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Summary: Sesshomaru has a mate that no one has seen but what happens when something unexpected happens.

I am walking down the corridor in my own section of the castle. I have my own part that nobody had been in except my mate Sesshomaru and my personal servant Kagome. No one has ever seen me except for those two. Kagome is the only servant allowed in here so she takes care of everything including me when Sesshomaru is not around to do so. She is the only companion other than my mate and she tells me what goes on in the other parts of the castle that I cannot visit. If you are wondering why I am locked away from the world it is simple. Sesshomaru does not want any harm to come to me and if anyone knew who I was a lot of people would be trying to kill me to get to Sesshomaru. I would hate myself if I was the one to cause Sesshomaru to because injured or even killed.

Lord Sesshomaru is a really gentle mate even though to the outside world he is ruthless and appears to have no heart but I love him and I know he loves me with all his heart. The only other person who has seen his soft side is Kagome.

I make my way to the bathing quarters and when I step into the room I see that the water is already warm and ready. I slowly take off the royal robes that I wear so as not to rip them and walk towards the warm water with roses covering the top. I step into the water then glided into the water letting the water sooth my skin and relax me. I reach over and grab one the soups that Sesshomaru loves the best. I want to be perfect tonight because he is coming to visit tonight and I know that it has been hard on him to be Lord of the Western Lands so I will make him forget his work and just relax and soothed him by my presents. I scrub the soup into my skin making it into a nice lather then dunk under the water to rinse the suds away then I repeat the process on my long silvery hair that Sesshomaru loves to run his fingers through. After I am finished washing my hair I swim in the water for awhile then I get out of the water to dry off. I see a new robe for me to wear is lying on the bench. After I have dried I slowly put on the robe and return to my quarters.

I sit on the bed and wait for my mate to come to me. It isn't much later when the door open and my mate walks in with all his grace and beauty. "How are you feeling Inuyasha?"

"Much better now my lord."

"Please don't call me that I already have enough of that in the other part of the castle but in here I am just your mate just as you are mine." I nod in agreement knowing that is what he always wishes of me. I pat the space next to me as a sign to sit down. He does and places his hand on my cheek caressing it. "God Inuyasha you are so beautiful. I could just stare at you all day."

"Please don't just stare please do touch." And Sesshomaru did just that he kissed my lips with his soft ones making my insides turn to mush.


After we both caught our breath he started running his fingers through my hair and sometimes stopping to play with the little doggy ears on top my head. "I noticed that your nipples were more sensitive then usual."

"Yes I do not know why but they have been a lot more tender."

"Maybe its part of your illness I think that maybe I should get old lady Kaede to take a look at you and see if there is anything wrong."

"No I do not want to see that old hag! There is nothing wrong with me and if there is then it will go away."

"Okay I wont send for Kaede but if you are not better the next time I come back I will call for her is that clear."

"Yes Sesshomaru I understand." I replied. I hated it when he used that voice on me that says you will do as I say or else. We stayed in each others arms talking about different things going around in the castle and with the other lords but my mate never talks about anything that is seriously important. He says he doesn't want me to worry. I sometimes wonder if he forgets that I am a man or if he really is worried but then I look into his eyes and I know that he really does love me and worries about me. Soon he has to leave and I am once again alone in my room thinking when I will ever get to see him again.

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