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It was like this that Durza found them the next day, both in a deep sleep.

"Wake up you two. The king wants to see you." He growled, kicking Arya hard on the ribs.

Arya was awaken with a chock, Durza was there, sneering unpleasantly at the both of them. Arya leapt up in alarm, shocking Eragon into awakening.

"Durza! What are you doing in here?" he growled, an arm sneaking around Arya's waist.

"The king wants to meet you now." Durza replied, tapping his foot impatiently.

Eragon nodded, lifting Arya up carefully. Supporting her on her left, they walked to the king's throne room, Durza leading the way. He threw the doors open and strode in, the pair walking slowly behind him. King Galbatorix was almost bald, save for a thin sheen of fine brown hair. He had a beard, cropped short. His eyes were black; merciless pools with the hard, angry look of one who would do anything to fulfill his evil intentions. Galbatorix leaned forward, peering at the duo.

"Well, what do we have here?" his silky voice sounded in Arya's ear and she shivered.

She felt Eragon tighten his grip on her waist.

"Two prisoners, my King," Durza replied, bowing.

Galbatorix looked at them closely, "isn't that the rider and the slut?" he drawled.

"Don't you dare say that, Galbatorix! Arya is no one's-" Eragon trailed off, not wanting to hurt Arya even more.

When Galbatorix had insulted her, Arya's face had paled dramatically, and she looked as though as she was on the verge of tears.

"Never mind about that. Do you know why you two are here today?" he demanded, "it is to gloat of course." He completed his question.

"You are the only dragon rider left in Algaseia, besides me. And now you are captured with the courier. Join me, Eragon, and you will be free from all your bonds."

The king's words were sweet, even a teeny bit enticing. Eragon considered the proposal for a short moment, before spitting on Galbatorix's shiny boots.

"Never!" he cried.

Incensed, Galbatorix stood up, in a towering fury.

"Lock them together and give them food only once per week."

Durza the shade nodded, before prodding them back to their cell. There, a few Urgals were already assembled, with a thick, heavy metal chain between them.

"Chain them together, tightly."

The Urgals let out a savage grin, as they pulled Arya and Eragon into the cell. Shackling one of their wrists together, they were chained to a hook on the wall tightly. With an evil cackle, the Urgals left the cell.

"Enjoy your time together, when you can," Durza sneered, before shutting the cell door with each other, when you can," Durza sneered, before shutting the cell door.

"Are you alright Arya?" Eragon asked.

"Yes," came her soft murmur.

"I'm sorry about that."

"Don't be" came the soft reply, before both of them fell into a deep sleep.

The next day, a small tray was thrown in; two measly pieces of bread lay on a dirty plate. A large bowl of soup, maggots floating in it lay next to it. Eragon pushed the bread to Arya.

"Eat. You need the strength," he murmured.

"you eat it," Arya pushed the bread back to him.

"I can survive without the food. You can't" Eragon explained calmly, passing the plate to Arya.

"I'm not a helpless human woman, Eragon!" Arya snapped.

"I did not say that you were. But you are tortured, I am not. You should eat."

Arya paled as she heard his words. Silently, she ate the food, making sure not to concentrate on its staleness.

"what happened in there, Arya?" he asked gently.

"Sometimes, there are things worse than death," Arya murmured, fingering her tunic, trying to calm herself; Arya continued, "Durza raped me, oh Eragon!" she cried hysterically, griping him.

Eragon wrapped on arm around her as she cried, "I am so sorry, Arya. How dare he!" Eragon sputtered angrily. "I'll kill him!"

"No, Eragon! Don't make things worse than what they already are," Arya begged him.

"Alright," Eragon muttered grudgingly, "only for now."

The two sat in companionable silence, neither speaking. Eragon tried to contact Saphira, his dragon.

'Saphira, can you hear me?' he broadcasted his thoughts to her.

To his extreme surprise, Saphira replied, 'yes?'

Eragon realized with a small grin that Saphira must be fast asleep.

'I'm in Urabaen.'

Immediately, Saphira started. 'so that's where you've been. Wait, I'm coming.'

'Don't' Eragon replied sharply, 'it's too dangerous. We will try to escape.'

Saphira allowed her approval to filter through the link before cutting off all contact. Arya looked at him curiously but did not comment. The heavy footsteps of the Urgals broke the stifling silence that had descended on them all.

"Will you be alright?" Eragon asked Arya softly.

"I suppose so, unless he tries something again."

Eragon had no chance to reply, as the heavy clank of the gate opening drowned out his voice. The Urgal entered, a dark sneer playing on his lips. He unchained Arya from the hook and dragged her by her hand to Durza's personal chambers. He knocked on the door and waited till Durza said, "enter."

Arya was dragged unceremoniously across the floor into Durza's rooms. The shade sat on a stone bench, smiling. "Arya," he mocked her.

"Durza," Arya spat out.

Durza traced a pattern across the bottle beside him, "do you know what this is?" he asked finally, pointing at the bottle.

Arya shook her head. "Well, you are about to find out. Sither's oil is useful, especially now."

Durza dripped one small drop onto Arya's hand. Almost instantaneously, the acid like substance started to eat away the skin. Arya gasped as the red hot pain shot through her.

"Enjoying it?" Durza laughed evilly as he poured more all over her exposed skin.

"Tell me where are the Varden?" he roared suddenly.

Arya drew back in fright, "Never!" she retorted.

"You shall pay," he snarled, emptying the whole bottle of Sither's oil on her right arm.

Arya screamed as the oil ate through her skin. Durza's lips curled up ferally as she scream. Dragging her by her hair, he brought her back to her cell and tied her back next to Eragon.

"Enjoy…" he sneered, before slamming the cell door ominously.

Eragon lifted his head almost instantly when Arya moaned.

"Are you alright, Arya?" he asked, leaning close to her.

"Sither's oil…" she muttered, before falling unconscious.

Eragon started. Sither's oil. This was bad. He forced Arya to bring forth the arm that she kept hidden behind her. Swearing loudly, he examined her wounds. Some of them were clear in parts, but most were red and blistered, dripping pus.

"Waise Heill!" Eragon commanded. A small part of the pus cleared. 'Sither's oil could only be healed in small parts,' he thought. Muttering 'Waise Heill' a few more times, he managed to clear the wounds. He drew back Arya's sleeve to check on her upper arms and cursed. A deep red patch of skin has already melted there, corresponding to the hole he found over that part. Drawing on more of his energy, he muttered, "Waise Heill" again. The deep red patch healed slowly, before completely disappearing. Eragon looked at Arya fondly for a moment before sleeping. Far away in the distance, two forces consolidated power, in preparations for the final war.