Chapter 9: The Rise of Cobra

"Above all, we must realize that no arsenal or no weapon in the arsenals of the world is as formidable as the will and moral courage of free men and women."

-Ronald Reagan

Middleton Space Center … 4 years later

"Ready for the test, Dr. Possible, Dr. Porter," the two lab assistants said through radios as they left the launch pad.

"These Robo-drills will advance the oil drilling and deep ore-mining companies by decades," Dr. Porter said from the control tower. "Not to mention cave-in and avalanche search-and-rescue teams."

The Robo-drill was a design Dr. James Possible and Dr. Vivian Porter had worked almost exclusively on for the last two years. Almost three years ago, Dr. Possible was granted access to military technology to which very few were privy. It was given under terms that he would design new civilian search-and-rescue technology or current-gen upgrades. When he asked how he came to be given priority over others, he wasn't given a good answer, but he could guess it came with having a future son-in-law in a very high security position.

"Five… four… three… two…" James counted down as his finger hovered over the large, red button on the console. "One, LAUNCH!" James exclaimed excitedly as he pressed the button.

Dr. Porter, Dr. Possible, and the two assistants watched as the drill flew into the air before arcing toward the target. The excitement changed to confusion and fear when the flying drill was struck by smaller missile, causing it to explode violently in the air.

"What is that?" Dr. Porter asked as a gigantic, dark blue hovercarrier with a large, red symbol resembling a snake on the underside seemed to appear out of thin air.

Crashing through the sky
Comes a fearful cry

Several dark-blue-and-silver armored soldiers parachuted down to the launch field. Among them was a green and-black clad woman whom Dr. Possible recognized instantly. As soon as Shego touched ground, she made a loud cry that was echoed by the soldiers behind her. "COBRA!!!"

Armies of the night
Evil taking flight

The Baroness stepped up beside her, brandishing her twin side arms, "Take no prisoners," she said, and Shego and the Vipers nodded their understanding. Baroness lifted her arm before pointing them at the Space Center. "COBRA!!"

"GET OUT OF HERE!" James yelled, taking Vivian's wrist and pulling her away from the approaching army.

No where to run
No where to hide
Panic spreading far and wide

James and Vivian cried out when a grenade exploded close to them, throwing them through the air far enough to knock the air out them. "You ok?" James asked the younger scientist, and she just stared back at him with horrified, teary eyes.

"You should have called in today…" A Cobra Viper growled as he and three others leveled their rifles on the two.

James covered Vivian with his own body in a vain attempt to protect her, while closing his eyes awaiting their death. He prayed for a miracle, that he'd get to see his family, and hold his wife at least one last time…

Who can turn the tide?

James flinched at the sound of gunfire, but instead of feeling the impact of the bullets, he heard his future son-in-law's voice cry out, "YOOOO, JOE!!" followed by the sound of bodies hitting the ground behind them.

He looked up to see Wildcard in body armor similar to his old mission gear, holding an assault rifle and a katana strapped to his back standing over him as several other soldiers in various battle suits and armor parachuted down.

GI Joe- A Real American Hero
GI Joe will dare

"Alpha Team! Ninja Force, push the Vipers back!" Duke barked as he touched the ground, "Beta Team! Get the civilians out of the crossfire! Gamma Team! Flank to the left and right! TAKE THEM DOWN!!" He lifted his rifle. "YO JOE!!"

GI Joe- A Real American Hero
GI Joe is there

James watched in amazement as Wildcard flipped through the air, before being joined by Snake Eyes, and ran toward the Vipers. The boy, who, at one time, was only a distraction in his daughter's missions, seemed to take down a whole unit alongside his brother within seconds.

Fighting for freedom
wherever there's trouble

Ron glanced and saw a group of Vipers running toward their back but turned away to fire his rifle on a closer group. As he expected, the approaching Vipers fell as short arrows hit them directly in the throat.

"And what if I missed?" Scarlett asked as she stood back to back with the two brothers.

"As if…" Wildcard smirked, and Snake Eyes nodded in agreement.

