A Collection of Miho-ness by Phoenix Kaen

Summary: A flirty MihoxRyou non-sex story- Ryou learns that Miho likes to be on top of things especially him.

A/N: Five chapters of five different stories starring Miho Nosaka includes Miho x Ryou, Bakura x Miho, Kaiba x Miho

Disclaimer: Kazuki Takahashi owns the Yu-Gi-Oh characters. Doraemon is owned by someone I don't know because I wasn't a huge fan of that anime.

Miho giggled as she ran throughout his apartment clad in only one of his white button up shirts and a pair of boxers. She was being chased by the owner of the clothes. He barely caught up with her when she suddenly ran into his bedroom and quickly slammed the door. Ryou sighed but not before bending to catch his breathe. He had just came home from the convenient store to buy some snacks for their study session to find her wearing his clothes (clean clothes, mind you). He thought that she looked adorable in his shirt then he noticed that she was wearing one of his boxers of all things!

They weren't just an ordinary pair of boxers either; they had a picture of Doraemon on it. He didn't want her or anyone else to find out about his embarrassing underwear. He had been a secret fan of that anime since he was a child.

"Miho! Come out of there right now and take off those clothes!" Ryou said loudly while knocking on the bedroom door. Miho burst out giggling. He flushed when he realized what he had just said. "Y-you know what I mean!" He added with embarrassment.

The lavender-haired girl crawled under the covers where her cute boyfriend slipped into sweet dreams every night. She tried to suppress her giggles behind her hand. The sound of the door being opened made her stiffen and quiet down. Ryou's soft footsteps could be heard on the plush carpet.

Ryou had opened the door of his bedroom to find a very noticeable lump under his covers. Despite the situation, a small smile played on his face. It doesn't take a genius to figure out a certain girl was underneath. Sometimes she could be so cute even though her antics did frustrate him at times. He decided to play along with the mischievous girl.

"Now where could Miho have possibly gone to?" Ryou asked with feigned obviousness. (Also, a little bit too loudly.) The covers suddenly started to shake with laughter. Miho mentally scolded herself for not being able to control her giggles.

"I wonder if she could be-" He took a few steps until he reached the bed. "HERE!" He grabbed the covers off her head only to be surprised. As soon as he had done that, Miho pulled Ryou into the bed and straddled his legs with her own. She reached up and pinned his arms over his head. She reached in the shy boy's now crimson face and delivered a soft kiss on his lips.

She pulled back before Ryou could respond to her literally sweet kiss. He deduced that she's been through the candy collection kept in his top drawer. He guessed that he should be angry with her for going through his stuff while he was out, dressed up in his clothes and ate some of his candy. However, a sweet kiss from a sweet girl always makes one feel better. He wanted to pull her in for another kiss but she suddenly got off him and said cheerfully, "Let's go study now, Ryou-kun!"

He sighed. Suddenly, the math finals tomorrow weren't so important anymore.

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