Haven't updated too much lately, been busy on my other one Bitten Before The Truth. I will update now because I had a idea. POOF! It ust entered my head about 2 minutes ago. Well here we go.



I walked him to the front of the store. When he went for the door a draft blew in, I was ver concience of how close we were. He smelled heavenly, like an expensive cologne only more concetrated. Willow bark and ... oak, that was what he smelled like. He turned around and something went across his face, an emotion I couldn't place.

He leaned in a kissed me on my lips. This is not ethnical, my reasonable side told me. Screw ethics, this is too good to give up, my dangerous side replied. I kissed him back just as powerful as he was kissing me. We were panting but still kissing after a few minutes. We had backed up behind a shelf, out of view of the other people in the store. I wound my hands in his hair, his hands were on my hips. I pulled him against my body, and kissed hm more fiercely. He pulled away after a few more minutes. His face was red, and he was panting like me. My face went red after realizing what I had done. He must think me a floosy now.

"I'm sor..." I started to say before he put his finger on my lips,

"No apolagies. If it was anyones fault than it was mine, dear lady. Forgive me, though I do not regret it." He said this last part with an impish grin on his face. "Care to acompany me to dinner tonight?" He asked me. Wait, I was just asked to dinner by a man. Do I say yes?

"Um... Yes?" What I said sounded more like a question than a staement.

"Good. May I walk you to my house. Well, my parents. Wait, how old are you Bella?" He asked me. It took me a moment to process his question. He had said my name, he made it sound like music.

"17. Why?"

"Just making sure you weren't too young to go to my house alone with me. Don't want the neighbors to talk." He told me in a mocking voice. I went and asked my father if I could have dinner with Mr.Mason. He said yeah, I didn't take his opinion too seriously. He hasn't been right since mom died.

We walked arm in arm to his house.

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