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"So, again, huh?" A bored voice mumbled in disinterest. "I wonder if I can lock this place up for good."

"Then I won't have to do this anymore." The speaker said, smirking knowingly to himself. Suddenly, the lights of the vast auditorium lit, booming one after the other. The speaker frowned.

"Oi! Ryoma Echizen?"

"Yeah?" The ebony-haired speaker shouted, looking up in an instant. From afar, an old man wearing a soiled janitor's uniform with a scrunched-up face gestured over for him to come. As the young man stood up and jogged towards the greasy old man, his brows raised in question.

"Brunette's looking for a show-guy."

Brunette? Ryoma thought, the curious expression still lingering on his face. Then it hit him. Thanking the janitor, he rammed the heavy auditorium doors with his shoulder and ran towards the lobby. He slowed down when he saw a figure by the soda machine. A lady. A brunette.

His lips curved upwards.

Leisurely, he stalked towards her, hoping to catch her off guard. He could hear the soda cans jumble against the metal makings of the vending machine.


Sakuno's head spun in an instant, her dainty were fingers halfway inside the machine's door.

"Ryoma-kun." She greeted, her eyes lighting up. Ryoma nodded. There was a certain spark in his eyes.

"Strawberry?" He asked plainly, shuffling his hands inside his pockets. With tinted cheeks, Sakuno could only smile at him.



Drop. Bang, bang.

"Grape." She grinned. Ryoma's ears reddened as he took the can from her hand.

"Where's the coach?"

"Here." A raspy voice chuckled. Ryoma frowned, turning his gaze. In front of him stood Sumire Ryuzaki, there in all her might, giving him a cheeky little grin.

"How long were you there?" The dark haired guy asked accusingly.

"She was here the whole time, Ryoma-kun." Sakuno simply said as she popped open her drink. She eyed Ryoma curiously as the red tint on his ears crept to his cheeks.

"Ah." Ryoma mouthed.

"Hn." He grunted awkwardly.

"I think the show's starting." Sumire chuckled at the young lad. Ryoma merely spun around, leading them towards the backstage. All the while, he was avoiding their questioning and grinning gazes.

Chapter 11: Visitors!

The Whales are Coming

"Took you long enough." Inui said as a matter of fact before entering the stage after Eiji. Ryoma had just made it backstage with their guests.

"Good luck, Ryoma-kun."

"Hn." Ryoma nodded, not even turning to face Sakuno, before he followed Inui on stage.

"Good evening, everyone!" Eiji yelled eagerly. The audience went wild. "Shoot me the caller Momo-chin!"

In an instant, and with an array of colors, Momoshiro threw a ball towards Eiji. The red-haired teen caught it in a breeze.

"Our second caller is—"

2.2 cielmikitoaloislvr

"hello again, this is my second time calling, and i have a few YAOI loving questions, for someone here;

HANDSOME Fuji Syuusuke; are you seeing anyone from any of the tennis team? i'm just curious. blushing, covering face*

and cutie Eiji Kikumaru; i love you so much, youre so adorable, cute, sweet, and nice. youre the best as well as Fuji! i just wanted to ask if you would like to go on a date with a friend of mines name Rebecca?"

"Yaoi. Guy to guy relationships." Inui merely stated. Fuji nodded, patting Inui.

"No. Not currently, I think." Fuji chuckled. "Actually, I'm concentrating on the mock examinations. But maybe…"

"NO." Tezuka twitched as Eiji laughed out loud. "Burn Tezuka! BURN!"


Fuji could only chuckle.

"I promise though. I'm currently straight." He said, nodding towards Eiji.

"Okay. My turn! Dearest cielikitoaloislvr, I am delighted—no, no! I am honoured."

"I second that."

"And about your friend Rebecca… that depends on her hair color, nyah!" Eiji laughed, his cheeks tainting pink as he bounced around the stage. His ex-teammates could only shake their heads in shame. The crimson-haired teen was bouncing way too much.

"I guess it's time for our third caller!"

2.3 Animew13

"This is my First time asking questi—"

"OH WAIT! Let me stop you right there Animew13. I think we have some guest joining us today." Eiji appraised enthusiastically, gesturing to the curtains leading to backstage. "Welcome Sumire and Sakuno Ryuzaki!"

The crowd applaused.

In queue, Sumire walked in, strutting proudly like a man. Meanwhile, Sakuno followed in, her face red as a tomato. The first moment she could, she ungracefully plopped down on a mattress seat. She didn't care who she hit, she just thought instantly that she needed to get off camera. And fast.

