Howdy, Bla Chi! And all you other, normal, boring people... welcome to this crack fic! Ask your questions, get your answers, rinse and repeat as needed. Anything goes, so spam the characters at your pleasure!

O.o.. and if anyone has questions for me, go right ahead with them as well, I'll answer if I can XD

Kousuke: This is...retarded.

Rio: No, that's you, Kousuke.

Kousuke: I'm not retarded!

Ayumu: (sighs) Are you dragging everyone into this?

KA (me o.o): Yup, that means Hizumi and Yaiba and Kirie and...anyone else you can think of O.o

Kalelle: What about me?

Kanone: You're not even a character!

Kalelle: But people like me...

Ayumu: It's because you're not annoying.

Kousuke: And you don't suck.. most of the time.

Kiyotaka: I'm not doing this.

KA: Oh, yes, you are... or I'll chain you up next to Hizumi and Yaiba


Ayumu: (sweatdrops) Can't I just go...wait..(looks at Kiyotaka) You're back, I don't have anything to angst about.. crap!

Kousuke: How about the fact that you have to deal with-

Hiyono: I'm heeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeeeeeeeeee!


KA: So...anyway...we'll work on Ayumu, get those questions in!