Ranma of the Black

Ranma learned magic and had a really weird childhood.

I don't own Ranma or 8-bit theriter or final fantasy.


---Just before the neko-ken training---

"Now boy, get some sleep for tomorrow you start Neko-ken." said Genma. "Right Pop, good night." said Ranma, jumping into his sleeping bag. When Ranma was a sleep Genma went to see it the cats were still alive. When he got there he saw a man about six foot three with a big hat on his head and black robes covering up everything except his cold blue eyes.

"The Neko-ken, and I though Fighter was stupid." said the man, as a flame came up in his hands and threw it into the pit killing all the cats. "Hey what are you doing, I need that!" yelled Genma, getting in a stance. "I see, so, you would condemn your own child. I'll tell you what, give me the boy. I'll train him to be that strongest person on the planet." said the man. "What do I get out of it?" asked Genma. "It's very simple, I won't kill you…. Slowly." said the man pulling out two knives. "You can't take me!" yelled Genma, as two knives landed in his back, killing him instantly. "You should have seen that coming." said the man, as he walked over to were Ranma was and picked him up. After that he was gone with Ranma, not to be seen till he was sixteen.

End Prelude: ….And the moral of today's story is… Join the army, visit exotic places, meet strange people, then kill them. Well that's me Je ne! Tenkai of Chaos.