Title: A Collection of Miho-ness

Author: Shoujo's Revenge

A/N: Why can't there be more Miho x Ryou fics? I'd like to read more that aren't written by me. Sheesh. With that said, here's the second story to this collection. It's a Miho x Bakura instead. I'll write the Miho x Seto one later, very much later.

Story II- A Broken Weekly Routine

On Monday afternoon, that annoying girl came over to study with Ryou. She greeted Bakura cheerfully on her way to his twin's room, pulling Ryou's hand. That embarrassed blushing look on his twin's face made him sick to his stomach. Bakura's room was right next to Ryou's so he could hear Miho's muffled giggling. They were probably making out on his twin's bed, Bakura thought. He was on his own bed, putting on his earphones and rolling over to sleep. His homework laid untouched on his desk as usual. By the time he woke up, that annoying girl went home. Bakura felt relieved; he didn't want to have to eat dinner with that girl.

On Tuesday morning, Bakura rolled his eyes as Ryou's girlfriend spoonfed cereal to his embarrassed twin. As usual, he didn't put up much of a fight. Miho won in the end and happily dabbed at his spotted chin. Bakura, on the other hand, stabbed his egg with a fork and took a savage bite out of it, bits of egg running down his front. He sent a glare at her which she missed because she was too busy staring at his twin. He looked up at the clock on the opposite wall at the exact same time that she licked Ryou's lip. There was a piece of cereal stuck there. For once, Bakura bolted out of the house so he wouldn't be late for school.

On Wednesday night, Bakura couldn't sleep because Miho was staying over. It wasn't a planned thing. The couple had lost track of time studying. Ha! Just studying? As if Bakura would buy that. Despite his dirty mind, it was true. Ryou and Miho had studied for the upcoming midterms which was something completely lost on Bakura. He could give a crap whether or not he passed any of his exams. Even though his eyelids kept closing on him, he stayed alert for any sounds coming from his twin's room. He wouldn't hear any except for their light snoring. At twelve o'clock am, he finally nodded off, the side of his face squished against the wall adjacent Ryou's room.

On Thursday morning, Bakura went to school sporting dark rings under his eyes. Miho inquired about the dark circles, her left arm hooked around Ryou's right arm. His dark brown eyes went to their arms. His response to her question? He gave a sort of roar and pulled their arms apart, stomping away from the two. They blinked in confusion. Miho linked their arms together again. Ryou just shrugged when she asked what was wrong with his twin. The boys had to play basketball in gym today. Even though Bakura knew that he wasn't paying attention, probably lost in thoughts surrounding that annoying purple-haired girl, he still threw the basketball at Ryou's face. The inattentive boy tumbled down to the smooth floor. While his friends crowded around the boy, Bakura whistled innocently and sidled away unnoticed.

On Friday afternoon, Miho completely ignored Bakura. She didn't cheerfully greet him nor did she once turn to him to ask him to give Ryou a note as she usually did. She had found out that he was the one responsible for Ryou's blackeye, not to mention knocking him unconscious. Bakura didn't care. He showed this by crossing his arms defiantly, obviously refusing to apologize. Ryou should've been paying attention. After all, it was gym class. While their math teacher's back was turned on his students, Miho turned to her right to quietly gossip with Anzu, leaving Bakura to stare at her shiny lavender hair. Then he shook his head, remembering that he hated her and turned to the front. He'd rather look at the math problems anyway than at her stupid grinning face. Her ivory stupid grinning face...with the always moving lips...and the stupid long hair...and...Oh! What the hell was he doing?! Annoying girl! He threw his small textbook at her head.

On Saturday morning, Bakura was listening in on Ryou's and Miho's phone conversation. She was asking his twin to come over to her house instead. She didn't want to see 'that jerk' meaning Bakura again. Well, that was completely fine with Bakura! He didn't want to see that stupid grinning annoying girl again! He slammed the phone down giving away that he was eavesdropping. An hour later, he watched Ryou go out the front door from the top staircase. This was great. He could be alone and do whatever the hell he wanted. No more annoying giggling from that stupid girl. What did he choose to do during his alone time? He laid on the couch and made crank calls to Miho's house. She mistook him for a deep breather as he didn't say anything each time he called. By the fifth phonecall, she stopped answering the phone altogether.

On the last day of the week, he pushed his twin nonchalantly to the wall and grabbed Miho's face. He forced a kiss on her while Ryou watched in horror, clutching his shoulder in pain. Finally for about an hour (an eternity to Ryou), Bakura broke the kiss, licked her bottomlip once and handed her a grubbily wrapped gift. "Happy birthday," he said, walking away. Ryou gaped at him. Well, the secret was out now but no, Bakura still wouldn't admit to liking that annoying girl.

A/N: This is out of character for Bakura but him and romance don't exactly mix. Review please.