To Ayumu: Do you, or do you not like the fact that Kiyotaka has longer hair and that Kanone hasn't decided that he wants your hair?

Ayumu: (sweatdrops) Well, it does get in the way of his eyes... (brushes hair out of Kiyotaka's eyes)


Ayumu:...maybe that's why.. and as for Kanone... he'd look scary with my hair

KA: (holds up manipulated photo of Kanone with Ayumu's hair) Yes, yes he would


Ayumu: Even though, your hair does look a lot like Kiyotaka's...

Kanone: It just looks like my father's...

Ayumu: Mmhmm... you want Kiyotaka's hair, don't you?

Kanone: I'm not jealous of his sexy hair!

Ayumu: (snorts)

KA: Sexy hair...? Next question, please...

To Kanone: So, why haven't you changed your hair yet?

Kanone: I said I'm not jealous! You want proof?!

Kousuke: Hell yes, here! (shaves Kanone's head)


Kousuke: Oh...whoops...


Kanone: (kills Kousuke) I'll be back.. (walks off)

Ayumu: Where's he...?

Eyes: Hair implants, maybe?

Ayumu:...I want a new boyfriend

To Eyes: If you're partially English, then why are you constantly in Japan?

Eyes: I need to stay with these idiots (motions to Kousuke, Rio, and Ryoko) They'd never survive without me.

Kousuke: We would, too!

Rio: Kousuke, you bum! You have to sleep on a park bench when you're not mooching off Eyes!

Kousuke: Like you're much better, you'd go into withdraw if he didn't constantly shove melons down your throat!

Eyes: This is exactly my point...

To Hiyono: If you weren't part of the series, then which boy from Spiral would you go after(other than Ayumu because that's too obvious)

Hiyono: Ooh, there's so few to choose from...

Kousuke: What are you talking about? There's plenty of guys in Spiral.. there's me, Kanone, Kiyotaka...

Ayumu: Yeah, and don't forget Wataya, Kanzaka, Imazato...

Kousuke: Why would she want those old guys when she could have me?!

Hiyono: Well, Kanzaka did have a lot of power...

Kousuke: You're choosing Kanzaka over me!?

Hiyono: And he was dedicated, giving his life for his mission!

Kousuke: You're kidding me! He'd give all of our lives for his mission!

Rio: But taking our lives was his mission.

KA: Well, Hiyono, what's your final answer?

Hiyono: Well, as many good features as Kanzaka had, he was evil, so... Kiyotaka! He has that whole mysterious thing going on... and if he's even more talented than Ayumu, I bet he's just as good a cook!

Kiyotaka:... (walks off)

KA: Well... there's that... thanks for asking and reviewing!

Anime Yaoi Lover:

To KA: Why do you hate Madoka so much?

Because she's an evil woman? She probably conned Kiyotaka into the marriage...

Ayumu: She's not.. that bad...

KA: She treats you like her bitch!

Ayumu: Uh...well...

Kiyotaka: Not even you can find something good to say?

Ayumu: (sweatdrops) No comment

KA: And that's why..

To the producers of the Spiral anime, maybe you can talk for them?: Why in the world would everyone go off in the last episode (of the anime, I know the book goes on) with the attitude of "I know there are people trying to kill me and I know they're prob'ly going to succeed, and I'll die before I'm 20, but I'm gonna be all happy-happy and skip off and have fing picnics in the park because I'm all happy and everything!"? shakes head

KA: O.o...

Ayumu: Jeez...

KA: Um... well... I can only assume that the producers wanted to have that whole happy ending with a bit of closure even though there was no closure since the questions they asked weren't answered...they wanted to give it a shot anyway and failed horribly at it since they couldn't continue with the show (which, I for one am partially glad for... for reasons I won't confess here). That's the best that I can guess.

To KA: Is there a version of the manga in English?

