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When I read chapter 7 of FOOP( I didn't realize that my fic has a nasty acronym), I realize that I've made a lot of mistake about Shiki's age. Just to confirm things, SHIKI IS 3 YEARS OLD not 4 not 2. Sorry If that had you confused.






Shizune stood up approaching the window behind the hokage's desk "Tsunade-sama.."

"hn.." the hokage inclined her head, shifting her gaze to her worried assistant

"I think a storm's coming"

"really?" she smirked "that's good"

"why is that? I don't remember anything good coming out from a storm?"

Tsunade sighed and straightened "that means Temari can't get away from this village.. not in 3 days or so" she said as-a-matter-of-factly. "She just dropped by here a moment ago and said they'd be going back to suna tomorrow" The Hokage chuckled

"then what's funny?" Shizune asked a bit disturbed by the older woman's antics

"just watch"

Shizune sighed and walked away "This isn't going to be a nice week"

Dark clouds started to appear and thunders are heard a few hours later. Trainings have been cancelled, shops and restaurants shut and the village gate was ordered to be closed so to prevent any accidents as everyone in the village started to prepare for the upcoming storm.

"what the-?" Temari, having heard the sound of thunder rushed to the window and raised the curtain. She scowled and gritted her teeth "bad timing" Quickly, she picked her coat up and dashed to the door. "stay here shiki! pack everything up were gonna leave today"

"but there's a st-" Temari shut the door "storm coming"


A series of knocks could be heard behind the office's door as the Hokage had a smirk plastered in her face "come in"

" Hokage-sama, excuse me but I changed my mind from what I said earlier and I'm planning to go-"

"NO" The smirk widened "aren't you a bit hasty? Don't you think your endangering your life as well as your son's with what you're doing?"

"I-"Temari frowned "I'm just protecting my son"

"protecting? And that's what you call protecting? Rushing in on the storm with an innocent child in tow?" Tsunade asked sounding amused. "You're not protecting your child you're just scared of losing your pride"

Temari fell silent and fisted. She turned back around walking back to the door, doubting there would be no use talking to the woman. Turning the doorknob, she was stopped again by the hokage.

"Why don't you tell him already? It's not like he's gonna take the boy with him. Shikamaru's not like that"

"You don't understand" Temari countered blankly

Tsunade paused and looked at her intently. " I don't understand huh?" she sighed " 'You ain't a fucking mother that's why there's no use talking' is that what you wanna say?"

Temari as if hearing nothing had opened the door ready to go out but was stopped again.

"one more thing kid" Tsunade leaned resting her palm on her chin "tell me, do you understand what it's like to piece parts of body back together? With a pleading mother beside shouting 'Please save my son!' and 'I shouldn't have gone out into that storm!'. I tell you; even great shinobis can't withstand a storm head on. If you don't believe me see for yourself."

The door was shut quietly than what Tsunade expected to be louder.

"At least she doesn't have the guts to sacrifice her son just to preserve her pride, right…." she smiled coyly and turned her head to the place where the strong disgusting scent of strawberry is coming from "sakura"

"eeekkk!" Sakura squeaked as she jolted in surprise, covering her mouth in the process. "but I've concealed my chakra perfectly…" she asked sounding disappointed "KAI!"

"I've been holding my breath since you entered my office" The dizzied woman pinched her nose. "Your concealment was perfect if not for that nasty cologne"

"Oh?" Sakura rubbed the back of her head, turning red in embarrassment.

"What are you doing in here, anyway?"

Sakura stiffened "I- I was-.."

"Eavesdropping's not a good thing." She murmured "You didn't have to hide, it's not like it was private"

"Well I don't know, I'm just- I just don't feel comfy around Temari-san's presence, that's all. Especially when she's.. like that"

Tsunade's eyes widened "Don't tell me… You're…"

"I'm a what?"

"A lesbian"

There was silence for a few seconds.

"AW HELL NO!!" Sakura burst completely frustrated and panting heavily.

"I just don't understand that girl, it's not like Shikamaru's gonna take the boy with him and leave her damned" Tsunade turned serious suddenly "Though I understand" she said letting out a breath and shifted her weight into the chair "Laws are laws, she might lose the custody of her son"

Sakura nodded and thought for a while. "But it's just one of the common accidental pregnancies. Males doesn't have the right with the child, if that's the case right?" As if on cue she affirmed "they're not married Tsunade-sama"

"They are" Tsunade said blankly


Tsunade rolled her eyes "I don't want to repeat myself" She went on "I have the documents"

Sakura paled, as every fiber of her being was shocked.

