Remember the Night

Summary: Chloe runs across two men who had even more secrets than she did. An encounter with a haunted monster puts them on even ground, and even more trouble than they all knew.

Pairing: Chloe and Dean

Fandom: Smallville and Supernatural

Rating: PG13 to R

Her eyebrows furrowed at the black car flashing its lights behind her. Chloe maneuvered the car to the edge of her lane so that it could pass. The two men inside seemed to be in such a hurry that she was scared of staying in her lane and keeping them behind her. Idiots that they probably were on the road, they must only care about arriving to their destination quickly rather than keeping themselves and other commuters safe.

Chloe Sullivan had one mission in driving all the way to Spring City, Kansas. He was probably already waiting in the lobby. He had been excited at the prospect of seeing her again. She quickly sent him a text message that she was close to the hotel driveway. As she turned the curb she saw him with his bright smile. Oddly enough her eyes just filled with tears.

Chloe stopped in front of the entrance and handed the keys to a valet. "Daddy!" she greeted and hurried towards him. Her father blinked away suspicious moisture in his eyes and turned to the bellboy beside him and handed him a bill to take her bags. Gabe then turned to her and threw his arms around her.

"Hey baby girl," he greeted back. "I'm so happy to see you again."

She sniffled and buried her face in the crook of his neck. "I missed you so much," she whispered, then pulled away, embarrassed. Gabe smiled and then shook his head as if telling her there was no need to be shy about it. He pulled his daughter back in his embrace.

After the quick show of emotion, Gabe turned and presented her proudly to the doorman. "Bill, my daughter Chloe. She's visiting from college," he told the older man.

"Great to meet you, Ms Sullivan," Bill said.

She gave him a bright smile. "It's Chloe," she told him. The doorman nodded and pulled the door open for them.

While Gabe was walking her into the modest hotel, Chloe turned to glance back at her luggage being unloaded by the bellboy. She had a lot of equipment there. She went over to a bag and unzipped it, then drew out her camera. "Dad, let's take a picture." She turned the camera around and snapped a shot of herself and her dad.

They walked into the hotel. Chloe inspected the picture from the LCD screen and stopped in her tracks.

"What is it, Chloe?"

She frowned down at the shot, then gave her father a reassuring smile. "It's nothing, dad."

They walked towards the elevator. "There's a great dinner buffet here. We'll eat there later," her father's voice droned in the background. "Tell me about college too. I want to know everything. And how are the Kents?"

Chloe murmured her replies as her fingers quickly pushed the buttons to zoom in the picture. The black car in the background was the same car that had been behind her on the road, the one that almost drove her off the road in its rush. Now the same car was parked across the street from her motel. She swallowed hard. After all the intrigue she had been involved in, she would not put it past her luck to have two guns for hire after her.

She zoomed in closer to the faces. If they were after her, then her father was going to be caught in the crossfire. She was going to memorize these faces and make sure that they would not hurt her dad. It was a shame. The two were good looking. One looked too naïve to be doing this job, with the same wide-eyed innocence that Clark used to have. The other just seemed too introverted and tense that he bordered on hot. Still, one shouldn't take anything at face value. "I might not be staying, dad," she blurted out. "I'll probably stay for the night then head back home. I have tons of work to do at home."

Gabe narrowed his eyes at the luggage that Chloe had brought with her.

"I just realized," she finished.

"We'll talk about it later," Gabe told her. They got off the elevator on the third floor and Gabe gave her the key to the room that he had reserved for her. "My own room? Raking in the big bucks?" She grinned.

"It's no LuthorCorp," Gabe reminded her. "But it's steady and it pays alright." Chloe knew that of course. Her father would not have left her in Metropolis for less. "Be ready for dinner at around eight?" She nodded. Gabe kissed her temple and walked towards the elevator again.

Chloe went inside her room and waited for the bellboy to place all her bags on the floor of the room. She then tipped him before he left and asked, "Is this room facing the street?"

