Naruto inspected the three tiny fruit in his hand. Strawberries were his favorite, and these were just about the best three he had ever seen, nice and ripe, a rich, almost maroonish red. They were the right size, too. Big for strawberries, but not so big as to be impractical. The only thing off about them was the taste, which Naruto couldn't stand, but he didn't like strawberries for eating.

He liked them because they were aerodynamic.

He lined them up on his left palm, took careful aim, and prepared his right finger to flick the first one, holding it tense, like a bear trap. Then, with the strength of a small nuclear explosion, he let fly.

The juicy missile careened some hundred feet before hitting its target, the back of a pink head of hair. The over-ripe fruit exploded like it had been hit with a sledgehammer, leaving a red-stained crater in the pink tresses, with a tiny green strawberry frond imbedded in the center.

Haruno Sakura (the only pink-haired ninja in Konoha) froze in her tracks, lifted a hand to the back of her head, and drew it back to see crimson-stained fingers. She whirled with terrible stomping steps that cracked the street-stones, Naruto's name already forming on her snarling lips…

When another strawberry impacted against the bridge of her nose. It liquefied on contact, flying up to paint the wide expanse of her forehead a dark blood red.

One of Sakura's eyebrows began to twitch.

Naruto, stifling giggles, launched the last piece of fruit, aiming for the Haruno-clan circle, emblazoned like a target across the chest of her shirt. Her fist, knuckles clenched white, snagged the fruit out of midair, and whipped it right back.

Naruto had no time to react before the strawberry, followed by a sonic boom, smacked against his forehead protector with enough force to send him careening off his feet and onto the pavement twenty feet back.

As Sakura's rage subsided, she stomped towards her prone teammate. "You'd better have something to say for yourself," she growled, flipping him over with a foot. She got no response; his eyes rolled back in his head, and his face was a mess of red pulp and juice.

Sakura leaned closer to him, softening her expression.

"Naruto, say something, idiot."

And just like that, there was a hand on the back of her messy hair, and a tongue running slowly and sloppily from the impact site of the second strawberry to the top of her forehead.

Naruto fell back with a fox grin, and shrugged. "No use," he muttered, "Still don't like the taste."

Sakura's eyebrow began to twitch again.

The punch that followed ensured that she would have someone to practice her medical jutsus on for at least a week.

Not that she would mind spending a week with the blonde, of course.