Set in Victorian era London, this romance novel revolves around Charles Dickens's fictitious character, Artful Dodger from the beloved classic Oliver Twist.

Two pickpockets vie to be the best in town, but in a turn of events, the archenemies decide to collaborate and work together. Through thick and thin, an unexpected romance blossoms between 2 young, innocent souls. Dodging the Traps (Slang for Police) and avoiding the reality of the painful truth, the pickpockets are faced with betrayal and have to ultimately face the test of true love. After a shocking discovery, which will matter more- honouring the prestige of the best pickpocket in town, or salvaging a torn relationship?

"'re mad. I'm not gonna hit a gi-irl." Artful Dodger

Presenting... Dodging from Fate

a story written by ArtfulDodgersGirl

No means of plagiarising intended. This author had adapted characters based on the book "Oliver Twist": by Charles Dickens, also adopting certain plot lines from the story.