I am just adding a note of warning. I have noticed that fan fiction has developed a problem where words have disappeared from stories when they were there before. I am going to check my stories for this error but its going to take a while. If you notice any missing words, I would appreciate it if you could mail me as it would save a lot of time. Also I hope they don't affect your enjoyment, I can assure you the work was checked so I'm not sure why it's happened. It may have something to do with when they changed features of the site, I don't know.

Plus just to let you know. Some of my punctuation and grammar in this one isn't very good but it was my first story so please be forgiving. It improves as you go along and I think I'm okay with those things these days!



Booth and Bones sat in his office staring at a toxology report, not quite believing their eyes.

'Do we really think that this lovely old lady has been poisoning her husbands for the last twenty years?' Bones shook her head,' is that what we're saying?' She looked at Booth who sighed and leant forward putting his elbows on his desk.

'That appears to be what your science is saying,' he looked at his partner, struck by her beautiful eyes. He mentally shook himself, these thoughts were beginning to affect his work and they were getting too regular for his liking.

'Could there be a mistake?' He smiled at Bones knowing what her reaction was going to be.

'No, I don't make mistakes,' she snapped, snatching the report from the desk,' is there enough to arrest her?' Booth shook his head,

'No, we need more, this will never get a conviction but at least we know what we are looking for, we need some witnesses,' they lapsed into a comfortable silence.

There was a cursory rap on the door which made them both jump and Booth's boss, Cullen strode into the room.

'Uuuum Booth, we have a situation, a delicate situation,' Cullen sat down not waiting for an invite, he was the boss after all.

'OK sir, how can I help?' Booth paused, Cullen shifted in his chair looking uncomfortable, this was a surprise, Cullen wasn't a man who was hesitant in coming forward.

'It's about Alison, Alison Cobb,' Cullen looked at Booth waiting for a reaction. Booth froze, surprised by the sharp pain that ripped through his chest. He had dealt with this and put it away and he sure as hell didn't want to drag it all back up again. Bones watched her partner with shock, all the colour had drained from his face and his distress was clear in his eyes. How could one name provoke this reaction? Bones realised, yet again, that despite what she thought she didn't really know this man, there was so much in his past and she had only scratched the surface. Instinctively, she leant forward and covered his hand with hers.

'Booth, breath, it's OK,' she said quietly. She was shocked when he looked up at her with tears in his eyes,

'No Bones, this was never OK and could never be OK,' he whispered.

Cullen cleared his throat,

'I know that this is painful and something that you would rather leave in the past but,' he hesitated aware of the huge impact his next words were going to have,' but she is alive.'

For a moment, time stopped for Booth, for a long time, he would have given anything to hear those words but now…. well now, he was different, his life was different, he had been a kid then. That chapter of his life was closed and that girl, the girl that he had loved with every fibre was gone, forever young, just an image in a fading photograph, a picture that he had not looked at for several years.

Bones watched the two men, Booth sat rigidly still staring at the older man, who was looking at the ground, guilty for the devastation he knew that he had wrought with that one simple sentence.

'Who is Alison Cobb?' she asked simply, her voice echoing around the silent room.

Cullen looked up, relieved that the silence had been broken,

'She served with Booth in Croatia back in the mid 90s, she was supposedly killed in a sniper attack whilst on a medical transport,' Culled stopped unsure how much more to reveal, he looked at Booth. Booth put his hands over his face and pulled himself together, he was a man now and whatever this was, he had to face it.

'She was my first love Bones, we were going to get married, kids, house, the picket fence, the whole nine yards,' he couldn't help but add, ' she was my everything, my future, we kept each other going in that hell hole and then one day, she was gone.' He stopped exhausted and shocked by how much he had revealed of himself. Bones didn't know what to say, she wanted to comfort this man who meant so much to her but she didn't know how.

Cullen sat up straight in his chair, knowing that he had to go on,

'But what Agent Booth didn't know at the time was that it was a covert operation, Alison Cobb was not killed but removed by Secret Ops, as a woman she should not have been in active service at that time but she was one of America's best snipers and just too valuable not to use,' Cullen paused allowing the information to sink in. Booth was stunned, he thought Alison was a nurse.

'Her role was compromised and it was felt politically that she needed to be removed as a contract was put on her head by a Serbian warlord. We couldn't afford the US public to find out that we allowed a woman to serve on the frontline and then not protected her, it would be too damaging plus we did not want to lose such a valuable asset.'

Booth listened to his boss speak with disbelief, he could feel the anger beginning to well up in his chest, had Alison known? Had she allowed him to suffer her loss without trusting him with the knowledge that she was going to be spirited away? The sense of betrayal was almost too much to bear.

'But surely, you buried a body, her parents would have known, there would have been a military burial?' Bones was confused.

'As far as anyone apart from a select few were aware, Alison was a nurse killed away from the frontline, working in a military hospital, the plan had the added advantage that Alison could be become one of our best undercover agents without anyone being the wiser,' Cullen again stopped glancing at Booth.

'Obviously, the downside was that those close to her could never know and had to mourn her loss ,' he looked down,' but this was considered acceptable by the hierarchy.'

Again, there was a silence, the people in the room absorbing the information.

'Why now? Why has all this come out now?' Booth snapped,'we have all moved on, why stir things up, now?'

'Well as I said, the situation is delicate, there are more people involved, people who need protecting,' Cullen paused unsure if he should add anymore,' innocents'.

Booth sat up,

'What do you mean innocents?' He was not at all happy with where this could be going.

Cullen looked at the file in his hand, Booth had not noticed it before, he pulled a photograph from it and placed it on the table, pushing it towards Booth.

'A child,' Cullen looked Booth in the eye, 'your child, your son.'

Booth felt his heart lurch and he looked down at the picture, it was of a 12 or 13 year old boy, he was smiling through golden bangs with his daddy's deep brown eyes.

'Jakob Seeley Marshall,' Cullen said simply, 'I'm sorry, Seeley,' he added quietly.

So where am I going with this? I have always been bothered by Bones saying she never wanted children and how that would stop her and Booth getting together and that's what we all want. I feel that she needs to realise what having children means, its not just about when they are little but the overall picture. So I have invented a new kid, an older one so she can find out what that's like. He is my invention but may have a passing resemblance to Joseph in my Angel story (which I have writers block with at the moment). Why? Because he is just so much fun to write. Chose a boy because just couldn't get my head around Booth with a girl, too mushy.

Let me know what you think but don't be too harsh as I am a new writer and learning.