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The Aftermath Of A Stupid Mistake

Chapter 1

20 year old Sakura scanned the campsite quickly. 'Three Fatalities' She thought as she looked at her dead teamate. 'Two Missing' She looked around again but still couldn't find her other comrades. Shinobi surounded her. Sakura tightened her grip on her katana. 'The mission must be completed... even if I have to do it on my own.'

Five Hours Earlier

Sakura placed her ANBU mask on and ran towards Konoha's gates. There stood 5 ANBU. Shikamaru ANBU Captain and geniuse. Lee, The taijutsu specialist and lover of Haruno Sakura...or at least he wishes. Jin, A fierce man that was at least 10 years older then Sakura. Dirsky, He was around Sakura's age and was a master at weaponry. Then there was Rain. She was the youngest of the group. She wasn't even ANBU. Tsunade just needed another medic besides Sakura. But out of everyone in the group of shinobi Rain was the closest to Sakura. They worked together at the hospital and had become good friends.

Sakura stopped in front of her team and greeted them with a wave. Shikamaru glanced her way and looked bored as usual.

"Are you ready to go?" Shikamaru asked lazily to Sakura as he pulled his mask down to cover his scowl.

"Hai" She said and they left.

And now she stared down at Rain's lifeless body.

'She didn't deserve to die' Sakura thought as she held her katana tighter. But Sakura knew this would happen. She knew people were bound to die. She understood all too well that being a shinobi meant people around you were always going to die.... but that didn't mean it didn't still hurt. She then heard footsteps coming towards her. She looked up and saw a man in a Akatsuki robe.

He was rather tan and had long brown hair. His eyes were an odd color of purple.

She looked at his hand and saw he had a ring on his left middle finger.

'He must be the one that replaced Kakuzu' She thought. She had been trained well in knowing the Akatsuki and their strenghs. She knew about how they ranked themselves with their rings. She bent into a defensive position and glared at the man.

"What do you think your doing here ANBU?" The man sneered. She stayed silent. She was contemplating her next move. The man seemed to be rather hot headed and impatient....that was something that maybe she could use to her advantage. The man grinned and let his eyes roam over her body. She could tell he was assessing her strength and skill but didn't appreciate the glint in his eyes as he looked on at the more womanly parts of her body.

'Perve' She thought disgustingly.

"You should answer an Akatsuki. We might not kill you if you cooperate a little" He spoke as he leered at her. Something about him just made her feel like she needed a bath...especially with the way he was looking at her. Sakura gritted her teeth.

"Bite me" And in one swift second he was behind her. He angled his kunai right at her throat and held her still. "Don't tempt me" He said into her ear. His voice made her want to shiver but she held it back. The man pulled her hood down and cut her mask off with his kunai. Sakura stiffened. Her pink hair fell to her shoulders. She looked back at him with a glare

"Pink hair? What an odd color." He spoke as his fingers lightly brushed through her hair. She refrained from ripping his fingers off. 'Cool it Sakura, just be patient" She said to herself.

The Akatsuki placed his kunia back against her neck.

"Your pretty strong I'll give you that. To make it this far with barely any wounds is pretty hard... but you end here." He whispered against her ear. She tightened her hold on her katana.

'I've got to do this now' She thought as she elbowed the man in the gut. He grunted but still held her.

"Fool" He yelled as he cut through her neck with his kunai but he hit nothing because she dissapeard. He looked astonished.

At the very beginning, she had created a shadow clone of herself. When the man had come behind her she also switched postions with her shadow clone. She had been much faster than he so he never noticed. She appeared behind him and swiftly lunged her katana into his back. He didn't even have time to scream for a second before he fell to the ground dead. She had hit him right in the heart.

Sakura breathed heavily and pulled her katana out of the Akatsuki's body. 'Is this all there is to Akatsuki? When I fought Sasori he was much stonger than this.....maybe they have gotten desperate for members and have lowered they're stanards' She thought as she looked down at her enemy.

"Your pretty good...for a girl." A voice said. She turned around quickly and saw the sharkman Kisame.

Her eyes widened. 'Shit' Sakura had heard many stories of the formidable Sharkmen from both her sensei's. They had always told her to be cautious when fighting him because he is very unpredictable.

"Kisame" She spoke. He walked towards her. She automaticly stepped was an Akatsuki she KNEW was strong. She also knew that she was no match for him. Especially against that chakra eating sword. 'Cool it. He has to have a weakness somewhere' She tightened her grip on her katana. She bent her knees and raised her sword and pulled it back so it was next to her head.

"Do we know eachother?" He asked as he gave her a toothy grin. She stayed silent. He pulled out his sword. She stayed still and tried to look for any openings in his defense.

"You're pretty brave to be pointing your sword at me." He said as he smirked at her. He then suddenly swung his sword at her. Sakura dodged to the side and barely made it out of the way. The sword crashed into the ground, creating what felt like an earthquake to Sakura. 'Can he really have that much strength?' She questioned but retrieved herself from her thoughts and ran towards the sharkman. He saw her coming and pulled his sword out of the ground and swung at her so fast that all she could do was block it with her katana. When his sword hit her's it pushed her to her knees. 'I think I might have underestimated him. He is strong...yes...but he's also terrifyingly quick. I definatly can't let my gaurd down with this him.

