Haruhi and the Giant Strawberry


Chapter 5

Ok, so, here is the chapter where Haruhi meets Tamaki. She doesn't meet any of the other guys, because, as stated in the last chapter, they're all sleeping soundly. I mean, this is occuring at night, is it not?


The young man was taken aback to find a lovely pair of peanut butter eyes looking up at him timidly. But, his surprise soon subsided. He took a step back, and crouched down in front of Haruhi. "And who might you be, miss?" he asked politely, with a soft smile over his face. Haruhi felt her face flush, considering the fact that this lovely young man's face was so close to hers. "H-Haruhi! Fujioka Haruhi!" she announced, suddenly shooting up from the floor. Haruhi felt her face flush even more, a deep crimson setting over her cheeks. The young man stood up from the ground, and looked down to her again. "What a lovely name," he replied simply, taking her tiny hand, and kissing it lightly.

Haruhi tried her hardest to keep her composure. "A-and, who might you be?" she asked, stuttering slightly. The young man seemed to brighten as Haruhi asked for his name. "Suoh Tamaki," he replied, his voice deep and gentle. Haruhi seemed to feel less intimidated, now knowing his name. Then, she remembered something that caused her to giggle. She grabbed her stomach, and bent her head down, soon in the middle of a giggle fit. Tamaki, quite confused, took a few steps back. He watched intently as Haruhi kept giggling. He stepped towards Haruhi again."Haruhi?" She looked up at him, tears of laughter in her eyes, as she continued to giggle. "I-I'm sorry! It's just...YOUR NAME!" she said between giggles, falling down onto the ground.

Tamaki was still confused. "What about my name?" he questioned, crouching down to the ground where Haruhi layed in the midst of a giggle fit. Haruhi giggled once, twice...and then stopped. She sat up and looked at Tamaki very seriously. "I'm sorry, Tamaki, but your name," she paused for a moment here and yawned. Tamaki grew anxious. "What about my name!?" he demanded.

Haruhi rolled her eyes as he began to fidget and fuss. She sighed, as a manner of bracing herself, before she grabbed Tamaki by the shoulders. She stared him straight in the face. He has such lovely eyes. "You have such lovely--" No! That's not what I wanted to say! Tamaki froze. He looked at Haruhi curiously. "Such lovely what?"

She had to think of some way to cover this. She turned around, her back facing Tamaki. It didn't take long for her to become completely absorbed in her thoughts. She bit her lip, and fidgeted with her hair, all the while ignoring a terribly anxious Tamaki. She didn't even seem to notice when he again demanded, "Such lovely what!?" She also didn't notice when he began to jab his index finger at her left arm repeatedly. "Ha-ru-hi." Hearing Tamaki say her name made her remember the initial theme of their conversation. And she thought of the perfect cover-up. That's it! "You have such a lovely name!"

Ok, so maybe it wasn't the perfect cover-up. But, Haruhi had initially meant to say his name was cute, so it was good enough.

Or, perhaps it wasn't. Tamaki, who had been poking Haruhi's left arm, withdrew his finger, and turned his head away from her. He glanced at her quickly and discreetly, before turning his entire body away from Haruhi. It was odd for a girl to say such things! A girl never said a man's name was lovely. She might say a women's name was lovely, sure, yeah. But, never in a million years would a women say a man's name was lovely. Cute, sure, but lovely, no! It was at this moment that Tamaki came to a realization, Haruhi is a homosexual young man!, or an assumption, rather. He turned his head to look over his shoulder. But a young man shouldn't look so much like a girl! Such a cute girl, too! He's even wearing a dress! I don't care if he's homosexual, he shouldn't cross dress! He'll fool young men who don't know any better!

Tamaki stood up, and turned back around to face Haruhi again. "YOUNG MAN!!" he yelled at the top of his lungs, thrusting his index finger towards Haruhi. It was a surprise that the other young men in the room hadn't woken up after all this yelling that had occured.

Haruhi, obviously not a young man, didn't respond. By now, she had grown bored, and was totally absorbed in 'finger-painting' with the strawberry juice that soaked the floors.

Haruhi's blatant ignorance of him made Tamaki terribly upset. His extended index finger reached out a little farther and poked Haruhi on the forehead. This caught her attention. She looked up at Tamaki with her caramel eyes narrowed, frowning somewhat. "And how may I help you, sir?" she questioned sharply, gently pushing Tamaki's finger away from her.


It was obvious that he was insane. He was loony! He was crazy! How in the world, "...could you have thought I was a boy!?"

"Well, men make odd assumptions when under the presence of such lovely ladies as yourself."

Suck-up. Haruhi sat, arms crossed, with a deep frown on her face. Never, never, never had someone mistaken her for a boy. It was degrading! It was rude! It...it actually wasn't that big of deal. Had an aunt moment there, didn't I? She sighed. "It's okay, Tamaki. Just tell me the truth."

Tamaki was happy to see her frown disappear and be replaced with a warm smile. "Well, I thought it was odd for a young lady to say a man's name was lovely. I mean--" he had began to explain his predicament, when Haruhi interrupted him by giggling. "Why are you giggling?" he demanded, grabbing onto her sleeve eagerly.

