All right. So here I am, another new story in the same day. Actually, this is a poem I came up with. I dedicate it to pacphys and those affected by the Virginia Tech campus shooting. It's Donny-centric.

I also dedicate it to those who died: Ryan Clark, Mary Karen Read, Christopher James Bishop, Emily Jane Hilscher, Liviu Librescu, Kevin Granata, G.V. Loganathan, Caitlin Hammaren, Ross Abdallah Alameddine, Reema J. Samaha, Daniel O'Neil, Matthew J. La Porte, Jarrett Lane, Julia Pryde, Daniel Perez Cueva, Jocelyne Couture-Nowak, Jeremy Herbstritt, Juan Ramon Ortiz, Austin Cloyd, Brian Bluhm, Lauren Ashley McCain, Michael Pohle, Rachael Elizabeth Hill, Minal Panchal, Waleed Shaalan, Nicole Regina White, Leslie Geraldine Sherman, Henry Lee, Maxine Shelly Turner, Matthew G. Gwaltney, Erin Peterson, and Partahi Lombantoruan.

So, please enjoy.

Disclaimer: I don't own the TMNT. They kinda own me!


Born into the world a silent voice,
Given the chance to grow
Allowed to learn and speak aloud
But robbed of the chance to know

So much that might've been accomplished
So much knowledge to impart
The road to life lay right ahead
But it's one that can't be start

No mortal can know how it happens;
How long you live before you die
The cruelty of man is unimaginable
Even when you look it in the eye

Life is so short to begin with;
Hold it fragile in your hands
Not all will respect or care for it
For not all can understand

Each soul does not stand alone in this world
Every life is a spider's thread
Delicate but durable,
Connecting us all in this web

We all have something to contribute to it
And we all help keep it strong
We all have someone to love
And someone who will miss us when we're gone

Loved ones suffer and feel the pain
Shocked by the die that was cast
When it is thrown by someone else
Life is extinguished so very fast

And it sets an ever moving pattern
For the past and the pain to repeat
For others like us to die too soon
And their loved to slip in defeat

It takes time to rebuild;
For time to heal wounds
We cannot change the pattern of death
But maybe we can change its path of ruin

So please do not mourn my death
Do not dwell as much on my moments of strife
Please, dear brothers, honor me instead
By celebrating my love for you and my life