KA: Hm... I know there's a link, if you go into the forums in the Spiral section of this site. If you go to the forum that's entitled 'Spiral Manga Translation' there's a link there that'll take you to a site with some of the manga translated, but I'm not sure how far it's gotten... the manga is being licensed by a new company called Yen Press, but I haven't found (though, I haven't really looked) a release date of when any of it will actually be put to print.. TokyoPop had licensed it before, but dropped it (not sure why), and I think Yen Press picked it up recently. So, it will be eventually, but for now, you'll have to scrounge for scanlation sites.

To Eyes: Um...maybe its just me, but why do you have an obsession with Ayumu and Kiyotaka?

Eyes: Obsession? Hardly...

Ayumu: He loves us, don't let him fool you

Kanone: Well, who couldn't love you?

Ayumu: (sweatdrops) Exactly...

Kiyotaka:... (shakes his head)

Eyes: I don't have an obsession, but if you were cursed and told someone could be your savior, would you not do your best to find out all you could about them, too?

KA: So logical... isn't that Ayumu or Kiyotaka's job? Oh well, thanks for asking and reviewing!

Hikari the Keyblade of Hope:

Q1: Ayumu, how do you feel about being the clone of Kiyotaka?

Ayumu: Honestly? I've always seen Kiyotaka as my brother, since that's mostly all I've known him as... so no matter what he really is to me, I'll always see him as my brother.

Eyes: In other words, he's too optimistic and doesn't mind.

Kanone: I think it's cute

Ayumu: You think everything I do is cute

Kanone: It's because you're adorable (picks him up)

Ayumu: Gah! (clings to him) Don't pick me up...

Kanone: See? So cute!

Q2: Everyone, which do you prefer? The Anime of Spiral or the Manga?

Kousuke: Hasn't this question already been asked?

KA: Who cares? Answer again, bitch!

Kousuke:... you don't have to be so mean about it! (cries)

Rio: Baby.. and I like the anime better.. the melons look so much better in color!

Ryoko: Well, more people died in the manga, so I suppose I'd have to say that the anime was my preference..

Hiyono: I loved the manga, it really delved into my character and I wasn't just some stupid main character chick sidekick.

Ayumu: (shrugs) Both were alright, but the manga was more concrete and involved, so I suppose I'd go with that.

Kanone: If you even have to ask...

Eyes: Didn't like dying?

Kanone: About as much as you liked getting stabbed.


Ayumu: Guessing they both picked the anime...

KA: Well, Kiyotaka?

Kiyotaka: The anime.

Ayumu: Why? You were hardly in it.. and only in my angsty flashbacks

Kiyotaka: Exactly.

KA: Well, isn't he just a barrel full of sunshine? Oh well, thanks for asking and reviewing!


Q1: Kanone, have you ever thought of growing your hair out? You'll be totally bishonen!

Kanone: You mean I'm not already?

Ayumu: Well...

Kanone: I'm sexy, damn it!

Ayumu: Of course you are, love...

Kanone: (huffs) If I grow it out anymore, I'll look like a shag dog

Ayumu: That would be interesting to see...

Q2: Eyes, do you wear glasses(you wear them in the manga sometimes) for looks or, due to writing lyrics in the middle of the night, your eyes are actually bad?

Eyes: I wear them for style, of course.

Ayumu: Oh yeah, they're real sexy... (mutters) As sexy as Kanone...

Eyes: You mean like your fluffy, blue coat?

Ayumu: Hey, leave the coat out of this!

Kanone: Seriously... is that like one of Madoka's hand-me-downs or something?

Ayumu:... next question!

Q3: Rio, what would you give your crush for valentines(Eyes, Ayumu are my guesses)?XD

Rio: Well... I'd probably get Ayumu those knives he's always wanted off of that cooking show...

Hiyono: Those things again?

Ayumu: Hey, did you see them? He sliced through a dictionary

Kousuke: What the hell are you going to need to cut through in the kitchen that's as thick as a dictionary?

Ayumu: (blinks) Whoever said it was for the kitchen?


Rio:... or maybe I'll just get him a big teddy bear...

Kanone: He's kind of like a teddy bear

Ayumu: How the hell..?

