This came out of a bus ride. It takes place during the "party in Zion" scene from Reloaded. Somebody was watching that kiss in the cavern…

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Rating: PG

The drums start pounding—heavy, raw, wild, savage.

I move to the dance floor's edge, automatically glancing around—then freeze. He is standing on the cave's other side—alone. I start moving toward him, but in mid-step, I see her. He breaks off a conversation, steps toward her—and they kiss.

I cannot tear my eyes away. Some part of me wonders at the envy and pain—so bitter and fierce that they burn—that sweep over me. I fight an urge to run over and claim him for my own.

As if sensing my stare, she looks up, meeting my eyes—we hold the gaze for a frozen eternity, before she flashes a grateful little smile. At that, the pain and loneliness engulf me.

She thanks me for giving him up, not knowing the agonies it costs me. I gave him up because I loved them both—and now pay the price in temptation and hurt. I spend sleepless nights alone, wondering if things might have been different, had I not chosen as I did. This decision will haunt me forever—but they are happy. Nothing else matters.

I raise a hand and nod slightly—if I can, let me bless them both. She smiles back, and they vanish.

The drums' beat is powerful, insistent—at a convenient point, I join the dance. Perhaps, if I try hard enough, my exhaustion can block out the pain. Maybe.

I am Angel. I am their guardian.

Guardians do not bleed.

Angels do not cry.

At least, not where anyone can see them.

Background notes: Angel was originally in love with Neo. When she realized Trinity loved him too, she gave up her chance with Neo because Trinity is/was her best friend, and she wanted Trin to be happy.

Approximately 2.61 drabbles… hope you enjoyed it.