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Chapter 11

The Final Battle

Sparks shot out from one of the computers. The Queen grew angry when she realized the weapon was now off line. The Klingons did help out more than she thought. But that didn't matter. The Repulse was hers now and the weapon would be repaired soon.

Suddenly the Queen thought of something. She turned to Locutis and said, "Locutis, I need something from you."

"What is it?" He asked looking at the Queen.

The Queen took a few steps toward him and said, "Don't worry, you won't feel a thing."

She inserted her nanite tubes into him and exhaled happily. Within a few seconds she had everything she needed. "What did you need?" Locutis asked giving the Queen a perplexed look.

"You will see," She said.


Suddenly a huge explosion rocked the Enterprise. Sparks shot out of a few computer councils around the bridge. One of the security guards on the bridge cried out as the explosion sent him flying in the air. He landed on the floor and didn't get up. "What the hell just happened?" Riker shouted.

"The Borg has found a way to penetrate our shields and armor," Data said as another major explosion rocked the Enterprise. A small fire began to grow bigger in the back of the bridge, "Warp power is off-line and the shields are gone. Hull breaches on decks 5 through 22."

"Damn," Riker cursed. He hated how this was going. He shook his head and said, "Data full retreat. We can't fight anymore without shields. Bring a safe distance from the fight."

"Yes sir," Data said as the Enterprise limped away from the battle.


"Thank you Locutis," The Queen said smiling, "You have been most helpful."

Locutis looked at the Enterprise with a shocked expression on his face. "Two down, "The Queen sneered.


"What the hell?" Tom cursed as Voyager shook.

"Open up a channel with the Repulse," Janeway said sternly, "Find out what the hell he is doing?"

"Yes sir," Harry said, "Uh Captain, they are not responding."

"Captain," Tuvok said, "I scanned the Repulse and have found that it is entirely Borg."

"All Borg?" Janeway asked looking at Tuvok shocked written all over her face.

"Precisely," Tuvok said as he gripped his computer council because Voyager was again struck by the Repulse.

"How?" Tom asked.

"Unknown," Tuvok said.

Janeway shook her head sadly. Too much was lost in this war. Hopefully it would be over soon.


The Defiant crew watched in confusion as the Repulse fired on Voyager. Voyager returned fire and small shield covered the Repulse. "Sir," Nog said, "We are getting a hail from one of the Klingon ships."

"Put it through," Sisko said.

"This is General Martok," Martok said, "It is an honor fighting with you again. I wish we could have brought more ships, but the Klingon council only gave us four."

"I understand," Sisko said, "We need all the help we can get."

"I will have the four Klingon ships only concentrating on the Repulse," Martok said, "The sphere is all yours."

"Sure," Sisko said.

The Defiant fired torpedoes as it flew past hue's ship. The torpedoes struck the sphere and small explosions appeared on the outer hull.


Voyager fired phasers and at that same time the sphere shot a feed back of energy through the phaser. It hit Voyager and a small hull breach appeared on the hull of the ship. "Captain," Harry said, "That blow just knocked out our forward shields."

"Transfer all necessary power to the forward shields," Janeway ordered.

"Yes sir," Harry said.

But at that moment Voyager shook again. The computer Harry was working on exploded. Harry cried out as he flew over and landed on the floor. "Paris," Janeway ordered, "Get us out of here. Bring us next to the Enterprise."

"Yes sir," Paris said.

Voyager limped away. The sphere fired another torpedo and it struck the left nacelle.


The four Klingon ships fired their deadly torpedoes on the Repulse. The Repulse returned fire. On of the Klingon ships were hit, but little damage was done. The Klingon ships spun around as it passed the Repulse and began fired on the ship. Hue's ship fired a few torpedoes on the Repulse. Fire erupted on the outer hull of the Repulse. "Target their warp core," General Martok ordered.

The four Klingon ships fired on the Repulse targeting the warp core. The Repulse fired a torpedo and one of the Klingon ships blew up. The last three Klingon ships spun around and continued firing on the Repulse. The warp core on the Repulse began to over load. Explosions erupted on the Repulse and within seconds the ship exploded. The three Klingon ships flew through the debris and fired on the sphere.

Hue's ship fired on the sphere. The Defiant fired torpedoes on the sphere. Explosions appeared on the sphere as it began crumbling from the inside. The explosions grew bigger and then the sphere exploded.