Kanone: (hugs him) You're as huggable as one

Ayumu:... (sighs)

Rio: And for Eyes...well... I don't know, he already has everything he wants.. maybe chocolate?

Kousuke: Do you even know if he likes chocolate?

Rio: Who doesn't?

Eyes: I don't.

Rio: Oh... then I'll buy you a melon! You like those, right? You're always buying them for me..

Kousuke: Because you'll whine and complain if he doesn't.

Rio: I do not!

Kousuke: Right, sure you don't...

KA: Alright, children... behave now. Thanks for asking and reviewing!

freya kurenai:

1. to Kiyotaka-chan: what evil minion from hell possessed you to marry Madoka?

Kiyotaka: I was drunk. As soon as I sobered up, I realized what I did and ran off... the Blade Children were just a convenient excuse.

Ayumu: Damn, I should have done the same thing...

Madoka: I hate boys! (stalks off) Ayumu-chan: why do you cook for Madoka if you don't want to? why don't you just let her starve to death?

Ayumu: (sweatdrops) You try ignoring her rants... though, I think we chased her off with that last question..

3. to Kousuke: i like you. my friend likes you. are you scared now?

Rio: He might just die from shock that someone actually likes him..

Kousuke: Hey, plenty of people like me!

Rio: Like...who?

Kousuke: Like this chick and her friend!

Rio: That's just sad...

4. to Kalelle: i like you. a lot. what would you do if i kidnapped you say, 5 times a month and force you to a photo shoot?

Kalelle: (sweatdrops) Well... as long as my boyfriends don't mind...

Kanone: He's got enough of them... how many is it now? Five, six?

Kalelle: No... still four...

Kanone: (snickers)

Kalelle: Anyway.. (smiles) I'm flattered you like me.

Kanone: And you probably wouldn't have to force him to do anything.. just ask and he'll agree.

5. to Rio: my friends say i'm like you. i'm not short, but i do have violent tendencies. what do you say to that? oh, and i like bunnies.

Rio: Well, if you have enemies to take down, the best way to do it is to do it effectively! And bunnies are adorable!

Kousuke: Psycho girl...

Rio: What was that?

Kousuke: Nothing...

6. to Kanone-sama: Kanone-sama, why didn't you just kidnap Eyes when you kidnapped Madoka? it would've been easy right? and you could have left her to die in that warehouse then sent Ayumu off to Kousuke and you could have ran off with Eyes instead of leaving?!

Kanone: Well, I wanted to get Ayumu...

Ayumu: It's true, he's like a puppy...

Kalelle: Puppy, where? (looks around, hiding behind Kanone)

Ayumu: Uh.. (points to Kanone) I was talking about him

Kalelle: (looks at Kanone) You're a dog? How could you betray me like that, my own brother?

Kanone: (sweatdrops) I'm not a dog..

Eyes: That's open for discussion..

7. to Kiyotaka-chan: I'm doing a fic wherein i pair you up with a sexy thief. what can you say about that?

Kiyotaka:...(ignores her)

Ayumu: I don't think he cares...

Kanone: That's normal

8. to all: ... is Madoka as annoying as hell?

Ayumu: Uh... (pays attention to something else)

Kiyotaka: She was annoying even when I was drunk

Kanone: She talks too much

Kousuke: Don't know, never met her.. but she sounds annoying

Rio: You guys are so mean, I'm sure she's just lonely

Eyes: She's only lonely because she drives everyone off

Ryoko: (staying out of it)

Hiyono: I don't think she's that bad!

KA: You wouldn't... and hell yes

9. to Ayumu-chan: do you honestly like anyone?

Ayumu: Of course I do.. I like Kanone and Eyes, Ryoko and Rio aren't that bad.. even Kousuke's standable on occasion.. and I like my brother fine, and Kalelle and Suki

Kanone: He's just so friendly.. maybe you should have asked who he doesn't like..

Ayumu: What makes you think there's someone I don't like?

Kanone: No one likes everyone...not even Kalelle

Kalelle: Well, not everyone will get along with everyone else...

