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Randy sat there on his bed with his back against a pillow laid against the headboard. His black pajama-bottom covered legs were stretched out onto the bed as he lovingly stroked the hair of his beloved wife Angeli who had her head laid on his bare chest. She was softly sleeping as she had her arms wrapped around his midsection and she snuggled up to him every now and then. All that was running through Randy's mind was his life. After more than twenty years, twenty-eight to be exact, of being married, he was by far one of the happiest men on the planet, if not the happiest.

First off was his little girl, his little princess… Jasmine Kathleen Orton.

There's two things I know for sure:
She was sent here from heaven and she's
daddy's little girl.

She was his pride and joy. Being the only girl in a family with three kids, she was daddy's little treasure. She grew up to be like her mom with the raven black hair and green eyes. There was nothing else more special to Randy than his little girl, his little bundle of joy, his little princess. Nights like these, when he would just be lying down on his bed with his angel by his side, he would always remember how it felt to see a little girl grow up into a woman.

"In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit, Amen…" a sweet little voice echoed through the pale pink-painted room keep lit by a yellow lamp on the bedside table. "Dear Jesus…" the voice continued. There she was, kneeling beside her bed with her daddy kneeling right beside her. It was bedtime, and five-year old Jasmine was saying her prayers.

"…Thank you for giving me today… I played with my dollies and I rode horsies with daddy… After that, momma help me make a cake for daddy's birthday 'cause it's today, too… I know the cake was all squishy and not perfect but I tried! An' daddy loved it!"

As I drop to my knees by her bed at night
She talks to Jesus and I close my eyes and
I thank god for all the joy in my life

"Jesus, please watch over my daddy… He's a good man once ya get to know 'im…" the little girl voiced out as a smile crept to Randy's lips, even with his eyes closed.

"…An' DJ… He didn't get to ride the horsies with me an' daddy so please make sure he's oh-kay… and lil' Keith… I know he's noisy and screams all the time, but I shouldn't let it get to me! I'm a big girl now… I'm sorry I screamed at my lil' brother this mornin' 'cause he woke me up too early…" she continued on.

"… An' momma… Momma's the best momma I could ever ask for… Thank you for giving her to me, Jesus… I know that she should be up there an-an' takin' care of all the other lil' girls but… You gave her to me! Thank you! I'm gonna take care of momma… I pwomise… Amen." She said before doing the sign of the cross once more.

The little girl jumped onto the bed and underneath the covers as Randy stood up and sat on the edge of the little girl's pink comforter-clad bed. She lay down on her fluffy white pillow and looked up at her daddy. "Daddy…" her voice echoed.

"Yes, princess?" came the father's reply.

Oh, but most of all
For butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer;
sticking little white flowers all up in her
hair; "Walk beside the pony, Daddy, it's my first ride."
"I know the cake looks funny, Daddy, but I sure tried."
In all that I've done wrong I know I must
have done something right to deserve a hug
every morning and butterfly kisses at night.

She sat up from where she was and gave her daddy a tender butterfly kiss. " I wuv you…" she said before laying down once more and hugging a small brown bear at her side.

"I love you, too, princess…" said Randy as he tucked the blankets around and over his daughter's gentle body. With one last kiss on her forehead, he bid her a silent wish for sweet dreams before leaving her to float with the angels for the night.

Ten years into the future, Randy stood inside a majestic ballroom. There were chiffons here and tuxes there. It was a night of glamour and glitz for his little princess today. She was dancing there in the middle of the dance floor with her escort for the party as a smile grazed her face and a laugh escaped her lips.

Sweet 16 today
She's looking like her mama a little more everyday
One part woman, the other part girl.
To perfume and make-up from ribbons and curls
Trying her wings out in a great big world

Her pretty pink dress looked beautiful contrasting to the color of her eyes and hair. She looked absolutely like her mother when she and Randy first met. And yet, she still looked like that little girl who had ribbons in her hair and played in the mud. Now, it was the scent of roses always on her body and gone were the ribbons.

She walked over to him and grabbed his arm. "Come on, daddy, dance with me!" her sweet gentle voice said. Somewhere in Randy's mind he could still see the vague figure of a little girl tugging at his sleeve saying 'C'mon, daddy! Let's build a-a sandcastle!'.