Over land and sea and air
GI Joe is there

"Let's go, Doctors," Breaker said as he helped Dr Possible and Dr Porter to their feet and ushered them away from the battle.

Can the world oppose
The deadliest of foes?

"Don't let the Joes gain ground! COBRA!!" Baroness cried out as she rushed forward.

Joes will risk it all
to end the evil call of

"COBRA!!" Shego cried out as she fired a large blast that almost hit Flint. The beret-wearing Joe rolled to the side and hit Shego with a leg sweep before placing a foot on her chest.

"You know, you're kinda cute when your hair's all frazzled, Shego?" Flint stated with a smirk.

"What? Why you… FIRE IN THE HOLE!!" Flint ducked the fireball as she shot back to her feet.

They never give up
They never say die

The Baroness settled the sights of her gun on Duke, but before she could fire, the air was pushed from her lungs by a kick to the chest. She looked up at Scarlett and growled, "You…"

"Problem, Baroness?" Scarlett asked with a smirk.

Baroness dove at the redhead, but Scarlett easy side-stepped the Cobra leader and kicked her hard in the backside. Baroness gasped as she hit face-first in the ground and soil filled her mouth. She spat the dirt out and growled lowly, "I hate that redhead…"

Walking tall with banners high
they sound the battle cry-

"YO JOE!!" The Joes cried out as the Cobra forces were forced back from the overwhelming GI Joe teams, some Vipers being picked up by flight pods from the carrier.

A German Shepard howled, barked and jumped up on its hind legs at box on the side of a rocket's fuel tank. "Good boy, Order!" Law said as he scratched the dog's ears. "Duke, we got fireworks!" Law yelled to the Field Commander.

GI Joe- A Real American Hero
GI Joe will dare

GI Joe- A Real American Hero
GI Joe is there

"Can you dispose of it?" Duke asked as he looked down at the timer; down to thirty seconds it read.

"Sure," Law nodded, but Wildcard put a hand on his shoulder.

"Wait, I have a better idea," Wildcard smiled and took the bomb from Law.

Fighting for freedom
wherever there's trouble

Wildcard drew his sword, watching it glow before taking the form of a claw and chain. He started swinging it and waited a moment for a Cobra flight pod to fly over, then grunted as he tossed the claw end of the chain and it hooked into the glass dome of the one-man craft. The chain glowed again and jerked Wildcard toward the flight pod, changing back into the sword, now wedged into the dome.

The Joe spun around the flight pod and used his sword to slash the Cobra pilot's restraints before jerking him from the pod. He gracefully took the pilot's place and flew toward the carrier, dodging the carrier's anti-air cannons.

Wildcard tossed the bomb out on top of the flying fortress and watched as it exploded, ripping open a large chunk of the ship, almost making it crash.

Baroness and Shego watched in shock as the carrier fell against the mountains surrounding the Space Center, breaking apart as it hit the mass of stone and snow. "Cobra!! Retreat!!!" Baroness cried out as two of the remaining flight pods swooped down for her and Shego.

Over land and sea and air

Ron landed the Pod among the cheering Joes, firing on the retreating Cobra Troops. "YO JOE!!" He called out, holding up his Lotus Blade.

GI Joe is there!

GI Joe


"Area's secure, Duke." Scarlett reported as she approached the Field Commander. "We even have a prisoner," She said as Alpine and Straight Arrow escorted a restrained Metal Head past them.


"You have the right to remain silent," Straight Arrow said shoving the criminal. "I wish to God you would exercise it."

"Good work, Joes," Duke nodded, glancing around the damaged Space Center. "Where's the Director of the Center?"

"Right here," Wildcard said as he escorted Dr. Possible to Duke, Scarlett, and Breaker.

"Hello again, Dr. Possible," Duke greeted, "Good to see you, but I wish it was on better circumstances… and on behalf of the Joes, I apologize for the damage done here today."

"Apologize?" Dr. Possible smiled, "If it weren't for you all, there probably wouldn't even BE a Space Center anymore." He said with a firm pat on Wildcard's shoulder.

"Do you have any idea what Cobra could have been after today?" Duke asked, "Did they get away with anything?"

