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Her Hands

She'd never had beautifully smooth hands, nor did she ever possess perfectly manicured nails. Long nails were bothersome when she was a child practicing piano, and long nails were bothersome when she was an adult curling her slender fingers into fists. Long nails would only hurt herself. After all, the harder she hit, the deeper they would dig into her skin. No, hers had always been short.

Her hands were never soft and smooth. Rather, her knuckles were decorated with scars that never healed simply because the next fight only served to crack the skin further. In more than one place, wounds from sharp objects had sliced through her gloves to leave lasting impressions upon the backs of her hands.

Her palms did not have feminine grace, but were marked with calluses along the base of each finger. They were rough since she rarely used any moisturizer. Having slick skin made it difficult to hold a proper fist.

Yet, as the tips of his fingers gently traced the contours of her hands, he found that it was this same pair of hands that he first witnessed the true meaning of gentleness. It was this pair of hands that had cared for the children so lovingly. It was this pair of hands that refused to let go of his own in the Lifestream. It was this pair of hands that sent thrills through his body when they made contact with his. It was this pair of hands that belonged to the woman he loved.

Yes, her hands were beaten and cracked, but that was sign of her durability, her steadfastness. They would never pass as beautiful hands, but in his eyes, they were the most meaningful. Her hands held his very existence within them, and he could think of no better place he would rather have his all than in hers.

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