He smirked "You placed chakra in your sword so it wouldn't break...but don't you know? This sword absorbs chakra." He said. Sakura gritted her teeth as the sword drainded her chakra. She had known but it was the only defense she had. He pushed down harder on her and pushed her own sword into her shoulder cutting into it.

"Ahhh!" She screamed as her sword dug deeper and deeper into her shoulder. She clenched her hands around her katana and closed her eyes. She had to get out of this and she only had one shot. So she used almost all of chakra and placed it into her hands just to push him off of her. He fell back into the ground, surprised and not quite expecting her strength. She jumped away from him, fell to her knees and placed her hand on her now bleeding shoulder. She slowly gathered what little chakra she had left and started to heal it. Kisame got up slowly and raised his sword at her. "That was a neat trick.... but I can promise you it won't happen again." He spoke. She knew he was right. She barely had enough chakra left to heal herself let alone fight him. She raised her katana at him, still kneeling and prepared herself for what would most likely be her end. Kisame than began to walk towards her. She inhaled deeply and stood slowly, still holding her bleeding shoulder.

"Stop Kisame" A deep voice broke through the quiet. Sakura stiffened. She could hear the man walking behind her. Kisame stopped and looked past her to the man behind her.


"She might be of use to us" The deep voice spoke again, much closer than Sakura would have liked. She turned quickly and knew exactly who she was looking at. His likeness to his brother was remarkable.

'..dammit....' She looked him in the eyes and saw the Mangkeyo Sharingan.

"Itachi" She whispered

The Uchiha stared down at her blankly. He looked so hollow and void. Sakura immediatly stared at his feet knowing all to well the consequences of looking in his eyes. Her sensei's had told her to be cautious of Kisame but they said to run like hell if ever attacked but Itachi. She was scared out of her wits. He smirked noticing her terror.

"You know not to look in my eyes. Good" He said as he walked closer. She held her shoulder tightly.

"Whats your name, konoichi?" He asked. Sakura knew she should have given him a fake name but all common sense seemed to fly out the window the moment Itachi stepped onto the battle field.

"Haruno Sakura." She spoke, impressed that her voice sounded smooth and calm....unlike and her tumultuous insides.

"You're the apprentice of the Hokage, Are you not?" He asked not really looking like he actually cared.

She looked up at his face but not his eyes. "Yes" She spoke automaticly and then berated herself for revealing such a thing to an enemy. 'Idiot' Itachi smirked.

'I hate that smirk, its like he thinks he know everything.' Sakura thought

"Seems your mission was a failure." He said as he looked at Rain's body. She gritted her teeth.

"There are still shinobi to finish the mission."Sakura spoke and realized her mistake again. 'I shouldn't be telling my enemy these things. And here I call myself a Shinobi' He looked at her quite amused as her facial features changed so much that it was rather easy to figure what she was thinking.

"I see no one here that can save you" He said. "I don't need saving" She spoke angrily, letting loose her emotions.

"Forgive me then. So you are going to complete this mission on your own?" He spoke condescendingly.

She could tell he was amused at her. Sakura stayed silent, trying to reign in her anger. He looked at her mask that was on the ground. He bent and swiftly picked it up. Sakura nearly jumped at the sudden movement. If he noticed she would never know for his facial expression stayed neutrel.

He looked down at her mask held in his hands

"The Fox"

He looked her into the eyes and she couldn't look away in time. He had her.

Sakura could feel the fear take hold of her. She couldn't move. She knew she'd be dead soon. She was no match for him. He's stronger, faster, and smarter then her. By a flick of his wrist she'd be dead. And somehow she suddenly felt so cowardly because all she wanted was to live. She didn't even care about the mission anymore. All she wanted was to runaway. What an awful shinobi she was.

He frowned at her.

"Your very foolish" He spoke as he turned away from her letting his hold on her go. She relaxed and breathed in. She felt so weak right then. She knew that she was about to pass out any minute now.

"Bring them out" Itachi spoke suddenly. Two shinobi came walking out with a body in each of thier arms. As they walked closer Sakura saw it was Lee and Shikamaru. They were unconscious. Sakura's eyes widened and began to panic.

'Dammt! What happened?'

"What are you gonna do to them?" Sakura asked immediatly, her voice showed more fear than she wanted him to hear.

He turned and looked at her. "That all depends on you" He spoke softly

"Me?" She said. She didn't understand.

"We will return them to Konoha if you stay in thier place." He spoke.

'A trade. But why me? What do I have to offer him?' She thought. She gripped her shoulder tighter and looked at her feet. 'I just want to go home...' She almost wanted to cry. She knew that if she decided to stay she would surely die once Itachi's use for her was done....but if she refused they would all die. And as much of a coward she was her love for her village and friends won meant more to her than anything.

She looked up at Itachi. Still not looking into his eyes.