"Dr. Porter is already taking stock to see if anything's missing…" James replied, just as Dr. Porter came running up.

"Ja... Dr. Possible, the earth-to-space missiles are missing!" she said frantically.

"Tell me they're not as bad as they sound…" Wildcard sighed, looking at the rocket scientist.

"They were a government-issued project, missiles to be fired from any type of platform that can break orbit," James bit his lip. "They were meant as a deterrent to missile satellites or the like…"

"That's not good…" Duke bit his lip. "Scarlett, Wildcard, I want you to escort Dr. Possible home and keep close for a while, just in case Cobra tries to come after him." The two Joes nodded. "I'll contact General Hawk and inform him of this, then head up the interrogation of Metal Head. He's an overeager grunt, so there may not be much we can get from him, but it doesn't hurt to try."

"Guess you're going to get to see your girl this month after all, 'Card." Scarlett playfully punched the blond-headed Joe's arm.

"Booyah, I was beginning to wonder… stupid emergencies canceling leaves…" Wildcard grumbled.

"You ready to head home, Dad P?" Wildcard asked the patriarch of the Possible family.

"After the day I've had?" James laughed, throwing an arm around the young man.

"Hey, Scarlett," Duke piped up before they left; the Redhead turned back curiously. "Be careful."

"With Wildcard and Kim around, I think we'll be ok," Scarlett replied with a soft smile.

"I wasn't talking about Cobra," Duke smiled, "I meant the Possible twins."

He watched them leave before opening satellite call to the Pitt.

"This is General Hawk."

"Duke reporting, Sir," Duke replied, "We have a potential situation. Cobra was pushed back, but they made off with some ground-to-space missiles."

"That could cause some issues," Hawk agreed, "I'll get the airborne teams prepped for Zero-G travel, and get an orbital rotation started. Anything else?"

"Yes, sir. We captured Metal Head, sir," Duke replied.

"Again? Cobra just broke him out of Gitmo last week!" Hawk sighed, "Then again, I don't get why they keep breaking him out anyway… keep me posted, Soldier. Hawk, out."


Possible Home, Middleton, Colorado

Anne Possible paced the living room TV and stiffened when the door opened. "James?" She turned toward the door to see her husband standing there, safe and sound. "YOU'RE OK!" She cried out as she threw herself into his arms.

"The attack was all over the news! I was so frightened! Then, I was trying to keep Kim from finding out, so she wouldn't rush into a warzone… and …"

"I'm ok, Annie," James kissed her nose, "Thanks to Ron and his team."

"I didn't do much," Ron scratched the back of his neck as he stood back with Scarlett.

"Just saved my life," James said as Anne pulled away to rush the young man, kissing him firmly on the cheek.

"Aw…it was no big, Mom P," He said as he and Anne smiled at each other.

"Have I told you I am proud of you, Ron?" Anne asked, stepping away from Ron to look him over in his GI Joe battle gear.

"Only a few hundred times a month, Mom P," Ron laughed.

"Are you on leave?" Anne asked curiously.

"Nope, we're here on biz, just in case Cobra's still interested in Dad P," Ron stated but patted Anne's shoulder when she took a worried expression. "It doesn't look like it, just a precaution."

"Is Kim upstairs?" Scarlett asked, leaning against the wall. "Then go on up, Ron; I've got this down here."

Ron smiled and nodded before bouncing up the stairs.

He peeked up into the familiar loft and found Kim hunched over her desk, studying a rather large book. "You passed college in record time, just like you're going to pass that Bar Exam, KP." He said as he walked into the bedroom.

Kim stiffened and looked back at Ron with a nervous expression that he almost missed. "Miss me?" Ron asked before she threw herself at him.

"Something wrong, KP?" Ron noticed she was trembling slightly, which, while she'd been excited to see him on his return trips home, she hadn't done since the graduation four years earlier.

"No, nothing wrong, nothing at all!" Kim said, burying her face in his chest, "Just nervous about the Exam coming up, that's it… that's all," She said rapidly.

