Digital Haiku and Tanka Series

Author's Note: This is the first of a 24 part series of haiku and tanka poetry that is dedicated to each of the twelve digidestined from Adventure and Adventure 02. Each one will get a chapter of ten haikus and ten tankas written about them. There will be romance, humor, mystery, tragedy and every possible genre imaginable for this project. For those who don't know, a haiku is a three line, seventeen syllable poem originated in Japan. The syllables in haiku break down as 5-7-5. A tanka is a five line, thirty-one syllable poem that also originated in Japan. The syllables in a tanka break down as 5-7-5/7-7.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Digimon Adventure or 02 and make no profits from these poems. They're just for fun!

(Chapter 1- Ten haikus on Joe Kido)


Reliable Joe

Reliable for April 1st

pranks with fake blood


Marching fishes,

Vulcan's Hammer. Hammer a

pit for barbequed trout


Noble Doctor Joe

Caretaker for the sickly

with their HMO's


Bloody nose, bruised

ego- Joe's doctor's get overtime

from his healthcare


Trusty First Aid kit

hung up in his office- a

gag gift from the team


Joe and Jim- Brothers

and Doctors like the Klitschkos

with no knockout punch


More college degrees

than dates- that described Joe

until last month with her


She was a nurse, he

an army surgeon. They met

on love's battleground


Sunrise, and the light

tickles my fancy, much like

our leader's young sis


Sincerely Joe and

it is good to know, she gets


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(Next Chapter- Ten haikus on Cody Hida)