabolism, and if that didn't work Sam's death glare at Dean sure did. Overall, Dean liked the kid. He had to, since Max was over nearly every other day, not caring that it was technically a motel room. "I don't mind, my house is just a trailer," the boy would say with a smile.

That was about the only thing that Dean didn't like about the kid, his smile.

There was almost something wrong with it, like it was never meant to be there. Dean could tell when it was fake, it would always have this forced, tense look to it. He could also tell when it was real, and it was often real around Sam. Max would smile and Dean would nod with his own fake grin, wondering what the kid was hiding behind that portrait of happiness.

The day had been shitty, rainy weather making it hard to go anywhere at all in the small town without a car. Dean had long since resigned himself to staying indoors watching t.v. while the boys read. John on the other hand was busy at work. He sat stoic at the small wooden table in the kitchen area, going over papers and his journal. "Dean," he called as he gathered the information together in a neat pile. Dean got up and went over quietly so as not to disturb the boy's homework. "What is it?" Dean asked curiously as he sat himself at the table beside his dad. "This thing I've been dealing with," John started in a quiet voice, looked over at the boys and continued. "It's a demon, not sure what kind yet, but it's powerful enough to kill the host when it leaves the body. It always leaves behind sulfer in the victim's mouth so it's not quite as invincible as it would like to think. I think I got an idea of where it's goin next. I'm gonna be outta here by dawn, you got my cell number," he finished and finally looked up at Dean who nodded silently.

"You need me?" he asked looking back at Sammy who was on his stomach on one of the beds. He always hated to leave him alone, but sometimes it was just necessary.

"No, you stay here with your brother. This thing likes…younger victims, teenagers mostly. Young blood and all that, no, I want you to stay here with your brother, make sure he's not left by himself. You got that?" he asked seriously, and nodded when Dean did.

"Ok, Oh wait! I got detention tomorrow," Dean admitted with a look of guilt. This was the second one this week. His dad sighed loudly, "Dean," he warned. "It wasn't all me, Kev was there too," Dean started but then John put up his hand and said "I don't wanna know." Dean's shoulders dropped, defeated, "so then what about Sammy?" he asked looking over to his little brother.

John's eyes lit up as he had a thought. "What if Sam went to Max's for once? Just until you get out of detention?" John suggested then turned to the boys on the bed. "Hey guys? I gotta go out of town tomorrow and I don't want Sam left here alone. He'll probably burn the place down or something," he said and grinned at Sam's look of indignation. "So I was thinking, why don't you go to Max's Sam?" John asked addressing his youngest. Sam shrugged his shoulders but Max had gone slightly white.

Dean watched the boy as Sam nodded then looked to Max for a definite answer. "Uh, yeah, for how long?" Max said and Dean could swear he detected a hint of worry in the kid's voice. "Just until Dean here gets out of detention. Shouldn't be all that long," John answered as he stood and put all the papers away. "Ok," Max consented with a smile.

Dean narrowed his eyes.

That smile was a fake one.

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