"You sure?" Ron asked unconvinced.

"Ron, I'm about to take my Multistate Bar Examination… a THREE DAY test… at least three years earlier than should be possible…" Kim looked at her study guide and the notes she had.

"Check your name, KP," Ron said with a smile as he brushed some strands of hair from her face.

"Once I get this finished… hopefully, it won't be long till we won't be able to use that anymore. Not that I don't absolutely love it, but Kim Stoppable doesn't have quite the kick in the pants as Kim Possible." Kim said, leaning into his chest.

"You can keep your last name if you want to," Ron said with a smile. "I'm not making you take mine."

"If anyone tries to STOP me from taking your last name, Ron Stoppable," Kim smiled up at him. "I'll show them how nothing can stop a Stoppable, or a Stoppable-to-be."

"Nothing can stop a Stoppable… I like that," Ron nodded his approval. "So, how can I help you study?"

"Have you ever taken one of these?" Kim quirked an eyebrow.

"No… but Scarlett did at like twelve years old; she might be able to help," Ron smiled, causing Kim to blink.

"Shana's here?" Kim asked with a relieved look.

"Downstairs," Ron nodded.

"Go and send her up; she helps get me prepped, then we get reacquainted," She gently pushed him toward the exit. "I have to perform a thorough examination to make sure Duke and your brother haven't damaged my property. Speaking of which, is DJ with you?"

"He'll probably pop in later, and then we'll go see the folks and Han," Ron answered, "Right now… he's busy."


Metal Head sat in silence in the darkened, make-shift interrogation room in the Middleton Space Center, his weapons and armor stripped, leaving him in boxers and a tank top, his arms and legs cuffed and chained. The room was pitch black except for the small office light pointed directly at his face.

"Hello, Metal Head," Duke said as he walked into the room, closing and locking the door behind him.

"Hiya, Dukie," Metal Head said with a smile. "You got one of those She-Joes to jerk that stick out of your ass yet?"

"'Fraid not," Duke shook his head.

"Damned shame, though that Redhead with the ninja guys," Metal Head grinned, "She'd be a good candidate, wouldn't mind getting a piece of that sweet thing myself."

"Is that a fact?" Duke smiled oddly.

"Hell, yeah! She is FINE!" Metal Head nodded quickly.

"Let's chat, Metal Head," Duke leaned forward. "What's Cobra up to?"

"I ain't talking without a lawyer!" Metal Head clammed up.

"So, nothing I can say can convince you to just open up and tell us?" Duke asked with a friendly smile. "I mean, we're practically family with the amount of time we see each other…"

"I hate you like an obnoxious cousin, Dukie." Metal Head smiled back. "But if you really want me to talk, get that redhead in here and have her do a nude lap dance. I might talk then."

"You know, I saw a soda machine just outside this room, and I am thirsty," Duke started to stand. "Kicking you and your pals' backsides dries a Joe up. Want anything? Coke products," He said, opening the door.

"Is this some kind of good cop/bad cop act?" Metal Head narrowed his eyes.

"No, not exactly…" Duke smiled, hitting the lights on the way out.

As soon as Metal Head's eyes adjusted, two hands came down on his shoulders with a painful grip. He looked up to see Snake Eyes looking down at him. "Snake Eyes!" Metal Head squeaked. "That's a nice kung fu grip you got there…"


The Pitt, Nevada Desert

General Hawk pinched the bridge of his nose as he rolled his power-wheelchair into the Command Center of the Pitt.

"Any word from the mole yet?" Hawk asked as he took his place.

"That's a negative, General," Dial-Tone replied, brushing some hair from her face. "Wildcard did blow up their ride, sir. It'll take them sometime to get back to Cobra Island by Flight Pods."

"Good point, keep the frequency open. She should be touching base soon," Hawk nodded.

"General, we're picking up a communication from Duke," Dial-Tone spoke up, holding her headset close to her ear.

"Patch it through," Hawk leaned back. "This is General Hawk; have you got any information, Duke?"

"Not yet, General!" Duke screamed over the roar of a chopper engine, "but I think we're close to cracking him!"

