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Nick gently laid his son on the bed in the middle. Sara and Nick watched as his young body twitched and seized what seem to be forever however in realty was only 30 seconds.

The Doctor pulled the emergency cord and several staff nurses arrived. He gave orders for medications and seizures pads for the bed.

The nurse pushed the medications in his IV and within seconds his young body relaxed. Though he still had an occasional twitch and he was still uncoucious.

The doctor ordered a stat eeg to be done at the bedside.

Another nurse stayed with Nick and Sara and explained what was going on.

Once Andy appeared at rest and was having no outward signs of seizures the Doctor explained the plan of care.

"As I told you before, there was a chance of seizures. These hopefully will be controlled by medications and stop on their own. I do not feel it is something such as epilepsy at this point in time. The eeg will tell us a little more. He was given valium and will start on depakote for seizure control. We will keep him in the hospital for at least the next 7 days."

"Let me call Grissom and tell him what happen." Nick offered.

Sara took several minutes to register that Nick was calling Grissom. She was sitting touching her sons hair focusing in on his breathing.

"Sara, ummm Grissom said you could start in two weeks instead of next week, so what is that about?" Nick asked her as she met him at the doorway of Andy's room.

"Ummm, I was going to tell you, I well, Gris offered me a consulting job, and well, I figure I can sell my place in San Francisco and I could get an apartment and we could see each other and Andy can visit you."

"Sara I would love that. You know my house is open, you both could stay and.."

"Nick, lets not rush things, let's just date and get our son better and you two get to know each other."

"I think that sounds like a good idea." Nick said and reached out and hugged and kissed Sara on the cheek.

The next seven days were very busy for Nick and Sara. They both had to get disposed for the old case that was up for review. They had got the lawyers to agree to let them come in on separate days. It took two eight hours days for Sara's testimony in the deposition. Sara was feeling very tired after those days. Nick had gone the first day and only took one eight hour day. However since Sara was the lead back then she took longer.

Andy was doing better everyday. He had 2 smaller seizures on the second day and now that his levels for the seizure meds were getting to therapeutic he was doing well. Andy and Nick fit together like a ball and glove. Sara watched as the two bonded. It was almost like they had been together since day one.

Sara found a nice rental house just a few blocks from Nick's. Jo placed Sara on an extended leave of absence in case she choose to come back. However after six months then she would have to resign. Sara, also rented her place out in San Francisco, Jo made arrangements for her furniture to be moved to Vegas.

A week had passed and Sara was now settled in to the house and Andy was going to come home. Jo had flew up to San Francisco took care of everything there and was back to see her godson come home. She could see that she needed to find a new CSI dayshift manager soon as she was going to loose her best CSI again.

Nick, Sara and Andy drove home from the hospital in Nick's Tahoe. Andy was really impressed with how big the truck was. He was use to taking mass transit or mommy's work car.

Andy was not still back to full speed, however Sara could see the spunk returning. When they arrived to Sara's place Nick carried Andy into the house and he was greeted with a small surprise.

"A horsey, mommy look." Andy cried out.

Nick had went and got a rocking horse for Andy, since Andy had asked for a real one and at this time they did not hve room for one, he got the next best thing.

"Andy, becareful."

"I will mommy."

"Sara, I asked the neurologist and he said the rocking horse would be fine, relax, we both heard the doctor say he is doing great."

"I know, I am just so nervous. You know ten days ago I did not realize how crazy my world was going to become." Sara said to Nick.

"Well, I need to head home, if you two need anything just call."

"Daddy, no. stay. Please" Andy begged with his large brown puppy dog eyes.

"Andy, remerber the other day we talked about the mommy house and daddy house. Well I need to go back to daddy house and in a few days you can come visit ok?"

Nick looked at Sara to see her reaction.

"I love you, Andy." Nick gave the little boy a huge kiss.

"Sara, I love you too, I will be by in the morning ok?"

"Ya, that will be great."

"We goto the castle mommy?"

Sara laughed she nearly forgot she promised him a trip to Excalibur.

"Yea, and we will go to the circus also." Sara shrugged her shoulders at Nick.

"Mind like a steel trap, what can I say?"

"That is fine circus and castles tomorrow; that will be lots of fun." Nick said, then left out the door.

Sara and Andy had a quiet dinner. Sara realized how much she missed having Nick there. They had been having all there meals togther with Andy in the hospital room. She loved her son, however her love and desire for Nick was different. She just hoped and prayed he felt the same way.

Nick sat in his empty house. He was use to having dinner with Sara and Andy and could not stand being alone. He grabbed his coat and left, he could cancel the rest of his family leave and work for a few hours tonight at least it would take his mind off of Sara and Andy.

Two weeks later

Sara and Nick had finally worked out a schedule with visitation for Andy. Since Sara was only consulting she could arrange her schedule as needed. She could also do a lot of work from home. She could consult via web cam for the Reno and Winnemucca crime labs. Nick on the other hand was finding out how much he missed his son and how much he really worked. He was starting to see swing shift was not much fun with a child.

