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It had been 5 years since she had went back to San Francisco and closed the door on her life in Las Vegas. Sara had to make a hard decision she had attempted to have a relationship with her long time crush Grissom and then realized it was just that a crush. She recovered and found a friendship and lover in her best friend Nick. They had advanced there relationship and were living together. Then one day Eckley found out about there relationship.

Grissom had thought there was something going on however, above all else he wanted Sara to be happy. If that meant she was with someone else then so be it. However shortly after he warned her that Eckley was out for her and Nick's job and for them to be careful she was gone. She had went to San Francisco to assist on a case as she had done in Vegas and she decided to stay. She talked to Nick after making her decision to stay in San Francisco. She told him it was best they part ways and just forge ahead with there lives. She knew that Nick would throw away his career for her, however she did not want that to happen. She thought she had made it easier for him to start a new life. However the past 5 years had not been easy for either of them.

San Francisco 2012

Sara arrived to work at the lab, and was called into Jo's office. Jo was the director for the criminal lab in San Francisco. Jo had known Sara for over 30 years. Jo had been a new CSI when she had been called to a 419. Little did she know that day she would meet a young girl that would become one of the best CSI's she has ever known.

"Sara I was called by the Vegas ADA in Nevada, and they need you to come testify in a case that you had 6 years ago. They said your testimony may keep the perp from getting released. They are challenging some of the evidence you and a Nick Stokes gathered." Jo watched Sara as she told her and saw the sadness in her eyes as she said Nick Stokes.

"I guess I have no choice. Andy and I will have to make some changes in our plans but we can go. How much time are they going to need me down there did they say?"

"I am going to give you two weeks, just call me if you need more time. How do you think Andy will do with this trip?" Jo was studying her dayshift manager.

"Well, he will just have to accept it, he will do fine, maybe it is about time I introduce him to my old friends." Sara said with a small smirk.

"Well I arranged for you both to be on the 9am flight to Las Vegas the day after tomorrow. I can take you both to the airport. I know Andy has no problems getting up that early and is quiet the morning person." Jo said with a grin.

"Yep he loves to get up at 5am, so I will see you on Wednesday morning at my place about 6am that should get us to the airport at 7am and enough time to get checked in and settled." Sara had a slight moment of hesitation.

"Sara are you sure? Andy could…"

""No, Andy and I can go, really it is no problem. Do you think I could have tomorrow off to prepare. I need to make some special arrangements and I need to let Andy know. I am sure he is not going to be really thrilled with having to take time off at school you know how he loves his job." Sara gave that small grin only she could do.

"Sure Pete will be standing in while you are gone, and he knows your routine and not to overstep your bounds. I am sure he would be willing to take over today and until you need to get back." Jo knew Sara had a lot to get ready.

"Ok, Thanks, tell Pete to call if he needs anything." Then Sara left the room and headed to her office to gather her things.

Sara looked at her desk, she had several pictures of her and Andy and one of her old team in Vegas. It was taken just before she left. Nick and Sara were leaning against each other and Warrick and Catherine were sitting at the table with Grissom and Greg. They all were so happy then. Little did she know 10 days after the picture was taken her world would be upside down.

Flashback 5 years earlier

"Hey Grissom, what is up?"

"Sara we need to talk, my office please."

No one else was around and the sound in his voice scared her, he sounded very serious. She followed him into the office.

When they got in there, she knew something was very wrong.

"Sara I want you to know this has nothing to do with our past, actually I am very happy for you and Nick."

She looked at him with a look of surprise.

"Ummm, we have kept it quiet and we are on the same level and…. Wait how in the HELL DO YOU KNOW?"

"Sara, I just wanted you to be forewarned that Eckley knows and he is going for blood. He wants yours and Nick's job. However as you know this is gray area and I had a call from your old boss in San Francisco she would like you to come and talk about how they can incorporate some of the procedures we are using. This can give time for things to blow over and you can come back and live your life with Nick."

"Does Nick know about this"

"No, I thought I would talk to you first. Sara, this will blow over and you and Nick can continue on and maybe someday you will be able to let everyone know you are together. I know you wanted that with us. You deserve to be happy." Grissom said to her thinking about how he choose his career over there relationship.

"Grissom please do not tell Nick. I will go up to San Francisco, I do not want him loosing his job he loves it here and well…." Tears were starting to form, she was not about to let him see her cry.

"I will… ummm I am gonna go pack and talk with Nick…..I will be back in a few weeks."

Sara left his office, she was not about to let Nick know the truth, she could not let him be hurt, and she was not coming back.

