The Digital Haiku and Tanka Series

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(Chapter 24- Ten Tankas on Ken Ichijouji)


Even after my

'stage', people would call me

'Master' Ichijouji.

It makes me uncomfortable

knowing all the pain I've caused


Though long since passed on

I still feel that young man near

me, guiding my steps.

Nothing can bring him back here;

so I await Sam for now.


Before me lies a

tomb; in memory of rank


May it never cloud the eyes

of those who choose not to see.


Oh, it's Mexico!

Flattered as I was I must

say that the heart of

a child knows much. She saw

the kindness in a 'cute' thing.


No worming my way

out of this predicament.

That'd be a trail;

One of slime and goo that I

must inevitably clean.


The Digidestined

save the digital frontier.

Little did I know

how it would prepare me for

all the real world's adventures.


Not addictive, yet

it pulls me inward. Not forced,

but still powerful.

Not intimidating. So?

Such is the other world's way.


In Cody's mind, I

needed a crest of trust. No

other thing but time

could turn him around, but

wounds will remain. Sad, true fact.


Now the days get spent

twelve-hour shifts, criminal

detail and research.

That's work. But play gets Davis

involved on a soccer field


Being a father.

Big responsibility,

but with Yolei there

giving me confidence, I

handle my three angels well.

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