"So you'll just let them go if I stay here with you?" She spoke softly.

"Yes" He said so matter of fact that Sakura almost didn't hesitate.

'This IS my fault. And I know this is the right thing to do. But I wish I wouldn't always do the right thing.'

"Well?" He spoke.

She nodded her head.

"Ok we have a deal"

"Take them back to Konoha" He said to the shinobi that held them. Sakura watched as they carried Lee and Shiamaru's beaten bodies away. Tears began to form in her eyes as she realized this was the last time she'll ever see them. She held them back not wanting to show her enemy who was so close her weaknesses.

'This was not how the mission was suppose to go'

Sakura ran quickly behind Shikamaru. They had been running nonstop for 3 hours. Sakura knew they still had at least 4 hours till they got to thier destination. Sakura looked back at here teamates. They all seemed to be in good health except for Rain who looked very tired and was lagging a bit. Sakura looked back up at Shikamaru. It seemed he wasn't going to stop anytime soon.

"Captain" She said.

"What?" He said not looking at her and sounding rather unenthusiatic.

"Ummm... I think its best if we take a break." She spoke. He looked at her.

"We can't stop. We still have a goodways to go and we need to be there before nightfall." He said in a commanding voice. She almost thought about letting it go but knew Rain needed a break and she would never ask for one.

"Well I need to go over the mission a little more and some of us are a little tired." She said nodded slightly at Rain who was far behind them. Shikamaru looked back out at Rain and noticed her fatigue. He sighed and looked back up. Sakura knew she had won.

"Fine. 10 minutes" He said as he landed on a tree branch.

"Thanks!" Sakura spoke cheerfully. "Just know that I'm not always gonna be this aggreabke Sakura" He said as he jumped to ther ground. She nodded as she also landed swiftly on the earth's floor. Everyone else landed next to her. Sakura walked over to a rather large tree and leaned against it. She pulled out her cantine, took off her mask and drank from her cantine. Shikamaru walked up to her. He had that lazy expresson on his face that Sakura knew all too well.

"Your too nice." He said as he looked at Rain who was talking to Dirsky. Sakura grinned.

"I geuss so" She said.

"I will never understand you." Shikamaru said as he sat on a log lazily.

"Whats there to understand?" She asked.

"I've seen the way you act at the hospital. Your very understanding and gentle. You are always so lenient with the other medics. Its like your there mother." He said. Sakura tossed her cantine at him. He caught it and drank from it.

"I'm not there mother. And Rain is only two years younger then me. But I do feel like she's my sister. She isn't as strong willed as the other shinobi. She doesn't believe she's remotely strong and she always thinks she's dissapointing everyone. She is a lot like how I use to be. So mabey thats why. I know how it feels and I dont want her to go through everything I had to go through." She spoke as she sat against the tree.

"You know your only going to just get hurt again" He spoke as he looked at her cantine.

"I know....but I can't help it. Its what he would want, ya know?" She said sadly as she sat down also next to Shikamaru.

"Ya...but I think he wouldn't have cared what you did. He was so in love that he was blind to your faults." He spoke as he stood. Sakura smiled. "Thanks....I geuss"

Everyone gathered around Shikamaru. Dirsky whispered something in Rain's ear and Rain giggled. Jin eyed them suspiciously. Lee sat down next to Sakura.

"Ok guys. You all know where were going. Well we have a spy in there hideout and he has sent word to us that he has very important information in a scroll for us. It will tell us all the Akatsuki's latest plan. This is a high priority mission. So we must proceed with extreme caution. We are to meet him right outside the hideout. Jin and Dirsky will meet him. While me and Lee are going to go around the back and make sure the area is secure. He then looked at Sakura.

"Sakura, you and Rain are to back us up. So if anything goes wrong you'll be there to ambush the akatsuki. WE all need to be careful. One false move and we're dead. So don't mess up." He said.

"Easier said then done." Jin spoke. Shikamaru sighed.

"So this spy... why do we have to meet him? Why can't he just come to us?" Dirsky asked.

"Well he still has things to do at the hideout and he can't really leave. They could kill him in a second. He doesn't stand a chance up against all of them." Shikamaru said as he placed his mask back on.

"OK lets go." He said. Everyone was quiet until Sakura stood.

"Ya lets do this" She said. Lee stood up quickly.

"Sakura-chan! The fire of youth burns brightly within you! It is almost even greater then my own!" He said as he gave her his nice guy pose.

"Lee shut up and put your mask on" She said playfully.

"Hai" He put his mask on and jumped to a tree. Everyone else did the same. Except for Sakura and Rain. Rain caught Sakura's wrist.

"I must have been slowing you down. Sorry" She spoke.

"OH NO. I just asked if we could stop so we could go over the mission." Sakura lied rather badly. Rain raised an eyebow.

"I mean, I couldn't even tell you were tired." Sakura lied again.

"Uhuh sure." Rain said as she placed her mask on. Sakura did the same. Rain turned to look at Sakura.

"Thank you Sakura-san" She said. Sakura sighed but smiled.

"Your welcome" And they jumped together.