"What an entrance." Kaidou mumbled, blatantly pissed she hit his cheek with her elbow. Sakuno would have flushed even more if she could. Throughout the years, she had fought over her timidity but going live on-cam was something else. She didn't dare raise her head.

It was utter humiliation.

"Please continue." Sumire said with a pleasing smile playing on her face. The caller made a huffing sound.

"To Everyone- What's your honset opinion on Sakuno? Do you think that she's annoying, Kawaii,etc. Why do you think sakuno lives with her grandmother?

To Fuji- Do you think that sakuno and Yuuta Will make a good couple?

BTWI don't care what anybody says about Ryoma! I'm still a huge Ryosaku fan!"

Sakuno, redder than before, ducked her head even further down.

"I think she's just lovely." Fuji smiled simply. Everyone's head shot towards him, quizzically. Sumire chuckled. She had missed those kids and their amusing antics.

Ryoma simply watched them, his chin resting on the palm of his hand. Gradually, his gaze lingered on the young red faced brunette.

"I think she's just great." Taka said with a smile. "A great cook too. She comes by our shop sometimes and helps out."

"Sakuno, if I'm right, you live with the coach because—"

"Her parents are working abroad."

The red on Sakuno's face slowly lessened as she looked up to her grandmother. In turn, Sumire winked at her knowingly. Sakuno smiled.

"Ah, so not—"

"Yeah, you thought wrong." Ryoma mumbled lazily. Throughout his tours out of the country, he was able to become good friends with Sakuno amidst contrary belief. And he knew. He was positive the brunette was living with her grandmother not because her parents were working abroad. Definitely not because of that. But the mass didn't have to know. It would shame her.


"Anyway, I want to tell you people what I thought was the reason." Eiji grinned. "I thought that Sakuno's parents died or something. No offense, Sakuno-chan."

"It's okay." The young brunette smiled.

"Okay, why don't we move on!" Momoshiro grinned. "After all, we have decided Sakuno to be a dandy person."

"Fuji! You're up!"

"Hm, do I think my dearest brother will make a good pair with our dear Sakun-chan over here." Fuji muttered out loud, musingly. He turned to Sakuno and smiled cheekily. "I could see it."

Sakuno turned beet red once more.

"You know. This isn't a get your face all red contest." Ryoma uttered, getting pissed, towards Sakuno as he looked away from the gang. Sakuno could only sigh.

"I—I can't help it." She said, looking up at Ryoma apologetically.



Ryoma tensed. He knew that cough. That cough accompanied by so many painful memories.

He shuddered at the thought.

"Why do you always seem to forget that I'm here?" A voice cruelly familiar to Ryoma seethed dangerously. The ebony haired teenager didn't dare face the speaker.


Every single fan girl cried that day.

"Why don't you call in the next speaker, Momoshiro."

"Ye—yes! Of course!" Momo abruptly replied as he shuffled through some cards. And with a click, the name of the next caller came up.

2.4 SakuraElieChan

"I wanna ask some questions!"

-Ryoma :

1. Is it true you have a crush on Sakno-Chan even though you won't admit it but you do seem to tease her like "Your hair's too long" or calling her "Wobbly hips". Even if you won't admit it I believe.

2. If you could change Sakuno's appearance to be more attractive to you, what would it be? Most writter suggest her having her hair down and wearing FASHIONABLE clothes. Would you agree it would make her prettier?

3. If all this fails and you say you don't like her than that is because you haven't hit puberty. Puberty as you know is the main reason for boys to grow and like girls, since we all know he is never "interested" in Sakuno that may be the cause but if you do like her you better cough it up before your voice changes thus making you sound like a broken bag pipe.

4. Who was your first kiss?


1. It is very obvios you like Ann but why won't you tell her?

2. Why do you like Ann? Is it because of her shiny brown hair or mezmerising eyes?

3. Do you find Kamio as a rivail in this love triangle?


1. Why won't you take of your glass and show everyone your face?

2. Who do you think will have a chance with Ann? Momo or Kamio? Since you can do the math!

3. Do you think Ryoma will ever reach puberty and confess? Or will he stay short and arrogant forever?

That's all!

After the caller hung up, Sumire casted a questioning gaze over to Sakuno.

Really? Thought the old woman. People asked questions like these?

"Okay," Ryoma started, looking even more pissed than ever. "I'm going to make this clear once and for all."

"I do not, in the slightest, fancy Ryuzaki the way you're implying. And will never. So, go kill yourself for all your nosing, effin dumbass."

