Here are two ideas for stories. Please vote and I know the summuries aren't that wonderful, but please read and vote which one you think is the best.


Summary One

Allyson Miller hasn't seen or heard from her best friend Danny Sinclair for about two years now. Yet she had "moved on" with her life. She had a nice boyfriend and great teachers who loved her.

Yet, when Danny comes back, with Max still a live and a threat, will she stay with her current boyfriend and out of harms way. Or will she follow her heart and be with the one boy who sets her heart on wings?


Summary Two

Allyson Miller is the know it all student. Everyone teasers her and laughs at her and she feels all alone. But when a new boy, Danny comes to school he seems to be popular, cool, lead back. Everyone wants to be around him, except her. She could care less about him, right.

Yet when weird and unexplainable things begin to happen to him, Allyson is the only one there for him. Can these two see past their differences and learn that their never alone and true love can happen.


Please vote, the one that gets the most is the one I'll do.