Nick was working from 3pm till midnight. He would get up at 7am so he could watch Andy for Sara starting at 8pm. Sara no matter what ended her day at 2pm. He was impressed miss overtime really did put her son first. Just six years ago he would have said Sara would never do this not even for a child.

Sara had no problem letting Andy go stay with nick whenever he wanted. Truth be told she had been very tired with all the stress of moving, getting a new job and Andy's accident that she was enjoying being able to relax and sleep.

Sara however just wished they had sometime for themselves. Sara realized she and Nick had no them time. Maybe she could arrange for Andy to go visit his Aunt Catherine and Uncle Warrick for a night and they could have a date.

However, the day she finally set up Andy awoke with the stomach flu and Nick came over to help Sara. So they spent the day cleaning up after there son and holding his head as he puked. Sara had called his neurologist worried about seizures and he assured her it would be ok, just small sips of fluids then take his meds. Then if he was still vomiting tomorrow he would have him brought in and evaluated and give him some anti nausea meds so he could keep his seizure medication down.

Luckily they did not have to do that. Nick did take the night off work though so he could help Sara out. Not to mention he was worried sick about his son.

The next day Andy had recovered and was doing fine. However Nick had to work.

"Sara how about we go to breakfast in the morning? Warrick said he would come stay at the hosue with Andy." Nick offered.

"I have a web cam meeting with the director of the Reno lab at 8 am sharp. How about the day after tomorrow?" Sara offered.

"I will see if Warrick, Greg or anyone is free I will find someone I promise the day after tomorrow it is." Nick laughed.

Nick was starting to wonder when Sara would realize he did not need her to prove that she loved him. Nick just loved her and there son. Hopefully she realized that soon, as he really was tired of only sleeping in his house, the rest of there time he spent at work or at Sara's.

Nick gave Sara a kiss and Andy a kiss and headed out the door. As an after thought he called out to Andy.

"Hey Andy see if you remember Daddy's cell phone number and call me today ok buddy I would love to hear from you and mommy."

"Ok, Daddy."

"You taught him the phone number?" Sara asked


"I best watch the phone you will be getting called all the time now." Sara laughed as she closed the door.

Sara then walked into the living room. She felt like she might be getting the bug Andy had, she hoped not though she hated to get sick.

A few hours later



"Hey buddy, listen I am very busy can I call you back. Sorry I have to go."

Nick hung the phone up, not giving his son a chance to respond.

A few minutes later again his phone rings.


"Daddy…" Andy now had a different tone to his voice, one that scared Nick.

"Buddy, hey I am sorry. I will talk a minute. Sorry if I upset you when I hung up."

"Daddy, I am scared."


"Mommy will not wake up, she is on the floor."

"Andy, go to mommy, can you hear her breathing."

"Mommy, mommy, wake up… Please mommy…." Andy was now crying.

"Andy I am calling for the police and paramedics and Aunt Catherine is coming ok? I will be there as soon as Uncle Greg can come help me. Andy can you hear me?"

Nick was trying to stay calm. With everything else that had happen in the past month he could not loose Sara. They were so close to being a real family.


Nick went up to the officer that was at the scene and told him to call in for a cruiser to be sent to Sara house along with an ambulance. He also requested Brass and Catherine to goto the house also.

"Andy, Andy?"

Andy had set the phone down and was now lying beside Sara crying.

Nick saw the officer had a cell phone and used it to call Greg to come finish the scene. This one time Nick had went to a scene alone he was needed at home. Greg informed him he would be there in 10 minutes.

Nick continued to listen in on the phone call. Andy was crying and begging for Sara to wake up. Nick was begging for her to wake up.

Then Nick could hear in the background a knock at the front door and Brass yelling for Andy to open the door. Then he heard the door breaking as the pushed the door in. Catherine and Brass ran into the living room. Sara was on the floor with Andy beside her. Catherine saw the phone sitting on the floor.

"Nick, we are here Andy is scared and ok, Sara is breathing but unconscious. The paramedics are here we are going to Palms, met us there." Catherine said it so fast Nick could not say anything.

A few mintues later Greg showed up and Nick left after handing the evidence over he collected to Greg.

When the paramedics arrived Sara had started to wake up. She was still feeling very light headed and nauseated.

"Sara?" Catherine called her name.

They had just placed Sara on the stretcher and were placing heart monitors on her chest.

"Miss we are going to start an IV, one of the paramedics informed her."

"What happen?" Sara asked Catherine with a weak voice.

"What is the last thing you recall?" Catrheine asked.

"Andy called Nick, and was upset that Nick could not talk, and then I felt really sick and everything went black." Sara cringed as the paramedic placed an IV in her arm as she talked.

"The little boy can not go in the ambulance unless he is the patient." The paramedic informed Catherine, you can met us at Desert Palm. They then lifted the gurney up and placed Sara in the back of the ambulance. When they got in the ambulance they started her on oxygen and headed to the hospital.

To be continued