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This is my first Star Trek story on fandiction. It has to do with all the shows together (Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager)



At All Costs

Chapter 1

Welcome Home

"What is it?" Admiral Hanson asked as he looked at the view screen.

Something appeared in space. It looked like a huge glow in the dark cloud. "It's a transwarp aperture," Lieutenant Barclay said, "It's a light year way from Earth."

"I want every ship in range to move to its coordinates," Admiral Paris ordered Ensign Long.

"Yes sir." She said and walked off.

"How many Borg vessels are there?" Admiral Paris asked with a stern look on his face.

"Unknown," Barclay said in awe, "But the gravitational scales are off the scale."

Within minutes eighteen Federation ships, were in orbit waiting to see how many Borg ships would come out of the aperture. Other Federation vessels were on route to help out if need be. "To all ships, use all force. I repeat use all force," Admiral Paris ordered.

As soon as the Borg sphere exited the aperture, all the Federation ships began firing phasers and torpedoes. Suddenly the sphere started crumbling from the inside. "Cease fire," Admiral Hayes said over subspace.

Immediately there was a cease fire. The Borg sphere crumbled from the inside and out flew Voyager. Captain Janeway looked out from the ship's view screen and saw Earth. She grew happy, when she saw the fleet of they're own ships. "We made it," She said in awe, "We made it home."

"Captain, Harry said, "We're getting a message from Starfleet."

"Put it through," She said standing up.

Admiral Paris' image filled the view screen. "Next time I'll send a message."

"How?" He asked. He couldn't wait to here their side of the story.

"It'll all be in my report," Janeway interrupted.

"I'll look forward in reading it," Admiral Paris said.

"Doctor to Lieutenant Paris," The doctor said, as soon as the message ended, "There is someone here who'd like to meet you."

Tom smiled when he heard his daughter crying. He turned to Captain Janeway. "You'd better go," She said.

Chakotay took Tom's place at the helm and joined the fleet on route to Earth.


Fireworks shot in the air as Voyager circled around the Golden Gate Bridge. The crowd either watching this on TV or actually watching it in the air was cheering. Thousands of people watched as Voyager fly away and fly to Space Station 2.

This station was in Earth's orbit. Voyager would dock there while the crew would enjoy a few months of vacation. The station was not only a docking bay for ships, but also a learning facility for young captains.

Admiral Paris gave Janeway a hug as she greeted him, when she walked out of Voyager. Tom walked out and gave his dad a long hug. "Dad," He said, "Meet your grand daughter."

Admiral Paris who was usually a strong and tough man felt his eyes water. "What is her name?" He asked walking with Tom and Belanna down the corridor.

"Um," Belanna said looking at Tom, "We haven't given her a name yet."

"Yeah," Tom said with a grin, "She was just born today."

"Do you want to hold her?" Belanna asked.

"Sure," Admiral Paris said.

Belanna handed her father in law the baby. "Haven't held a baby in thirty years," He said smiling.


Chakotay and Seven of Nine were walking down the Golden Gate Bridge. "I can't believe we made it home," Chakotay said, "If it weren't for Admiral Janeway's new technology, we'd still be trapped in the delta quadrant."

"Captain Janeway wouldn't found out another way to get us back to Earth," Seven of Nine said as she stared into the ocean.

"What do you think you'll do now, now that we are on Earth?" Chakotay asked.

"I don't know," She said, "What about you?"

"I don't know either," Chakotay said smiling, "But I want to help you out in any kind of way."

Seven of Nine looked at Chakotay and gave him a kiss. "I want the same thing," She said happily.


Admiral Paris sipped his coffee as he read Janeway's report. It was very interesting; Admiral Janeway from the future had brought technology to help bring Voyager home. He found this report hard to believe. He thought he'd wake upon in the morning just to find out everything had been a dream and Voyager was still trapped in the delta quadrant.

Tom and Belanna named their daughter Miral. They asked Admiral Paris to watch her, while they were in space. Voyager was called on to an urgent mission. The mission was to get all the information possible about a little civilization on an asteroid in the Nerba system.

The door chimed and Admiral Paris looked up and said, "Come in."

Ensign Fisher walked in and said, "Long range scans have detected some weird readings that have to with nano technology, but it is really weak."

"Okay," Admiral Paris said thinking deeply, "Send the Rhode Island and tell them to keep me informed at all times."


Seven of Nine walked up to regeneration council and set it to have her regenerate for four hours. She walked into it and closed her eyes. Seconds later she heard a familiar haunting voice say, "Hello Seven."

Seven glared at the Borg Queen and asked, "What do you want?"

"Now that you are safely in the alpha quadrant," She said with a sly grin, "Why can't I visit an old friend."

"We aren't friends," Seven said sternly.

"Of course," The Queen said, "We are much more than that. We are family."

"What do you want?" Seven asked angrily.

"I want to make a deal with you," The Queen said walking a round her bridge aimlessly, "Admiral Janeway almost destroyed the Borg. But nanites can't be defeated. I'm getting stronger and stronger as we speak and the Borg is rebuilding its population."

"I wish you all the best," Seven said, "But you still have not answered why you are still here?"

"I know," The Queen smiled, "I am making a deal with you."

"Borg don't make deals, they assimilate."

"Exactly," The Queen sneered. She walked up to Seven and brought leaned closely; with her face inches from Seven. "Either you rejoin the collective or I will send three cubes to destroy the Federation and assimilate Earth."