"Shikamaru asked for it, a week before his marriage to Ino. As we all know, engagements doesn't have formal contracts, that's why he wasn't committing any crime. You could just say it's unmanly of him. But unmanliness can't get you jailed."

"Hey I thought you don't know anything, and you also said it was a problem! And,- and what about his marriage to Ino?" Sakura demanded

Tsunade smirked.

"Don't tell me" Sakura's eyes widened. Horrified and perturbed by everything she just heard

"That's right. It was fake"

Temari stomped her feet heavily making her way out of the hokage building. As the young chuunin opened the door, there was already a drizzle accompanied by strong winds that slapped her face in a not-so-gently manner.

Muddy as it is, she cannot do anything but step on it. Brown grime splatted around her bare leg and sandals as she made her first step out.

"Troublesome mud" she muttered and smiled weakly at the said word

Upon reaching the inn, she noticed a very frustrated woman drenched in rain water with a bulky brown bag beside her that matches her hair. She was shivering and her skin is pale. The receptionist was smiling halfheartedly, muttering something between the lines of "I'm sorry" and "It's full". By the looks of things she doesn't have a place to go. She felt sorry for the woman.

She went nearer to the woman as she was about to draw near to the stairs.

"I'm really sorry miss, but there's not a single room unoccupied at the moment." Temari heard the receptionist apologize

"It's ok" That's when the pale woman turned around and a full coverage of her face met her eyes

"Hey that's!" Temari said, "Tenten!"

Tenten turned back around, facing the individual who called her name. "T-Temari?"

Temari quickly approached the soaked Tenten and pulled her hand motioning for her to follow "It's been a while" Temari stated

Tenten smiled "I owe you one"

Temari ceased walking amidst the hallway as she remembered something very important. Something along the lines of secrecy and confidentiality. Something about a boy who has to be kept from the prying eyes of people. Something about the son of hers who is alone in the room waiting for her arrival and would soon be discovered by none other than Tenten. Lucky for her, Tenten isn't a bitchy gossip girl.

Tenten, who seem to notice the slight change around Temari's mood asked "what's wrong?"

Temari suddenly turned to face her, hands on the both sides of her shoulders. "Can you promise me something?" Temari asked or more like pleaded.

"O-of course" Tenten hesitated "why the sudden chang-"

Temari cut her off "DON'T ever shout or do anything that would attract audience when you enter my room" She commanded emphasizing the word 'Don't'

Tenten nodded sweating

"Second, anything that you'll see must not leave my house, my room rather" Temari corrected herself

"Ok…" she said letting out a heave of breath "Like I'd do something like that"


"Don't faint" Temari added

Hearing the footsteps that were nearing the room, Shiki sat up from the bed groggily, grabbing a book beside the nightstand and flipping out a few pages simulating a diligent and curious young boy. That was a routine when he's sensing that his mother is coming back.

The reason?

To avoid being yelled for being a lazyass. Trying to read books which doesn't even interest him in a bit.

'The three Little Pigs' he read quietly "Those pigs are stupid…I hate it" he muttered disgustedly

The footsteps ceased and the knob creaked. She's back. The monster of her mom was back.

"I'm back"

Temari twisted the door knob, shedding light outside the hall. "I'm back" she greeted. "Come in Tenten"

The boy didn't flinch. He was still READING the 'stupid' book, as he said.

"yeah" Tenten smiled gratefully, entering the bright room. Studying her surroundings, from the kitchen, the couch and finally to the bed, she stopped dead in her tracks. Her mouth agape, eyes soon to disconnect from her nerves, and her body shivering and sweating.

She could not believe her eyes. Or rather, she doesn't want to believe her eyes

"As expected" Temari sighed. "Come on Tenten, meet my son"

"Y-Your s-s-sson?" Tenten pointed to the reading boy "B-But that's Shi-SHhhikamarru, rri-right?"

"Shut up, that's not possible" Temari corrected "He's our son, idiot"

"I really like to faint"

"peek-a-boo" Tenten, after the half-hour shock, surprised the boy as she revealed her covered face.

Shiki raised a brow weakly "what was that, Ms. Buns?"

Tenten, although slightly dumbfounded with the strange boy beamed. "why little guy? Don't you like peek-a-boo?"

Shiki didn't respond, only giving Tenten a bored look.

"where are your toys? Let's play with them!" Tenten cheered when he didn't reply. She sighed "Hey Temari!" Tenten called from the couch


"Your son's weird, 2 years olds usually cry in joy when someone wants to play with them"

"I'm 3 not 2" Shiki corrected

"a year doesn't make a huge difference" Tenten turned facing the direction where Temari is seated

"and look, it's amazing for a 3 year old to speak this clear"

"Well what do you expect to be the son of a very lazy man?"

