Do you Love me

by Melissa

There she was walking down the street, I stood up and looked towards her I looked away as I went back to my bike.

Last Night
"Do you Love me?" she asked

"What?" I answered.
"Do you Love me?" she asked once more.
"You know I do" he answered.

"Is that the honest truth?" she asked.

"Yes it is, and you know that" I answered as i gave her a assured smile.

"Why don't you show it, as chip and Xander do?" she asked.

"Maybe because I show it different." said Bowen "

Do you love me for me, or do you love me cause im different" said Madison

Maddie i love you for you and you seriously have to work on your priorites ," Said Bowen.

She smiled. Maybe I will, Because I love you too

Sorry so short, it was a quizical mini story