Title: Brazilian
Author: Beer Good
Timeline: Few months post-"Chosen"
Rating: R
Length: 500
Summary: Needs must.
Pairing: Buffy/Faith.
Disclaimer: I am Joss. I make money off these characters. jungle full of cicadas chirp as everyone stares in disbelief Yeah, I didn't believe it either.

"What the hell are you doing?" Buffy was keeping her voice down so Willow and Kennedy in the neighbouring tent wouldn't hear her, but the shock and moral outrage was in full effect anyway.

"What's it look like I'm doing?" Faith calmly splashed some water from the bowl onto her right leg and started on her left, working with Slayer precision.

"Do I really even need to explain what's wrong with this?"

"Not really. That ever stop you before?"

"Faith, the Slayer's scythe was forged in ancient times and passed on to me... uh, I mean us to contain the essence of the Slayer, to be the most powerful weapon in the fight against evil, to chop demons into souvlaki... not to shave your legs with!"

"Hey, needs must, you know? If I'd known that hunting down a pack of Mibsnegol demons meant we'd be stuck in this jungle for a month I'd've brought some extra Lady Gillettes, but..." Faith put the scythe aside, splashed some more water on her leg, laid back and stretched it up in front of Buffy. "Pretty smooth, dontchathink?"

Buffy stared just a little too long as the wet leg glistened in the light from the small battery-driven lamp. "That's... not the point. This is the Amazon, not the Hilton, and you'll simply have to get used to roughing it a bit."

Faith suddenly got a mischievous look in her eye and raised her voice. "BUT BUFFY, YOU WERE THE ONE WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT RUG BURN ON YOUR P-"

"Ssssssshhhhh!" Buffy clamped her hand over Faith's mouth, horrified. "Do you want them to hear?"

Faith giggled and bit Buffy's hand just hard enough to free herself. "Well, somebody's gonna have to tell 'em we've been fucking like bunnies for a week... If they ain't figured it out already. Kennedy's got Slayer hearing, remember?"

Buffy looked away, uncomfortable. "Faith, it's not... I mean... i-it's not that I don't want them to know about us, but... this all happened so quickly and I'm not sure if it's just cabin fever and what we'll do when we get back to civilization and air conditioning and..."


"Ssssssshhhhh!" Again, Buffy tried to silence Faith, who fended her off easily and got on top, trapping Buffy's waist between her thighs.

"Uh... OK, that is pretty smooth." Buffy put up a nominal struggle.

"You bet. That ancient power's pretty useful." Faith was using her free hand to unbutton Buffy's blouse and make a thorough investigation of what lay beneath.

"You... oh... still need to stop talking, though."

"Make me."

"I've been trying," Buffy pouted as Faith nibbled along her neck. "You never appreciate me for my mind. Sometimes I wonder if you're evil again."

"Hey, ain't my fault if you're getting too old to keep up..."

"Smooth talker." Buffy grinned and rolled Faith over, and the rest was... well, hardly silent, but at least there was no talking.