Without You

Prompt: #002 without you // #043 "If it means protecting you, I'll do whatever is necessary." – Shu, Suikoden 2

Notes: Written for 2x5obsessions and insert phrase. Also, virtual cookies go to whoever spots the reference to Stargate SG-1!

"Simon!" River called out pleadingly to her brother. "Don't!" She stared in horror at him as he slowly walked towards the running guards – the guards who had spent the past half hour chasing after them in an attempt to capture the two very wanted fugitives. So far, they had been very unsuccessful in their endeavours, but if Simon didn't move they would undoubtedly corner him.

"I have to!" Simon yelled back. He didn't even stop walking and instead seemed to speed up. "If it means protecting you, I'll do whatever is necessary," he added almost too quietly for her to hear – with her ears, at least. In her heart, she had always known that Simon, her brother and her lifeline, would give up anything and everything to keep her safe and happy, no matter the cost. That was one thing she knew would never change.

The fact that Simon was now walking willingly towards the very people they had been running from showed that. He was prepared to give up himself just to give her even the smallest chance of escape. There were no guarantees that she'd find her way to freedom, but he was willing to risk it. He was willing to give his life for her.

River scanned the narrow corridor of the complex with calculative brown eyes and then, making up her mind, followed, just as the guards reached Simon's side and roughly grabbed his arms, one officer on each side. They both wore identical smirks at the thought of their rewards for bringing the doctor in – and the fact that they had finally caught him.

"I won't leave you, Simon!" River told her brother, who had set his jaw in fiery determination and turned his gaze on her. The look in his eyes clearly said that he wanted River to go and save herself. He wanted her to leave him. River knew that that was something she could never do.

"Just go!" Simon demanded, glaring at her fiercely. He struggled against the guards' grip on his arms as he began to realise what his sister's intentions were. His suspicions were proved correct by her next actions.

River ignored Simon's request and moved gracefully toward him instead. "No!" She replied just as forcefully.

Their eyes locked for a moment that seemed to go on forever and then another two guards rounded the corner behind River. Simon's eyes widened and he clamped his mouth shut, his urgent attempts to break free weakening as he watched River.

"Go!" Simon repeated desperately, finding his voice again. "Don't make this be for nothing!"

River just shook her head sadly and continued to stare into his eyes as the guards advanced. Simon's horror was evident in his eyes and she felt his pain as her arms were locked behind her back. As she was pulled away – away from her brother, again – she smiled weakly at him.

"I'm not leaving without you."