The bellboy answered, "No Ms Sullivan. It's a pool view room. This faces the recreation zone." Intrigued, Chloe walked over to the window and parted the curtains. Indeed, she had a perfect view of the swimming pool. "Would you have preferred a room on the other side?"

She wanted to check if the two men were still out there. It would be better if she could see their movement so that she would know what to expect. She was about to surrender her nice room when she saw two figures stride to the poolside. Chloe grinned, more convinced that the two were following her but knowing she had an edge because she knew who they were. How lucky that she wasn't on too high a floor that she would not be able to recognize people down there. "This is fine."

When the bellboy left, Chloe hefted one of her bags on the bed and sifted through the clothes to find what she was certain she packed. Chloe laid down the bikini on the bed and then grabbed a bathrobe and towel. She quickly changed inside the bathroom, then threw the robe on. Taking with her a prop book and her digital camera, Chloe made her way to the poolside.

"I cannot believe you splurged most of our funds on a room in this hotel!" Dean complained as they trudged towards the poolside.

Sam rolled his eyes behind his brother's back. "You said so yourself, Dean. The Tuathar demon has been hanging around this area. Whatever it's got stored up in its brain's going to help us look for its mother."

Dean shook his head. "We don't make money doing this, Sammy. We could have stayed in the car and waited for it to show up."

The two brothers selected two lounge chairs side by side as they monitored the people around them. "Nothing suspicious," Dean muttered. At the side of the pool, there was a garden lined with thick trees. Sam waited while his brother's temper cooled and did the expected. Soon, Dean's eyes were scanning the crowd looking for more than signs of the demon but also the guests in their bathing suits. "Old people and businessmen," Dean sighed in disappointment. "You're on stakeout," he told Sam. Dean laid his head back and closed his eyes, inviting some sleep that he did not have a chance to get often.

Sam stayed alert, but just simply lounging was making him sleepy as well. He stood up and decided to go for a swim. He abandoned the sleeping Dean and jumped into the pool. It had been pretty long since he had a chance to take a vacation. Even if they were on a job, he saw no reason why he should not at least enjoy himself. Sam swam a lap across the pool. When he surfaced on the other end, he turned around and stopped.

The short blonde that walked out to the poolside shrugged off the hotel bathrobe and revealed a white pair of bikinis and curves that just won't quit. Her hair fell in waves around her face, falling down to her shoulders. Sam's eyes searched for his brother, who seemed to have fallen fast asleep. Dean would never forgive him if the woman just vanished without his having a chance to gawk. Taking a deep breath, Sam then swam across the pool again towards Dean.

Luckily enough, the blonde seemed to head for a lounge chair across from them, which gave him time to call his brother. "Dean!" Sam called in furious whisper. "Dean!" When Dean did not wake up, Sam caught water in his cupped palm and tossed it at Dean.

Irritated, Dean sat up. "What?" he demanded. His complaint fell from his tongue when his gaze was immediately caught by the blonde walking to the other side of the pool. "Now that's a woman," he murmured, drinking in the breasts that moved with each of her steps. "Walks like honey and has flesh in all the right places." Sam waited, because Dean never ended just right there. "Those are the kind of hips you can bury your fingers in."

"Still mad I woke you up?" Sam turned around so that he could get his own eyeful. The woman sat on her lounge chair and then stretched to lie down. He then froze when it seemed for a brief moment that she looked at them directly before opening her book.

"And I've been spotted," Dean said with a grin. "Excuse me." He stood up and stretched his neck muscles. Sam turned around, surprised. "This is how it's done, Sammy." Dean walked to the edge of the pool and then dove in.

Since Dean had always been a stronger swimmer, Sam was not surprised when his brother quickly covered the distance. Like something straight from tv, Dean rose from the water by gripping the pool stair support. Sam grimaced, but watched closely, not surprised to find that the window had put down her book and was focused completely on Dean.

