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Chapter One

Harry had been in Azkaban for two weeks now. He has all the time in the world to do nothing but think. He, of course, remembers waking up in hell. And the visit from Ron and Hermione a week later. Just thinking about it makes him chuckle.


Harry rolls over from staring at the wall. He looks up to see Ron and Hermione looking at him in anger and disgust. He groans. 'Why me?'

Ron, being the prat he is, opens his mouth first. "So this is how the Boy-Who-Wouldn't-Die repays his best friends. He leaves them for Slytherins and uses dark magic. I'm glad you're in here. I hope you rot."

Hermione had to put in her opinions as well. "Really Potter, you should have known better than to turn your backs on the Light. Us and Dumbledore especially. It's your own fault your in here."

Harry heard enough. "No. It's the stunners you, Weasel, and Dumbles threw at me that got me put in here. You probably ran some story, while I was unconscious, that I was going dark and you needed to lock me in here before I woke up. And Fudge being the dumbass he is, went ahead and did it. And for your information, I didn't leave you, you left me. You couldn't accept the fact that I was getting more friends while you two only had me. You both, along with Dumblefuck tried to turn the whole Gryffindor house against me. And when that didn't work, you deserted me!!" By the end of his rant, Harry was shouting. He used all the Occlumency training he got to calm himself down. Yes he finally did learn.

In a tone that would put shivers down anyone's back he said, "I hope you have fun while it lasts because when I get out of here, all that betrayed me will pay their dues to me."

Ron and Hermione both were red in the face by the end of Harry's tirade. "Potter, the Headmaster has put up extra wards to keep you here. You will never see light again. Oh and if you do manage to get out, you won't have any money. The Headmaster thinks it will be a good idea to split your money among my family and Hermione" Ron was smirking as he said this. He was waiting for Harry to blow up.

He was very pissed when Harry started to laugh. "What's so funny Potter? Have you finally gone crazy in here? It's only been a week", asked Hermione.

Harry went from one extreme emotion to another. He was going to enjoy explaining this. "No, I was amused at the fact that you morons actually think you will get your grubby hands on my money. The only way to get into my vaults is if I have already keyed you in prior to my incarceration. Otherwise you need me to accompany you. Even a magical guardian cannot get my money. I am considered an adult because my father was a pureblood and I already turned sixteen. By Goblin law I have full ownership of my money. Meaning you assholes won't see a sickle of it." Both of his ex-friend's faces were turning different shades of red. "Also add to the fact that the Goblins respect me and not you, or that delusional old coot, helps my case of you never seeing any of my money. Ever. So you can take your jealous backstabbing pussy self out of here. And take your mudblood gutter-slut with you."

Harry knew using the term mudblood would really piss them off. He turned his back to them with a chuckle. They screamed and swore vengeance on him. But he only looked back at them once to smirk. Then he went back to staring at the wall. They eventually left him when their voices started to go hoarse from screaming.

End Flashback

Harry's chuckle turned into a full laugh. But this laugh was an evil one. All the guards that heard this had a sense of foreboding.

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