Haruhi simply brushed his hand off her sleeve. She kept giggling, deciding not to answer his question. Tamaki stared at her blankly as she continued to giggle. "I said, why are you giggling?" he asked her once more. This time, she decided to answer him. She stopped giggling momentarily, and looked up at him with a goofy smile on her face. "It was hilarious the way you emphasized the word lovely." She too emphasized the word 'lovely', as a manner of mocking him.

He couldn't believe what he was hearing. This girl had a problem. She giggled far too much, over the stupidest things! "Haruhi! You have a problem!"

She was shocked. "Eh? I do? What!? What's happening!?" She became unusually frantic.

Tamaki was in a perpetual ring of disbelief. This time, he couldn't believe what he was seeing. Haruhi was nearly bouncing off the walls. What in the world was wrong with this girl? Why was she so dramatic!? "Haruhi! Calm down! You don't have a physical problem!"

Haruhi stopped abruptly, and turned her head towards Tamaki. "I don't? Well, why in the world did you lie to me?" she questioned him eagerly, grabbing onto his sleeve as he had grabbed onto hers earlier. Tamaki sighed. He took Haruhi's hand off his sleeve and looked at her with a deathly serious expression about his face. "Haruhi, you have mental problem!"

Now it was Haruhi's turn to be struck with disbelief. This young man really was insane. "Tamaki, I don't have any mental problems," she insisted, grabbing onto his sleeve again.

Tamaki couldn't help but glare at her. Her outright defiance caused him great disdain. "Then, why are you having these crazy mood swings, and laughing at the stupidest things?" he demanded. This time, he didn't bother to remove her hand from his sleeve. In fact, he found it quite enjoyable to have her cling onto him.

It was at this time that Haruhi felt a sharp pain in her lower belly. Her vision grew blurry and her mind grew cloudly. She began to pant heavily. Her legs began to throb. And I've got mood swings? Oh dear god! Haruhi had realized something she really hadn't wanted to. She had her period. That must have been why I woke up so damned early! She turned to Tamaki, trying to hide the pain she felt from her sudden symptoms.

"I, uh, must have a fever," she insisted simply, her grasp on Tamaki's sleeve tightening. This was partly true, and so, she could probably get away with it. Or not. Tamaki quickly placed his hand on her forehead. And on his face appeared a perplexed expressions. "Why, Haruhi, you're no hotter than cup of cold coffee!"

And now Haruhi was in a bind. Tamaki was holding onto her like a father would a daughter, gently and discreetly, but, at the same time, very securely. "You must be getting a fever, then! It's best to nuture you now, before you get sick!" Haruhi sighed. These outbursts of his were annoyingly refreshing. Wow. He's very talented, to be annoyingly refreshing. She giggled to herself, but she did so discreetly, as to evade Tamaki's attention.

It took only a very short amount of time for Haruhi to find herself further in trouble. She realized how comfortable it felt in Tamaki's arms. It was as this realization reached her that she heard her aunts calling her from outside. She suddenly felt scared. Tamaki made her feel safer, but she still felt terribly scared, hearing her aunts' voices coming from outside.

"Mitsuki! Mitsuki, where the hell are you!?" called her aunt Eclaire, frantically clutching onto the hem of her dress. Ayanokoji was near tears, clutching onto the hem of her dress much like Eclaire was. The both looked like lost little girls, looking for their mother.

And, Haruhi would have very much enjoyed this sight, had she seen it. But, she did not. Instead, she clung tightly onto Tamaki, shaking and trembling. Tamaki was shocked by this. "Haruhi, what's wrong? Are those bad people out there?"

This question soon answered itself. "Mariachi, come out here right now, or we'll eat you!" came the crude voice of Ayanokoji. Eclaire chuckled at Ayanokoji's threat. "Only you would do such a thing, Koji, you bloated whale." Ayanokoji glared at her sister. "Oh, shut up! You know I meant to say 'beat'! Don't make me beat you, you wretched hag!" The tone of voice these women used revealed that they were not joking. These women held real spite in the words they spoke. This terrified Tamaki half-to-death.

"Ok, so they are bad people." Tamaki paused for a moment. Mitsuki. Mariachi. These women 'obviously' hadn't know Haruhi for very long. "Are they new neighbors of yours?" he inquired, petting Haruhi's hair, trying to calm her shaking body. Haruhi shook her head. "No. They're my aunties," she explained, her grasp on him growing tighter. She really did feel very comfortable when being held by Tamaki.

Tamaki was taken aback. "Your aunts don't know their own niece's name!?" He was utterly shocked by this idea. Haruhi nodded solemnly, beginning to shake more and more as she heard her aunts draw closer and closer. "Actually...they called me Tamaki once," she noted, trying to distract Tamaki. She didn't want him worrying about her anymore. Tamaki was about to give Haruhi his reply, when he heard a pair of voices he really didn't want to hear.

"Eh, who's this?" chimed a pair of unknown voices.