Meanwhile, Dean approached the woman with an almost shy smile, which he knew worked on most girls. "Hi. You don't look like you're from around here. I couldn't help but notice that you're reading up on Native American myths. It's one of my favorite subjects," he told her.

Chloe held her breath. She just knew he was on his way. She had supposed that he was going observe her, but she did not expect him to talk to her directly. This was probably a lot more dangerous than Lionel's previous hitmen. "Oh hi. Yes, actually. It's fascinating." Her eyes flickered down to his dripping chest. There was no use admiring his physique. She just had to know how toned he was in case he assaulted her. She shivered.

Dean sat on the vacant lounge chair beside her, then extended his hand. "Dean Winchester," he introduced himself with a grin. He was about to draw it back. "It's wet. Sorry."

Chloe gave him a bright smile, then shook his hand. "Well I'm going swimming anyway. Chloe Sullivan."

Dean stood and helped her up. When they were both in the water, Chloe's gaze went to Sam, who was at the other end. Dean waved him over. Chloe stiffened when Sam got closer, because she was now surrounded. She relaxed herself. Anyway, she could not be murdered out here in the open.

"This is my brother," he told Chloe of Sam.


Chloe shook his hand. "Chloe."

"So what are you doing in Spring City?" the three asked, together.

Dean's face broke into a smile. "Great minds," he said. "My brother and I are just traveling around the state."

iYeah right./i "I'm visiting my dad."

"So Chloe, how long are you staying here for?" Dean inquired.

"Not long," was her answer. Chloe's quick eyes noticed a Sam's facial expression change. She also noted the way that Dean suddenly stood to close attention, seeming to stay very still so that he would notice the any movement in the air. It was such a shame that he was most likely a hired gun, because he was gorgeous.

The two turned to Chloe with an apologetic smile. "We have to go. But it was great meeting you," Sam told her. At her nod, he started wading towards the side where he could climb out. After he hoisted himself up, he glanced back at them. "Dean."

Dean nodded curtly at Sam. "Have dinner with me."

"I can't," she answered reluctantly. "I have dinner with dad." She wanted to hit herself up the side of the head. It was not as if she got asked out every day by an attractive man who might or might not be out to kill her. Wait a minute, she realized. She always got asked out by guys out for her blood. At least if this one was an assassin, he would probably be using normal human killer tools and not some weird superpower.

"Dean, now," Sam repeated.

Dean huffed, then waded out of the water as well. She stared at his rippling back as he pulled himself up and out of the water. "Then midnight drinks, breakfast, lunch tomorrow," he called out.

"Dean," Sam said again.

"What do you say?"

"Chloe, can you pick any one of those?" Sam pleaded. "We really need to go."

Chloe glanced back at Sam and melted at the imploring eyes. Resigned, she answered, "I'll meet you at midnight for drinks."

Dean burst into a self satisfied smile, then turned and threw his arm across his brother's shoulders as thanks. Sam pushed him away from him. Chloe swam to the side and then grabbed her book, then wrote down everything she just found out about her hired killers.

Meanwhile, the two men that were the subject of Chloe's scribbled observations vanished into the trees. Dean ducked behind a particularly thick one and pulled Sam by the arm to hide behind the next one.

"It's here," Sam mouthed.

Dean's hand went to his hip, where he usually kept his gun, then cursed when he felt only his wet shorts. "We don't have anything," he whispered furiously at his brother. He peeked from behind the tree again and saw the shadow moving from tree to tree. "We've gotta get out of here."

The two ran out of the clump of trees and found themselves standing by the poolside again. Dean scanned the area. "Where did she go?" Chloe was gone. The lounge chair she had occupied was empty of her robe, towel and book. "We weren't gone that long."

Sam squeezed his eyes shut. "Don't tell me she was a ghost," he groaned.

"Damn finest ghost I ever saw."

Sam punched him on the arm. "Come on. We've got a job to finish." He walked ahead of his brother.

"Now look who's the expert hunter," Dean taunted, chuckling.