Janeway smiled quickly as the sphere exploded. She stood up and then said, "Tuvok you have the bridge."

Janeway walked to the sickbay nervously. She stepped in and saw Chakotay sitting up in bed. He looked miserable and there were tears in his eyes. Janeway looked at Harry and gasped. There was a blanket covering his body but his face was visible. "No," She mumbled as tears formed in her eyes.

"I'm sorry," The Doctor said reaching for Janeway's shoulder, "There was nothing I could have done for him. He was dead before he got here."

"He was the one that wanted to get back to Earth more than anyone else on this ship," Janeway said tearfully, "He barely got to see it once we got back."


The Defiant flew side by side the Klingon ships. Sisko stood up and Nog said, "Sir we are getting a message from one of the Klingon ships."

"Put it through," Sisko said.

"Captain Sisko," General Martok said, "It was an honor fighting with you. I am sorry about the loss of the station."

"Thank you," Sisko said.

"At least the Borg won't be able to bother this sector for a while," Martok said, "But you can guarantee that if there is any threat from the Borg again, we will help out, Martok out."

"Thank you," Sisko said.


Riker sat in his ready room reading old reports from Picard. He couldn't believe Picard had died with the destruction of the sphere. Suddenly the door chimed. "Come in," Riker said.

Hue walked in and said, "Commander. I just wanted to say good bye before I leave."

Riker looked at Hue and asked, "What will you do now?"

"I am not so sure," Hue said, "Maybe explore this part of space. I haven't seen so much of it. Or I could have my crew settle down on a planet. To put it simple, I don't really know."

"Either way," Riker said standing up. He walked over to Hue and placed a friendly hand on his shoulder, "I bet you will make the right choice."

"I will see you soon," Hue said, "Goodbye Commander."

Riker watched Hue leave. If it weren't for his help, the Federation wouldn't have won the war. He was thankful Hue came when he did. Riker returned to his chair and leaned back in it. He sighed and thought about the Enterprise. Major damage was done, but repairs were under way.


One Day Later

Janeway and Sisko stood on the Golden Gate Bridge. Janeway looked into the foggy bay. "I have missed this so much," Janeway said looking at the shore.

"I don't know how you did it," Sisko said shaking his head, "All alone in the delta quadrant, thousands of light years from Federation space."

"Yes," Janeway said, "It was really hard, but I had a great crew and it was with their collective help that got us home. Oh and help from a close friend from the future."

"What?" Sisko asked giving Janeway a perplexed look.

Janeway smiled and said, "It was back in the delta quadrant. Voyager had found a nebula with what we thought were many worm holes. As soon as we flew in there, we found out it was crawling with Borg. At that time, we found a strange anomaly in space. A Federation ship exited it and I met myself from the future."

"From the future?" Sisko asked, "Strange."

"Anyhow," Janeway continued, "She brought back technology from the future. With that technology we reentered the nebula."

"But it was crawling with Borg," Sisko said with amazement.

"I was skeptical at first," Janeway said, "But after we destroyed two cubes with a few transphasic torpedoes, I then sent the ship through one of the Borg transwarp apertures. Once we got through, well, this war happened."

"That is so crazy," Sisko said, "Well, I got to say how much of an honor it is to talk with you."

"Likewise," Janeway said, "I read you reports on the dominion war. You had a big part in the reason the alpha quadrant was victorious."

"God," Sisko said, "It is already 0300 hours. It is time for the funeral." Sisko said walking down the Golden Gate Bridge, "I can't believe Picard is dead."

"I know," Janeway said, "To many people died."

"I lost my son when the station was destroyed," Sisko said quietly.

Janeway slipped her arm over Sisko's shoulder and began walking with Sisko back to the closest transporting unit. "I'm so sorry," She said.

I know this is a terrible way to end this story. I really didn't know how to end it. In fact, I was thinking of having a fragment of the sphere land on Earth and cause people to get assimilated. But that idea was taken from an official author. So I guess this is the best way to end it. I wish it were more oh my god type of ending... but it isn't.

Plus, I know some people who are Harry Kim fans are probably wondering why I had to kill him off. I really don't know. I was going to have Chakotay die, but he is one of my favorite characters.

Anyway I hope you liked my story. I have ideas for other stories, but they are in my head. Hopefully sonn they'll be on fanfiction.

Thank you everyone for reading my story.

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