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Picturing Home

Kyuubi Tenshi

"Alright, class, today's assignment is going to give you a little more license to do what you want," the art teacher shouted above the chatter of her students. "Today, I want you to make a sketch of what comes to mind when you think of home."

Sohma Kyou wrinkled his nose a bit in distaste. He hated art class. He was good, but not perfect, and he despised the way he was practically chained to his seat the whole time. But the mousy little thing he had for an art teacher was right; this assignment would probably be, by far, the easiest thing she had given them all year. He propped his charcoal pencil above the paper, and let himself fall into his thoughts.

His mind wandered back to Shigure's house, where he had spent the last two years with the annoying dog and rat. But a familiar, warm memory flitted to the fore of his mind. Tohru in the kitchen, trying to reach a pot that was just beyond the length of her fingers. He could see himself walking up behind her, his hand coming to land on the counter at her left, his right reaching up and grasping the item's edge, dragging it down to her. He had barely had to stretch at all to reach it.

Another memory. This time, of when she'd accidentally spooked him so bad by sneaking up behind him that he'd nearly fallen off the roof. She had laughed so hard that time; it was very nearly embarrassing, but he had laughed with her. Another one soon followed of the time they had taken her to the Sohma villa, and they had gone for a walk. She'd laughed so hard she cried when he'd finally started up an argument with the rat; she'd claimed that it was out of relief- they never went long without one of those stupid cat (well, on Yuki's part, it was rat…) fights, and it hadn't seemed natural.

The orange-haired neko didn't even notice his pencil moving across the paper at it's own volition, his eyes half-closed and glazed at his (secretly favored) memories.

He could remember the honest look she'd given him when she said the liked the cat of the Juunishi. He could remember the time he'd had to cook for her when she got a fever. The time that she came running after him when she saw the true form of the cat's vengeful spirit… in fact, the more Kyou tried to think about home, the more he thought of Tohru…

"Sohma-kun? Is that Honda-san in your picture?"

The boy was suddenly snapped out of his thoughts as the teacher peered over his shoulder, inquiring about it innocently. Red eyes snapped back down to the page, and sure enough, there it was- a nearly-life-like picture of the object of all those memories. She was smiling up from the sketch pad at him naïvely, her hand seeming to reach out to him, as though she were asking him to take it and follow her some secret place.

He was never going to live this one down…