He let himself be dragged out to the floor as his precious daughter kept smiling. They danced and laughed and somehow Randy saw the reality of everything. His little girl was growing up. She couldn't be the jolly little six-year old he once cradled in his lap ten years ago.

But I remember
Butterfly kisses after bedtime prayer; sticking
little white flowers all up in her hair.
"You know how much I love you, Daddy, But if you
don't mind I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time."
With all that I've done wrong I must have done
something right to deserve her love every morning
and butterfly kisses at night

"You know how much I love you, daddy…" she said in mid-dance. "But if it's okay, I'm only gonna kiss you on the cheek this time…"

He nodded. As long as she was happy it was okay with him. She placed a tender kiss on his cheek as they continued to dance around. Images of a giggling young woman burned in his sight. But the soft echo of a little girl's laughter pierced his ears.

The years went by. Memories of her first date, first heartbreak, first kiss, first prom, they all gathered in his head as everything went in a whirlwind. From graduation to parties, they all came to him now as a memory left in his hands. She had to grow up. She couldn't be little forever. He had to let go.

All the precious time
Like the wind, the years go by.
Precious butterfly.
Spread your wings and fly

Especially today. Today was the day he was going to walk her down the aisle and give her away to some other man he knew not to be himself. He was going to hand him her hand and retreat back to watch from the shadows. No.

He sat there inside her dressing room as she fixed herself in front of the mirrors. Her white gown enveloped her body so well, and from the little girl figure she became a young woman with all the right curves. She was beautiful. More beautiful that any other person he had ever seen besides his own wife who was fixing the crown of flowers on her daughter's head.

She turned to look at him and asked, "Daddy, what's on your mind?"

He had to choke back that lump in his throat before saying, "I'm not sure, princess… I… I just feel like I'm losing my little princess today…"

She'll change her name today.
She'll make a promise and I'll give her away.
Standing in the bride-room just staring at her.
She asked me what I'm thinking and I said "I'm not
sure-I just feel like I'm losing my baby girl."
She leaned over...gave me butterfly kisses with her mama there,
Sticking little white flowers all up in her hair
"Walk my down the aisle, Daddy-it's just about time."
"Does my wedding gown look pretty, Daddy? Daddy, don't cry!"

She smiled at his little boy innocence. She lifted her dress and walked over to him before giving him a butterfly kiss, just like before when she was little and it was before bedtime. "I will always be your little princess, daddy… You're never gonna lose me… I may not play in the mud or wear ribbons in my hair anymore, but I'm your little girl, daddy… Nothing's ever gonna change that…" she said with a smile.

He smiled at her, too and gave her a hug. "C'mon, daddy… It's time to walk me down the aisle…" she said with a gentle laugh. She checked herself one last time before looking at him and asked, "Is the dress pretty, daddy? Mommy helped me pick it… A-" but stopped when she saw tears starting to fall from him eyes.

Oh, with all that I've done wrong I must have
done something right.
To deserve your love every morning and butterfly
kisses-I couldn't ask God for more, man this is what love is

She wiped the tears away and said, "Daddy don't cry. I'm never going to change from being that little girl… But I have to grow up… Just like you did before…"

He nodded before they both left the room and headed towards the chapel.

After that, it just became a blur to Randy. From the actual wedding to the reception to them about to leave for their honeymoon, it was all just a gentle blur. Twenty-four years of watching her grow up, it all seemed too good to be true. He didn't want it all to end, but he had to let go. He had to.

That was his last memory before he felt someone hugging him. He snapped back into reality and saw his angel looking up at him. "What are you thinking about, Randy?" she asked with a voice almost similar to that of his daughter's.

"Jasmine…" he whispered. His wife sighed in knowing. She knew he loved his daughter a little too much. She didn't comment anymore as to which she saw he was having a nice time remembering everything.

I know I gotta let her go, but I'll always remember…

That was when the phone rang. Who could be calling at one in the morning?

Randy picked up the receiver and said, "Hello?"

"Hey, daddy!" the little voice said in the receiver.

"Jasmine? How are you?" he asked, a little too excited.

"I'm fine, daddy… Look, I've got some news…" she said.

"What is it?" he asked, a little worried.

"I'm coming home tomorrow to visit you…" she said.

…And Randy couldn't help the smile on his face.

every hug in the morning and butterfly kisses…