"Shikako is a die-hard fan of toys and games, she's 2, close to your age"

"Shikako?" Temari asked ringing a bell

"Ino's daughter" Tenten said blankly

Though perfectly covered with a slight smile, Tenten saw the frown that formed through her lips "So they have a dau-

Sensing the slight discomfort of Temari, she cut her off "No, it isn't his. Don't be worried"

"Hey I'm not worried. Like I care" Temari snapped, unable to maintain the calm façade she wore minutes ago.Truth be told, she was relieved

"You're just relieved, aren't you?" Tenten smiled " Shikako's a redhead, Neither Ino nor Shikamaru is a redhead. One more trait, the kid's fat, not chubby but fat" Tenten said making her guess "So who do you think it is?"

Temari's eyes widened "But that's just…"

"I know what you're thinkin', unbelievable right, like what I felt a moment ago when you showed me this boy" Tenten pointed her finger to Shiki. "So many things have changed these past 3 years. I was surprised when I heard the news; there's a new ambassador"

"Well I was pregnant back then" Temari mused "It was funny when Gaara sent Kankurou. He said he can't deal with Konoha, and he might broke the treaty because he'd beat the crap out of Shikamaru if he'd see him"

Tenten laughed, reminiscing about everything that happened in the past "Don't you know that both of them were whipped by the hokage? I mean literally."

"Hey I didn't know that!" Temari said, sounding somewhat shocked and mirthful. "Come to think of it, I remembered that bastard coming home with lots bruises and a bandage in the head! That jerk! He lied saying it was rouge-nins"

"They were beating each other scarcely that they didn't notice Tsunade-sama walking towards them, whip in hand." Tenten guffawed holding her belly unconsciously.

They fell silent for a moment

"Tenten, why do you know so much about Shikamaru? And…and about everything… about us"

Tenten smiled "Well you see, since I quitted anbu, I decided to become a teacher. It's a lot less dangerous than anbu missions and that's when we became friends. Truth is, I nonetheless became a replacement for Chouji,"

"You really quit anbu huh? Now that's not like you" Temari grimaced

"I had to. Even if it has caused me a lot of effort. Tsunade-sama didn't approve of it at first, but I just can't take no for an answer. He must be very happy, now I'm gone"

"He? Who is 'He'?" Temari asked curious.

"Nah, forget I said anything" Tenten shoved her off

"Oh come on, it's not like I'll tell someone" Temari insisted

Tenten scoffed "Well who else could it be? That arrogant gay-ass pissbutt!"

"Well what did Neji did?"

Temari grinned.

"Don't ask. I hate saying his name" she scowled "He's never serious! I hate him, I despise that freak!"

"Hey he's not a freak.."

"For me he is…"she glared

Temari smirked "Trust me, he's regretting it now,"

"You wish" Tenten just sighed turning her attention to the boy sitting beside her. "Does he know anything about his son?" She said changing the topic

"Like I'd tell him"

"Why don't you let them see each other, anyway?" Tenten crossed her legs staring at Shiki. He really looks like his father. It's without a doubt, Shikamaru's

Temari frowned "rules are rules"

"You're right, custody matters" Tenten said understandingly "But, Shikamaru's not that type of guy. You know, he really loves you, even though odds are against the both of you together"

"W-we just met each other this morning" Temari told the younger woman. "Guess what happene-"

"You made out again?!" Tenten accused

Temari just looked bored "I'm so lucky, I had so much self-restraint, He's already married and I don't want another Shiki without a husband"

"So you want another Shiki if there is a husband," Tenten corrected

"I never said that" She countered

"Tsunade-sama!" Sakura bawled "What's the meaning of this?!"

"calm down"

"I-I just can't believe you!" Sakura, red from anger and hatred yelled "Why did you fake it?!" She accused

Tsunade raised an eyebrow "me? Fake it? Hey that was not my choice! I just approved a request. A decent request"

Sakura's eyes were watery. Sure Shikamaru is her friend, but to go that far to hurt Ino. She could not take it. Someone has to take action

"Then why?! Why did you approve Shikamaru's request?! You can't do that! It's Forgery! That's against the rul-"

"WOULD THAT MOUTH OF YOURS SHUT UP?!" The hokage yelled. Sakura was sobbing. Ino's her bestfriend, Amidst every conflict they went through just to prove each other's worth. Even in Love they clashed. "Would you calm down a bit. It wasn't Shikamaru who reque-"

Tsunade paused. A swift air passed through. She was now talking to no one "That pinky bitch! She doesn't understand a thing! Uggghh"

Raging down the muddy street was a woman in pink and red attire. Fist enclosed and chakra dwelling inside.


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