"Where are you?" Hawk quirked an eyebrow.

"Good question; Wild Bill, where are we?" Duke replied, the last part muffled slightly. "Wild Bill said we're at fifteen hundred feet above the Colorado Grizzly Bear Reserve, sir."

"What are you doing there?" Hawk narrowed his eyes.

"Ask us no questions, Sir," Duke called over the engine, "For plausible deniability if Snake Eyes slips and lets him drop, sir!"

"That did it! Metal Head's willing to talk now!" Duke said, and the Joes in the Command Center could hear feminine screams of 'I'LL TALK! GET ME DOWN! PLEASE!' repeated over and over. "As soon as we get down and I get the full report, I'll contact you, sir."

"Good work, Duke; Hawk, out." Hawk smiled and shook his head.


Terror Dome - Cobra Island, Gulf of Mexico

Baroness stomped into the central meeting room with Shego dragging her feet behind her. Shego was always intimidated by Cobra Commander's command cabinet. It was a rather large room with a horseshoe shaped table and Cobra Commander's elevated throne at the opening. Baroness walked up to Destro and planted a chaste kiss on his cheek before sitting down beside him. The Twins were seated next, followed by Dr. Mindbender, Dr. Mindbender's hooded assistant, Shego thought she heard the mad scientist refer to her as Pythona, and next to her own open seat was Dr. Drakken.

It worried and tugged at her heart at how he had changed. Gone was the blue suit and rattail; in its place was a black bodysuit with blue shoulder pads and various other armor pieces, and his hair was cut into a tight buzz. "Have a seat, Shego," Cobra Commander ordered, and Shego reluctantly sat down next to her old boss.

"What do you have to report, Baroness?" Cobra Commander hissed, turning his attention to Destro's wife.

"GI Joe destroyed the stealth air carrier, sir," Baroness said reluctantly. "But we did make off with Dr. Possible's ground-to-space missile system."

"Excellent…" Cobra Commander hissed and rubbed his hands together. "With this system and missiles, we can take down the International Space Station right under GI Joe's nose. Then, we will gain leverage by threatening the United States' satellites."

"Indeed, Cobra Commander," Destro nodded.

"Is there anything else to report?" Cobra Commander glanced around the room. "Then dismissed!" He ordered, and they all stood. As usual, Shego left the room quickly, wanting little to do with any of the other officers. As soon as the door closed behind her, the group sat back down.

"She's should be contacting GI Joe momentarily, Cobra Commander," Destro noted.

From the door behind Cobra Commander's throne, the two assistants of Dr. Possible and Dr. Porter walked in. "Welcome home Zartan, Zarana…" Cobra Commander greeted.

"Good to be home, Cobra Commander," Zartan said as he and his sister unmasked.

"Did you complete your mission?" Cobra Commander asked, and Zartan answered by placing a flashdrive into his hand.

"The designs you requested, Commander," Zartan smiled.

"Excellent…" Cobra Commander hissed. "Now… Dismissed."

The group rose and left with the exception of Destro, who fell into step beside the Commander. "The plan is going perfectly, Destro…"

"I am most curious on what this plan is, Cobra Commander," Destro stated.

"Are you or are you not smarter than the Intelligence Division of GI Joe?" Cobra Commander asked.

"I am, but what does that have to do with it?" he asked in confusion.

"Everything," Cobra Commander chuckled. "If YOU can't figure out what I'm up to, how will GI Joe figure it out? And if they don't find out till it's too late…"

"You'll win…" Destro's eyes widened.


To Be Continued …

Song Credits: "GI Joe (1987 Movie Theme)" by Barry Harman, Ford Kinder, and Spencer Michlin

A/N: yes, yes I did rip off 'So the Drama' with that last line, but it just fit so well! Also, those of you who are gamers might recognize a line from "Mass Effect" in the chapter. See if you can find it. You might also find some nods to the new movie that came out recent. Definitely worth watching if you're a GI Joe fan! Lots of questions, few answers: What's Kim hiding? What's Cobra Commander's plan? Did Metal Head wet himself? Find out next time!