Kyle made his way up the Marsh's front steps and into the unlocked house. He had a key to Stan's house too but almost never had to use it. The door was always unlocked when anyone was there. He let himself in.

The house smelled good, like it had been recently cleaned. He walked up the stairs toward Stan's room trying to ignore the green wallpaper. Everyone had odd ways of decorating their houses in South Park. When he got to Stan's room he found the door cracked and faint music coming from it.

Kyle walked carefully into his best friend's sanctuary and closed the door behind him. Stan was lying on his bed with his back facing the wall.

"Hey dude, I came. So tell me what's up. You have been acting really fucked up for the last couple of days," Kyle began, trying to keep this conversation normal.

Finally Stan rolled over and got up to a sitting position on his bed. He continued to avoid eye contact. "Dude you have been my best friend in the whole world our whole lives. We have had our differences but…I don't know," he wavered.

Kyle eyed the ceiling for a second and counted a little before saying, "Dude, what? Is this about that kissing shit? Tell me what this is about!"

"Kyle, I liked it!"


Slowly, the Jewish teen made his way to sit down on the bed beside his friend. They sat in silence a little longer, trying to rehearse what should be said next.

"You sure you just aren't really horny from fucking Wendy?" Kyle asked, trying to figure things out.

"I don't know dude…I have kissed Wendy a million times and it was never like that. What is wrong with me?"

More silence.

Finally, Kyle plucked up his courage and all the manliness he could muster. "Then let's kiss again. If it happens again then….maybe…you know. But if not, then it was just because the experience was different, right?"

Stan looked at his feet dangling from the bed. "Kye, I'm not sure. I don't want to make you act all faggy. It doesn't seem like it affected you either. This shit is stupid…"

Kyle ignored this comment, "Dude, you are my best friend in the whole world. I love you. Now we are going to do this and get it over with." He grabbed Stan's face and made the dark headed athlete look him in the eyes. "On the count of three…"



Stan lurched forward and caught Kyle's lips on his. They stayed locked and silent for a couple seconds until Kyle tried to position himself better. Stan opened his mouth a little and tasted his friend's lips, just for the hell of it. Then, to his surprise, Kyle cracked his mouth open just a little and ran his tongue along Stan's teeth.

Stan moaned a little and clung to his friend's arms to try to force him closer. He pushed himself slowly, carefully on top of the redhead, making sure not to lose a taste of his tongue or breathe on his own. Then he started working his way down his best friend's neck.

"Mmmnnnnnhhhh….St…nnn…." Kyle moaned softly as the raven haired teen nibbled playfully at his neck and shoulder. It drove them both crazy.

Kyle forced Stan's head back up to his and kissed him vigorously, rocking his hips into the other's boy's as much as he could from below. He could feel Stan's erection trying to fight its way out of his pants. He was sure his was doing the same. The thought made him blush.

This made Stan halt his activities uncertainly. He looked down at his heaving friend and tried to catch his breath. Kyle finally spoke. "Well?" he asked playfully.

Stan grinned, "You were right, didn't do a thing for me." Then he was back on top of Kyle, working his way down his body again with kisses and licks till he got to the top of his dark green corduroys.

Stan looked up at Kyle and all he could see was the filmy fog of lust covering his eyes entirely. He looked back down at the bulge in his friend's pants and ripped the button off, causing the erection to unzip the pants and spring out of its prison.

Uncertain of what was proper, Stan touched the head of Kyle's penis with the tip of his finger causing a tiny bit of clear liquid to rise out of it. Seeing this, he carefully lapped t up with his tongue.

Kyle moaned and stroked Stan's ebony hair, encouraging him to do more. The teen took the whole head into his mouth and sucked on it, rubbing his shaft carefully with one hand. At this, Kyle began thrusting slowly in and out of his partner's mouth, still keeping a hold on the thick black tresses.

"Oh Stan…fuck…." He moaned as Stan sped up his rhythm. He kept his pace for a few more moments until Kyle cried out, thrusting Stan's head of him and allowing himself to explode up his stomach and chest.

Both boys lay still for several minutes panting until a foreign voice was heard from downstairs. "Guys, you'll never believe this! Hello? It's about Cartman!" Kenny called up the stairs.

Both boys rushed to clean themselves up and put their clothes back to normal just in time for Kenny to rush in. "Guys, Cartman just got the new PS3! You gotta see it!" he exclaimed. Then he looked at them suspiciously. "You guys haven't been smoking pot up here without me have you? You look awful mellow…"

Stan and Kyle grinned, "No dude, but let's look at this PS3!" they said together. The three took off down the stairs and ran the couple blocks to Cartman's house.