I decided that I should just start some kind of talk show since I'm no good in writing fanfics. XD So please ask your questions!

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Ask Seigaku Regulars column- we give good advice, we answer your questions!

1. Kuraki

Momo: Good day minna-san! Today we open the "Ask your Seigaku Regulars Column"

Ryoma: Che, I still don't get what the 'column' is for…

Kaidoh: Baka porcupine head doesn't know the difference.

Momo: (Twitching) Shut up, mamushi.

Kaidoh: Baka. ( Momo launched himself to Kaidoh, "fight" Oishi and others come in and blah, blah, blah)

Fuji: Anyways we continue, the first caller is on the line. (Eveyone looked up)

???: Um… hi…

Everyone: Hi!

???: Um… my name is Kuraki you can call me Kura… Um… um…Um… I just wanted to… um… ask for… um… love… um… advice…

Momo: (Grinning sheepishly) Yes…

Kura: Um… you see… um…um… um…

Ryoma: (Rolled his eyes) Geez. This will take forever

Kura: Um… I like this girl… well she's kind and all but… um… She likes somebody else… so… um…I don't… um… I'm not sure if… um…I should court her… um…

Ryoma: (Rolled his eyes once more) Man, just give it up already. She doesn't like you, she likes somebody else, you don't have a chance with her… especially with your attitude, what don't you get about that?

Kura: Ano… that hurts...(clutching his aching heart) Are you telling me to give up?

Ryoma: Isn't it obvious? You're— Umph!

Momo: Don't mind our little brat. Anyways, what do you guys think?

Eiji: I say go for it Kura-chan!

Kura: Kura-chan?

Oishi: Yes, Eiji is right Kura-san, how will the girl know how you feel about her if you don't give it a try.

Kawamura: Yeah, it is always better to try than to be a coward, neh Oishi. (Oishi nodded)

Momo: And about the guy she likes, well it's time you be that guy!

Kura: Ano… arigatou minna-san.

Everyone: Gambante Kura-san!

Ryoma: Yey. (Ryoma raised his hand lazily, like punching in mid air)

2. KenRik

Kawamura: Ano… our second caller is on the line…

Everyone: Hi!

KenRik: Hi! Um… I just wanted to ask you guys in particular… what do you think about the fanfiction stories about you guys… and what parings do you favor most?

Kaidoh: (Hissing) Fanfiction…

Oishi: Well… we don't really support fanfiction.

Kawamura: Actually I enjoy reading fanfictions.

Oishi: Well… okay then.

Momo: Anyways… about the pairings, I am most particularly not in favor of the Y-A-O-I. It's just gross thinking about having a relationship with a guy… (Looks at Ryoma with a remorseful look) I mean, we guys are straight!

Eiji: Well… not most of us. (coughed)

Oishi: Eiji! (Blushing)

Momo: Oishi-sempai?!

KenRik: hmm…

Inui: Don't worry KenRik-san, at least 94 percent of us are straight…

KenRik: That's good to know... Anyways, how 'bout my second question… what parings do you favor most?

Momo: I favor MomoAnn! (Grinning widely)

Ryoma: Isn't that obvious…

Momo: Neh, Echizen, why don't you be more enthusiastic.

Ryoma: Che. It's as if I wanted this.

Kaidoh: Shhhssshhh

Momo: (Raising his pointing finger) I also favor RyoSaku. (Grins at Ryoma)

Ryoma: Whatever.

KenRik: I adore that pairing!

Eiji: Hoi, hoi! I love that too!

Fuji: They just look so kawaii, neh, Echizen-kun. (Smiles at Ryoma)

Ryoma: Che. I don't care about whatever those people write, it'll never happen anyways…

Momo: (Mimicking Sakuno's voice) Mou, Ryoma-kun is so so mean!

Ryoma: (Twitching) Baka.

Kawamura: I like FujiSaku. (He said shyly, everyone looks at him, Fuji's eyes were open for a short while)

Ryoma: FujiSaku?

KenRik: I like the tension of RyoSakuFuji.

Fuji: RyoSakuFuji… Saa... I guess I'll have to start reading fanfictions more often. (Smiles always)

Inui: Interesting…

Ryoma: RyoSakuFuji…? So where does that actually end up to…? RyoSaku or FujiSaku...?

KenRik: I don't know… it's up to the author… I guess…

Ryoma: Hn.

Momo: (Grins cheekily) Interested?

Ryoma: (Blushed slightly) Not a chance.

KenRik: Anyways, thanks for answering my questions! Until next time! See ya!

Everyone: Bye!

Fuji: Neh, Tezuka you should talk more often. (Smiles, Tezuka turns to Fuji but stays neutral)


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