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August 15, 1918 10:15 AM

"Mother, I am going to take a stroll down the street to go see Mr.Swan about a job at the counter. I will be home for supper." I yelled toward the kitchen where my mother was working on her sewing, on my way out the door.

"Alright Edward. Please don't be late for dinner though. Watch crossing he streets." My mother yelled back at me. All I could do was chuckle, she treated me like I was 10 still. I headed across the street and down 2nd Avenue to The Corner Market, Mr.Swan's store. It still had he help wanted sign in the window so I walked in confidently.

I had never been in his store before so I gazed around a little before walking up to the counter. The walls were painted green with red and white stripes going around the store, there were about 6 rows of selving, and a deli counter. Behind the deli counter was Mr.Swan carving up a duck. He was a large man with graying brown hair and an unshaven beard, he had been a police officer before his wife left him but he opened a grocery store soon afterward. They say he went a litle crazy after she left. There was someone else moving around the store but I took no notice of her, I walked up to the deli counter and stood there until Mr.Swan noticed me.

"What you want, boy?" He asked me in a deep voice that scared me a little. I felt someone come up behind me so I turned my head to look at who it was.

"Father," she chided softly in a voice that sent my heart into a frenzy,"be kind. He probably just wants a job." Who was this unknown woman that made my heart stop. She turned to look at me and smiled the most gorgeous smile I have every seen. She looked to be about 17, she had a heart-shaped face, deep, chocolate brown eyes, and straight brown hair. She was about 5' 4" and came up just to my neck, in all she looked very fragile."Now, Sir...?" she left her sentance hanging, obviously waiting for my name, but all I could do was stare at her."Um...sir? Are you alright?" she asked me gently, as if speaking to a child. For no apparent reason this made me angry, her speaking to me like that. I was no child, I was soon to be 18, in less than a month, no less. She had no right to speak to me that way.

"Yes, just fine." I said this with a hint of annoyance in my voice. Her face flushed a beautiful red and she had hurt in her eyes as she turned and walked back toward the cash register.I noticed with realization that I was sad to see her go. I was also angry that I had caused this beautiful creature hurt in any way.

"Now about that job," I directed this at Mr.Swan as I turned from watching her go,"how would I go about applying for it?" I asked, feeling quite foolish. Most boys my age had already had jobs since they were young. I grew up in a well-to-do family and had no need for a job, I only did this because I didn't want to sit the weekends and after school by myself while all my friends were at work.

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