Haruhi and the Giant Strawberry


Chapter 1

This story is based on James and the Giant Peach by Roald Dahl. I chose to switch peach with strawberry because in episode 10, Haruhi said she liked strawberries, as well as to avoid a lawsuit. Obviously, Haruhi will be playing the role of James. She can also be seen several times as 'our lovely protagonist' or 'our cute little heroine'. This first chapter is what happens before Haruhi goes to live with her two evil aunts Eclaire and Ayanokoji. I thought it was funny to cast them as the evil aunts.


It was a remarkably wonderful day. The sun shone down in the most beautiful fashion, illuminating the countryside with its elegant light. Our story takes place, first, on a hilltop cliff overlooking the ocean, somewhere in the Californian countryside. Being by the ocean, naturally, there was a bit of fog, covering the land in a thin blanket. But, no one had reason to fret, because, on this wonderful day, the fog was quite fortunately lucid, almost shiny, adding to the beauty of the landscape rather than taking away. Sitting atop the hilltop cliff was a young lady, and her two parents. The young lady just so happens to be our lovely protagonist. At the time however, she hadn't known she would soon become the main character in her own magnificent and magical story. Such a thought would never pass through her simple mind. Especially not at the time. She and her parents were sitting on the hilltop cliff on that magnificent day discussing their dream trip to Tokyo; the capital city of Japan. It was a particularly exciting conversation. Their dream trip was soon to come true! Well, it wasn't for sure quite yet, but her parents had been saving for the trip ever since she was a infant. The young lady felt confident with her parents, and filled herself to the brim with excitement. It bubbled inside her, that great excitement, like terrible indigestion, but with a wonderful sensation. It bubbled, and bubbled, as their conversation went on, her parents describing every little aspect of Tokyo. The young lady couldn't contain her excitement any further, as her father showed her the pamphlets and books. She shot up from her seat, and began to jump around quite excitedly. This was unusual behavior for our protagonist, however. So, of course, her parents were taken aback. Though, they couldn't help but laugh a bit at her ridiculous actions. The young lady laughed too, jumping up and off of rocks, and zooming around like an airplane.

"Tokyo! Tokyo! Tokyo!" she chanted as she ran about crazily. The young lady continued her frolic, jumping up and off of rocks, and zooming like an airplane, making a variety of odd sputtering and squishing noises with her mouth. Then, she paused, and sat down on a rock behind her mother. Her mother turned around to her, and giggled at the sight of her cheerful expression. "My, you're so energetic. I've never seen you with that face before, Haruhi."

The young lady, her name newly revealed as Haruhi, giggled back at her mother. "I know Mom, but, think of it! TOKYO!" she replied excitedly, falling backwards with the word 'Tokyo'. Haruhi closed her eyes tightly, balled up her fists, and put on her best concentrating face. She stayed this way for a few minutes, her parents watching on, happy to see their daughter so excited, though at the same time quite confused as to what it was she was doing. "Oh, I can just imagine what it's like! It must be so magnificent!" she finally said, shooting up suddenly. Once again, she began to bounce around excitedly, expressing her excitement by waving and flapping her arms about. Her parents felt a great elation at the sight of their own daughter's elation. Even if her frolic was greatly out-of-character, it was pleasing to them nonetheless.

As pleasing as her frolic was to them, however, it was even more pleasing to finally see her calm down once more, as she sat herself back down on the ground between them. Her big caramel eyes softened, for a moment, as she gazed out over at the ocean below. A sigh escaped her tiny body as a gentle breeze blew through her beautiful, long, dark brown hair. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, and felt the grass beneath her, wrapping her tiny hand around a clump of grass. The threesome, Haruhi and her parents, stayed quiet, letting the soft wind pass over them. Then suddenly, Haruhi's parents heard an odd thud, to soon after realize Haruhi had fallen over on her back. She was looked up at the sky, her lovely eyes again soft, like when she had gazed at the ocean. Her eyes took in every bit of the sky; the puffy clouds and their gentle white color, the way the clouds blended marvelously with the bright blue of the sky, the gentle ring of purple about the horizon, and even the little gray plane that flew overhead.

"But, even if Tokyo is magnificent..." Haruhi began to say, causing their parents to turn to her suddenly, "...I can't imagine anything more magnificent than this sky." Her father, Ryoji, petted her hair gently. "It really is a beautiful sky, huh?" He laid down beside her, soon followed by his wife, Kotoko. Kotoko grabbed Haruhi's hand, and said a simple "Yeah." as agreement. Ryoji grabbed Haruhi's other hand, and the threesome layed out with each other, gazing up at the magnificent, beautiful sky. In all their calm and happiness, this joyous family never would've have expected what was coming next.

Quite suddenly, the clouds grew a deep, dark grayish color, and seemed to roll in towards the family. Haruhi stood up and took a step back. "W-what's that?" she stuttered. But, before either of her parents could answer, out of the large, rolling, gray clouds emerged a burly, yellow-eyed rhino. The rhino, which is usually herbivorious, swung by Ryoji and Kotoko, gulping them up into his large mouth with his long, gray-pink tongue. Then he swung by Haruhi, his long tongue lolling out of his mouth. But, he did not eat our cute little heroine. The oddly carnivorous rhino spared Haruhi, and disappeared into the scenery, the large, grayish clouds following after.

Haruhi, left alone on the cliff, sat back down on a rock. She wrapped her legs in her arms, and rested her head on her knees. In spite of herself, our cute little heroine began to cry. She sobbed, with heavy gasps of air and large tears. She cried partly from the great shock of the ordeal, but mostly from the great sadness she felt from the sudden loss of her parents. But, Haruhi tried to be optimistic. "Well..." she muttered quietly between gasps of air, "at least I still have my sky."

When she returned home, she was suprised to find her aunts, Eclaire and Ayanokoji, waiting at her doorstep. She approached them slowly and cautiously, still a bit shook by the whole ordeal. They didn't look up to her until she spoke. "Auntie Eclaire...Auntie Ayanokoji," she muttered in a tiny voice. Eclaire frowned deeply. "Where are your parents, Haruhi?," she asked her sharply. Haruhi looked down, appearing very downtrodden. "Well...they were eaten," she replied, her voice low and quiet. Ayanokoji laughed wickedly. "Yes, yes, by the rhino!," she explained. Eclaire laughed too. "Yes, yes, and we'll take good care of you now, child." Haruhi would have been suprised at her aunts' knowledge of the rhino hadn't it been that her stomach was turning at the idea of living with them, her terribly wicked aunts.