What about Us?

By Melissa

" Do you think this is going to work?" asked Vida.

" Do you think that this dating game will work?" asked Xander.

"Hey I just asked that" said Vida.

They walked thru the school hall as they now stopped at the auto shop class as they saw nick filled with oil as they knocked.

Mr Kalanski walked over to the door and saw three kids.

"Mr Russell you have visitors " said The Auto shop Teacher.

Nick walked his way over to Vida, Chip and Xander. "Hey Guys whats up?" he asked.

"Madison" they all answered.

"Not Again" said Nick.

"Why not?"

"She's just sixrteen, Im seventeen," said Nick.

"You know age doesn't really make a difference" said Chip.

"Please Nick, its her birthday today and she deserve's to go out somewhere " said Vida.

Nick sighed as he looked at Vida.

"ALRIGHT! Fine, " said Bowen as he now raised his hands as he looked to Vida whom was now smiling.

"Where does she like to go?" asked Nick.

" She loves to go to the Mini golf Course and her favorite Restuarant is Red Lobster," said Vida.

"Sea food?" questioned Nick.

"How about Chinese?" asked Nick.

"That's even better " said Vida.

"She'll be ready about seven thirty, just tell her you are taking her out," said Xander.

"Wait Wait, I can't even tell her Happy Birthday or anything?"

No, because she didn't want anyone to know about it" said Chip.

Nick sighed as he now walked back to class as he made his way to the car he was now working on,

Forty minutes later the bell finally rang:

Nick made his way out of the Auto shop as he walked to his locker as he now placed his combimation as he now opened it up. there he placed his book as he now reached for his Government book and his back pack as he now closed it, there stood LeeLee.

"Hi Nick, alright so I was wondering we can go to a movie" she began as she pulled her arm around his as they walked.

"Hey LeeLee I can't not tonight, I already have plans" said Nick.

"Plans? with who?" she asked.

"A Friend, so I'll talk to you later" said Nick as he walked into the West Wing as he now walked to his Government Class.

"Hey Russell!" yelled out David Whitmire.

Nick now looked back as he sighed. "Be ready you punk ass your mine after school" yelled david.

"Hey David! Dream on, you are not worth my time for a fight" said Nick as he now entered the class.

"Chicken shit!" yelled David.

Nick stopped as he now winced with the word.

he now entered the class as he saw Madison. his heart skipped a beat everytime he saw her. he walked to his desk as he sat down. LeeLee now entered as she now walked over to where Nick was sitting as she made her way over to him and kissed his cheek as if nothing happened between them.

"Knock it off LeeLee, I swear you are becoming a piece of gum to my shoe" said Nick as he got up and moved from her as he now sat at a empty seat beside Madison.

the bell finally rang as Ms Vercialli entered and readied the class for a test.