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Orphaned Legacy


Twelve years ago, the Kyuubi no Kitsune, the most powerful of all the demons, was summoned to the mortal plane. Blinded by his fury, the nine-tailed fox, king of the Youkai, was sent to destroy Konoha and anything in its path. In truth, the Kyuubi was actually Fire Country's guardian, long forgotten by the mortals who basked in their ignorance.

What irony that the village the fox was supposed to protect was to be destroyed by their very own protector. The summoning in itself was spelled to overtake the Guardian's better judgment, feeling nothing but raw anger and rage for the village he was meant to protect.

This of course resulted in events that would change the lives of many that can never be undone.

That day, the Fourth Hokage, Kazama Arashi survived the sealing of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

That day, the demon was destroyed in the eyes of the villagers.

That day, his son, Kazama Naruto died.

That day, the Yondaime lost everything...

That day, Kyoutaka Ran (pronounced Ra-uhn or like Ron) was born.\


'Am I dead?' A hoarse groan was released through his lips.

'What is that smell?' Heavy eyelids opened slightly only to close them immediately when the light filtered in. 'I'm in the hospital.'

Suddenly, cerulean eyes snapped open and the blond shot up ignoring the throbbing pain that seemed to suddenly take over his body and the headache that made it seem like his head was splitting in half. 'How did I survive?!'

Arashi was taken by surprise when the door was flung open and Sarutobi, Tsunade and Jiraiya all ran into the room, hearing the noise and immediately headed towards the distressed blond.

"Arashi..." The hermit began.

"S-sensei, how did I- how did I s-survive?"

"We truly don't know, Arashi. The sealing comes with a price, an equivalent exchange, if you will and it doesn't make sense." The hermit paused to spoke with a contemplating look, "Unless, perhaps you didn't do the sealing correctly, resulting in minor effects to take place or in this case after- effects." His face then turned grave as he turned his face away unable to look at his former student.

"W-wha-what d-do you m-mean?" The Fourth stuttered out, "Did s-something happen?" his voice wavering and eyes flashing with dread thinking all of the worst possible outcomes.

Tsunade spoke for the first time, her voice failing her, coming out quivering. "We're still trying to figure it out, Arashi."

The blond took a few deep breaths to settle his nerves. He shouldn't think of the worst possible scenarios because everything would be fine he tried to convince himself, but he had this feeling that this was only the beginning of all the bad things to come.

"How long have I been out?" speaking in a cool tone, he turned to Sarutobi, who had yet to speak, " You have been in a coma for about two weeks, which is surprising for the medic-nins said you would probably be out for a minimum of a month."

Nodding in response, Arashi turned to face the window, looking outside to see that many of the buildings were repaired, but the village was a far cry from being anything like it was before. He frowned in thought, the village was at its most vulnerable state right now and if an attack were made, they wouldn't stand a chance considering how many shinobi were lost during the battle with the nine-tailed fox.

Silence reined over them for a while as the Yellow Flash of Konoha sat completely still with his head facing the window once again. "I see." He spoke calmly.

"My son..."

"What?" The Fourth Hokage stayed silent as the other three occupants glanced at each other worriedly. Arashi was almost taking this too calmly for their liking and just like his name implies, it's 'the calm before the storm.'

"M-my s-son...Naruto, where's Naruto?"

The three elders stood there not knowing how to approach the question, contemplating how to answer.

The Fourth whispered something softly, but they all heard it. "He's all I have left."

"Arashi, you're not quite stable at the moment, perhaps-"

"My son!" The blond yelled, panic written on his face, "Where's my son?!" Jiraiya ran to his student holding his arms down, holding him in place and preventing him from getting up. "Calm down, Arashi!"

"No, no! Where the hell is my baby?!"

By now, the Toad Sannin was losing his grip and struggling, so the others stepped forward holding him back as he struggled to break free. "Arashi, ple-"

"LET ME GO!! I NEED TO SEE HIM! WHERE IS HE?!" He quickly went from panic to hysterics yelling incoherent things and demanding his child. The three were at a loss of what to do. They have never seen Arashi act like this and Tsunade couldn't take it any more.

"He's dead, Arashi! Is that what you want to hear? Is it?!" She yelled his incessant babbling to get him to listen. Sarutobi looked at her in disapproval of her approach while a frown of displeasure and a scowl marred Jiraiya's face, but the Slug Sannin paid no heed to them.

He stilled in his movements, frozen in place, looking at her blankly. "W-what?"

Tsunade suddenly looked uncomfortable, her words finally catching up with her and she found herself unable to speak or look him in the eye. Jiraiya chose that moment to step in. Tsunade sighed in relief, she had never been so happy to have him in the same room as her until now.

"We found you unconscious not far from where you performed the sealing," Jiraiya spoke, "but your son was nowhere to be found. He searched for him everywhere but to no avail." The Third then spoke grimly, "It is hard to believe that a child could survive something like this through all the wreckage. I'm sorry, my friend."

Arashi just sat frozen as they cautiously let him go, making sure that he wouldn't run or do something he may regret.

"Leave." Came a soft, firm reply, making them all turn to him. "Arashi-" The Third spoke. "I said leave! GET OUT!!" It looked like he was on the verge of going hysterical like before so they all left the room quickly.

The next day, they all visited him with a couple of others, one being Kakashi, but he refused to acknowledge them. He wouldn't eat or speak to anyone and just stared out the window with an emotionless face and dull eyes.

He couldn't think of anything but that one day.

The day, he, the Fourth Hokage survived the sealing of the Kyuubi no Kitsune.

The day, the demon was destroyed in the villagers' eyes.

The day, his son, Kazama Naruto died.

The day, the he lost everything...

It took two days from his awakening for the information to finally sink in and Arashi cried for the first time in years. He broke down and cried for days until he couldn't any more and outside the heavens were crying with him.


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