Reigning Elements

Prompt: #001. Thunder // #000. Coffee

Notes: Written for 12stories and oparu on livejournal.

A fierce rumble shook the sky as a strike of blinding light stabbed downwards towards Atlantis. Rain pelted down on the city and threatened to drown the planet. Nearby on the mainland, trees thrashed wildly in the wind, branches snapping off where too much force was directed.

Elizabeth watched the destruction silently from behind the thick glass and the shield that protected Atlantis from any such dangers, a grim expression gracing her features. Another resounding crash of thunder made her jump and she glanced around to make sure no one had seen. Sure enough, she was alone.

Sighing, she continued to stare out at the reigning elements, her mind raced through the millions of possibilities of an accident occurring: the shield could be somehow be damaged by the storm and leave them all vulnerable; the power source could be largely diminished by the effects it took to protect the city, again, leaving them at risk; there could be damage to the city that would be irreparable after the storm passed…

There was so much at stake; so much that could go wrong!


She flinched as she heard her name called out and ripped her eyes from the scene playing out in front of her to focus them on the military leader of Atlantis and her second-in-command, John Sheppard. He grinned at her and gestured behind him towards the cafeteria.

"Wanna get some coffee?" he asked, combing the fingers of one hand through his silky black hair.

For a moment Elizabeth stared at him, unsure of what to say. That moment must have been longer than she thought, because John moved closer to her and repeated himself. He must have assumed that she couldn't hear him over the storm.

Sighing, Elizabeth glanced over her shoulder at the raging waters that continued to beat against the shield, before turning back to John. "Sure," she agreed, gratefully.

John grinned and began to lead her away. Elizabeth took one last lingering look outside and then followed, a smile replacing her concern. The storm could wait.