People from the audience gasped.

"Ryoma Echizen. Get off stage." A grim voice echoed throughout the auditorium.

"Tch." And just like that, Ryoma Echizen stalked out of the stage. Silence followed him.

"What is wrong with you?"

A camera crew had followed him into the producer's office.

"Just let me go." Ryoma glared. "Let them ask those things again and I am quitting. No matter what."

The man sighed.

"Just go. You're done for the day."

Turning away, Ryoma angrily shoved the door open. Still, as he was headed out of the building, the same camera crew ran after him in the shadows.

"Ryoma-kun!" Sakuno screamed, suddenly popping out of the entrance doors. The ebony haired boy stiffened as she approached. "Are you alright?"

Ryoma could only intensify the glare on his features.

"I—Ryoma-kun. You," She started unsurely. "You don't have to be bothered by their questions. They're just questions after all."

"Besides, you can just make things up." She grinned at him, hesitantly, gesturing with her hands. "Look, I know you never really liked me. And it's okay. I understood that when I confessed. So, you don't have to jump over every question. It's all just for publicity after all."

"Right, Ryoma-kun?" She finished expectantly. But Ryoma had brushed her off. He simply walked passed her and went straight back into the lobby, much to her chagrin.

"What do you think you're doing?" He demanded, still pissed off. Sakuno had just entered, following his trail.

"Ryoma-kun?" And just like that, Ryoma launched his arm into a bush by the washroom doors and grabbed the hook of a video camera and thrust it aside. The camera man with the video cam strapped on his arm stumbled into the open, earning a good step on the back of his head.

Ryoma's customized running shoes pressing on the poor cameraman's head was the last image the audience saw before they were cut off. People started mumbling all throughout the vicinity.

"Keep the show going."

"Momoshiro. It's your turn." It was Tezuka's first time to speak that run. Sumire just sat by and watched, silently hoping for the best for Sakuno.

"Of course!"

"About my questions—let's see here." Momoshiro started off. "I'm already dating her so, ergo, I already told her how I felt."

"What I liked about her, I guess it's her personality. Her shiny, but not always because of sweat, brown hair and eyes are just part of the first rate package."

"And lastly, Kamio." The dark haired teen guffawed. "As if."

"Okay, okay. So here's the gist of it."

"They dated sometime in Junior High, but that was it. That's over now. Kamio, he goes to the same school I do, mostly because of Ann, but it's all platonic between them. Like brother and sister. There may be times he gets overprotective, but seriously, I have the final say."

"And I'm done." Momoshiro bowed jokingly. Meanwhile, somewhere on stage, a pair of glasses gleamed.

"First fact, I don't take them off for security reasons. So people won't be able to—describe me to the cops in case of, certain circumstances arising."

"Second fact, Momo and Ann's relationship will go through to college. Judging by my previous calculations, sometime before or after they graduate from college, they will falter. Centering on statistics solely based on their surroundings and several possible outcomes, they'll break off even before Momoshiro pops the question. Sometime after June of the year of the Rooster."

Looking up from his book, he turned to face Momoshiro squarely.

"If I were you Momoshiro, don't push through with this relationship. There is nothing to be gained from it. No marriage. No children."

Momoshiro stiffened.

"Third fact, Ryoma has reached puberty for quite some time now. Actually, he's hit puberty years ago. He's taller now. And still growing."

"There. Sorry, but you lost me at the confess part? Confess romantic feelings? Hateful thoughts? Suicidal tendencies?"

He fastened his glasses.

"I will go through them one by one then, starting with the least probability."

"One, suicidal thoughts. None of the kind. Maybe that will change after today."

"Two, romantic feelings. Very soon. Well, it depends on how much he can take before he breaks down. Both physically and mentally."

"Lastly, hateful thoughts."

Inui took time to straighten on his seat.

"Shows it every day."

"I guess that's all?"

"So, good bye everyone! Until next time!"

People started leaving. But at the backstage, everyone had their phones on.

"Has anybody reached him?"

"No, he's not answering."

"How about Sakuno? She never came back!"

"Try Facebook!"


"Oh wait! God—Ryoma. What happened?" Momoshiro yelled worriedly over the phone. Before he could say anymore, Ryoma stopped him.

"Look. I'm okay already. Just, leave me alone for a while."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes." With that, Momoshiro was left to stare at his phone. Ryoma had hung up.

"He's okay?"

"How is he?"

Momoshiro could only look up at them. He was kind of dazed himself.

"He said he's okay."

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