Memory fades

Sara picked the picture up and placed it in her bag. Then grabbed her cell phone locked her office door and left.

Sara's home Wednesday morning

Jo rang the doorbell.

"Sara hey girl you and Andy ready to leave?"

"Yeah, I have the suit case, Andy you have your bag?"

"Yeah, do we really have to fly?" Andy asked whining

"Andrew come on Vegas will be lots of fun now help me and let's get going."

"Hey Jo, do you mind grabbing this bag and we are ready to run."

At the airport

Sara's phone rang she and Andy had just made it through the security. They still had to get to the concourse which seemed to be miles away.

"Sidle, ohhh Hi, umm, yeah we will be in Vegas at 10:25 am if there are no delays, nooo you do not need, I have a rental car lined up and a room at the Excalibur. Well, we could meet later on. Opps sorry I have to go"
Sara hung up as she had to chase after Andy who was racing to get to the concourse so he could sit down.

In Vegas at the crime lab

Warrick, Nick, Greg, Catherine and Grissom were all sitting around. They knew Sara was coming and had decided to stick around for breakfast and then go together and meet Sara.

Catherine called Sara to confirm her arrival to Vegas. She had noticed at first Sara said we then rest of her references were I. However, she was wondering if they were going to be intruding in on something they should not.

"Hey, guys how about I go met Sara at the airport and bring her back. Instead of over whelming her there we can do it here. " Catherine offered.

"Hey I can go pick up some party streamers and get a welcome home cake and fruit platter and we can do a surprise welcome back party." Greg offered.

Warrick looked at Nick and nodded to Grissom.

"Not sure if she would like the streamers, Sara never was one for surprises." Nick offered.

Nick was not sure he was ready to see Sara again. She left 5 years ago, and called him from San Francisco saying she was taking a job and it was for the best. He had dated off and on for the last few years however he now had settled down to realize he was destined to be a bachelor. No one could replace what he had with Sara.

"Catherine I will make sure these guys keep it simple. Go ahead and met her and bring her home." Nick said as he walked out of the lounge.

"So do you think they might be able to rekindle anything?" Greg asked

"Greg I think that is up to Sara, because Nick still has it bad for her, he may say he was over her but I can tell you his face lit up when he heard she was returning for this case." Warrick said as he left to go find his best friend.

"Well I am off to the airport, we should be back by noon at the latest, I will call if it is later." Catherine stated as she grabbed the keys to her Denali and left.

At the Airport

Sara and Andy's plane landed. Andy was grumbling about being tired. Sara thought to herself she must have been crazy to bring him along, she should have left him in San Francisco. She loved Andy more than anything, however he had his days.

"Sara, Sara" Catherine yelled

Catherine saw Sara walking down the concourse and she appeared alone. Then all of sudden she saw him holding Sara's hand. He had dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She now knew that Sara did mean we.

Sara paused for a second when she heard her name called and then she saw Catherine. She took a deep breath held to Andy's hand and moved forward.

"Catherine. Ohhh you look fantastic. I told you did not need to meet us. Ummm, well Catherine I would like you to met Andy, Andy this is Catherine. Andy can you say Hi?" Sara ruffled his hair as he was now trying to hide behind her.

"Hi Andy" Catherine said as she bent down to take a closer look at the little boy.

"Hi" he said is a shy voice.

"Mommy can we go to the castle now?" Andy whispered to Sara.

Catherine just stood there looking at Andy, she was sure now she knew the reason Sara had left.

"Catherine, ummm I promised Andy we would go to Excalibur he is in to Knights."

"Sara how old is he?"

Sara looked down at Andy; she did not want to get into a big discussion here and now at the airport.

"He is 4 and a half years old." Sara said

"My birfday is October 1st, I am gonna be five and I can go to Disneyland and mommy and me are going to meet Goofy and Aladdin."

"Andy, that is enough."

"Catherine I have set up daycare at Excalibur, I hired a Nanny. Catherine this is not the right time to go see everyone, you do understand right?"

Catherine nodded "You know Lindsey might be able to babysit, she would be a lot cheaper and is very dependable. She has the next two weeks off from college also. Let me give her a call. If that is ok with you"

"Sure" Sara knew Lindsey would be better than a stranger though she had done a good background check on the nanny she had choose.

Then the three of them headed down to baggage claim to gather there bags.

"Linds, hey sweetie, do you still have nothing to do today? Would you be interested in babysitting?"

"Well, I am still free, how old is the kid and how much can I make?"

"He is 4 ½ and is Sara's son, and we can talk price later. We will be there in the hour."

"Ok Mom, see ya."

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