10. to Eyes: ... my best friend always play your role. i play Kanone. our conversations aren't always sane. can you tell me if your conversations with him are in the same vein?

Eyes: Well, seeing as how Kanone isn't sane...

Kanone: I'm perfectly sane

Eyes:...right, then I'll simply answer yes

Kanone: (huffs) How cruel, you should be nicer to your mentor

Eyes: Perhaps if my mentor didn't act like a child...

11. to Kanone: i honor you and respect you above everything in this world- my best friend says I'm starting to act like you more and more. please tell me how i can be more like you?

Kanone: How flattering.. well, you need to be a pedophile, get a clone that's unbearably nice, have a rapist pedophile for a father, obsess over Kiyotaka for a bit, go on random killing sprees, be unhealthily obsessed with blood...

Ayumu: Basically, just go insane

Kanone: I'm not insane! And you love me, what does that say about you?

Ayumu: There's no one I don't like, who says I'm sane?

Kalelle: They're all crazy

Kanone: Hey, you came from me!

Kalelle: Don't put it like that...

Kanone:... agreed

KA: (snickers) Isn't that a nice thought? Thanks for asking and reviewing!


Kousuke - I bet you want Madoka. In the bad, adultery way.

Kousuke: They found me out! (runs away)


Eyes: Well, it's about as close to gay as you can get while still being straight

KA:... (snorts) Nooooooo comment..

Kousuke: (from in the distance) And yes, my hair does rock!

KA: Right, sure it does... thanks for asking and reviewing!


question for eyes: why don't u beat Kanone up when he goes off with Ayumu?

Eyes: If Kanone wants to be with Ayumu, that's his choice

Kanone: Damn straight it is!

Suki: Hey! That's my catch phrase!

Eyes:...get out of my question

Suki: Hell no, I'm here now, you're not getting rid of me!

Eyes: (sighs)

KA: And we'll be stuck with him for the rest of the chapter... thankfully, it's almost over.. thanks for asking and reviewing!

L'Arc Hyde:

Q1: What's Eyes' favorite food?

Eyes: Coconut jellybeans

KA: Don't ask, please... such an inside joke

Q2: Since Suki's part cat demon, would he be territorial with another cat if...oh, say...Marmalade...was around for too long? And would he get along with Kanone's cats?

Suki: See, here's the thing you don't get... I'm just so damn awesome that no one can even compare. So I don't care who else is around, as long as they worship me.

Eyes: But... there's so few that do worship you...

Suki: Are you kidding? I have Marmalade, Ai, Ginji...

Eyes: That's three...

Suki: And all those closet worshippers that just won't admit how awesome and great they really think I am.


Q3: How many times a day does Kanone fuck Ayumu?

KA: Is this fic rated M yet? I think it's going to have to be now..

Eyes: Most here can't even count that high and the ones that do don't care enough to

KA: (looks at Kousuke) So you mean it's over five?

Eyes: Precisely

Kousuke: Hey! I can count higher than five!

KA: Wow, so you learned a new trick? Good boy! Here's a Scooby Snack (tosses Scooby Snack to him)

Kousuke: Bastard! (stalks off...again)

KA: To answer the question...let's just go with a lot

Q4: Who would Kiyotaka have sex with if he had to choose between Hizumi and Kousuke?

KA: Uh...

Kiyotaka: I'd rather sleep with Belial.

KA: Ouch

Ayumu: And if you had to pick one or the other?

Kiyotaka: I would never have to.

Ayumu: Oh come on, just answer the question..

Kiyotaka: I did, it's no.

Ayumu: No fun..

KA: Bet he'd pick Kousuke... you know he has a secret redhead fetish... oh well, thanks for asking and reviewing!


KA: O.o.. well, you didn't ask anything, but thanks for reviewing, anyway! (and damn this chapter was long)

A/N: Just a note, due to the content of the questions, I think I am going to put this fic under M after the next chapter so it doesn't get complained about.. o.o, though, I doubt anyone would.. if they do, I'll take them down with my legion of reviewers XD.