setting is 2 years after the 2 1/2 years timeskip (shippuuden). So temari might be 20 and shika 18, I think. I dont own Naruto

It was late midnight making the moon and the stars the only light in the entire town. They were lying down on the inn's bed after having an hour-long love-making. She's below he's on top. Face between the valleys of her full breasts, as his arms was held in a tight clasp along her curvy features…thinking critically contemplating on something. "Shikamaru" she said half asleep. His head shot up, startled by the abrupt breaking of silence. 'Troublesome woman I thought she was drifting away'. He thought "I thought you were asleep?" he replied calmly. "I was worried... you're not sleeping. What's the matter?" concern was know visible throughout her face. "nothing much" was his short reply "Now go to sleep troublesome woman I'll catch up shortly" "yeah fine lazy-ass" was her sleepy joke as she chuckled lightly and quickly turned her back against him pulling the covers up to her cold body.

'How am I suppose to tell her? How would she react? Could she be angry? Now think shikamaru… think… I am supposed to be a genius and I can't think properly. Am I really a genius? This is way too troublesome' He thought as he shortly fell asleep


"Shikamaru" called Shikaku Nara, the head of the nara clan and mostly, his father

"what?" came his lazy response

"do you remember your engagement?"

"engagement? To whom?" He replied as shock covered his lazy features

"Yamanaka Ino"

" WHAT THE HELL? but she's my teammate I cant be engaged with her! I don't even love her!" He exclaimed as anger raged through his body

"well you can't do anything… its decided"

"how could you decide against my will?!"

" I'm not the one who settle that, it's the elders. They thought it's time for the heir to get married… and the best for that position is Yamanaka Ino. Their bloodline limit fits exactly to our Kage mane no jutsu so it would definitely be a good combination for our future clan." He stated proudly "and also Yamanaka Ino is my bestfriend's daughter so I don't have a problem with that." He added as he drank his now cold coffee


It's now 9:00 in the morning and the laziest shinobi in Konoha was still fast asleep..

"Oi lazy! get your lazy butt up!" Temari shouted as she stumbled for her missing ponytail

"geez... troublesome woman" was all he said as he got up getting dressed." Oi fan-girl what are you looking for?" he asked quite curious

"I'm finding my ponytails" she stated calmly but irritably "Now help me pineapple-head!" she glared at him as she saw he was doing nothing other than watch her as she was striving hard to find it.

"Nah...too troublesome... you should find it yourself"

"you lazy-asshole!" WHACK! it was the sound heard made by her metal gigantic fan when he ignored her command of helping her find it

"what was that for?!" he defended himself as he was lazily checking his head for any injuries

She ignored him when she finally found the thing she was looking for, smiling lovingly at him. "You troublesome-woman... using violence for finding things" he said chuckling

"Wanna go for a stroll?" she asked


"Shikamaru...?" She asked softly as they were walking along the streets of konoha "What were you thinking last night?" she continued He was slightly shocked as he stumbled for the right answer, not really an answer but actually an excuse."I was just thinking of the deers, really" he laughed nervously as he thought of an idiotic excuse. "I just thought you we're a genius, but i guess not in lying" she pouted sadly "You know, you could tell me what's bugging you...I might as well help" she said sadly that her emerald eyes was now covered by her blonde bangs. " oi Temari, I...I didn't mean it...I just... well" he stopped in his tracks making temari also seize walking. "I can't really hide it no matter how troublesome it is..." he said looking at her straight in the eyes. "Shika-kun" she thought worriedly.

They are now at Shikamaru's favorite place, the best place for cloud-watching, the abandoned building that seems to be his second home. Her legs were crossed as she was leaning down in one arm and the other resting on her lap." What do you want to talk about?" she said breaking the silence as she looked at him. "Promise me first," he replied shortly as he settled his arms behind his head, "that you wont get mad at me...". " it depends...".

"To start with this troublesome explanation," he said sitting up and looking more serious "let me tell you this...well a week ago, my father told me some-"

"come on shikamaru get straight to the point" she cut him off

"fine. I'm engaged if that's what you want" he answered almost sadly, worriedly and bored. all 3 emotions were carved perfectly in his face.

" D-did i h-hear it correctly?" shock and fear were clearly visible in the face of the intrepid sand kunoichi

"Yeah, you heard it right... I'm engaged, to repeat it and with Ino to be specific" he clearly repeated as if nothing's wrong. Well that's Shikamaru if you must know, always lazy, even to show his emotions.

"'re kidding right?" she said trying to surpress a laugh. and with that she stood up, hands enclosed into a tight fist

"I'm sorry" he calmly apogolized... " but i couldn't do anything..."

"Shikamaru..." she said turning to face him. Now she's a bit calm and almost smiling. "could we be married?" she asked with a genuine smile.

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