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First Impressions

"Target sighted."

The spandex-clad slayer muffled his voice with a palm around his mouthpiece and kept a steady gaze towards the makeshift fire. Four still silhouettes sat around it, their shadows on the ground mimicking that of the tombstones around them. The flickering flames were the only sources of light that night, and the bright spot's contrast against the stark darkness of the new moon had attracted the slayer squad's attention. "It looks like they haven't sensed us yet."

"Look at them," another voice hissed. "So pathetic they have to rely on newly-buried corpses for blood. They must be young ones; the older vampires usually hunt alone."

"So… our usual attack formation?"

"Yeah, that should be more than enough for these low-lifes. Let's get 'em good!"

Sakura rolled her eyes at her fellow hunters' eagerness. "How can you guys be so energetic about this? It's two in the morning and the vampires aren't strong. Their aura is practically nonexistent. This is such a dull hunting session."

"What do you mean? Of course we should be psyched- four steps closer to making Konoha a vamp-free zone."

She snorted. Naruto's melodramatic side always showed during hunt sessions.

"You guys ready?" Lee asked.

"All set here," she murmured while fingering her ammo in a container strapped on her back.

"YOSH!" Lee screamed, forgetting to damper his volume. "I'll make Gai-sensei proud!"

"Shut up!" The other two hissed at him simultaneously. "They'll hear you!"

Too late.

Four pairs of gleaming red eyes swerved towards the bushes where Lee and Naruto were crouched so fast that Sakura could have sworn at least two of them just got whiplash.

If vampires could get whiplash. Could they? …Moving on.

The vampires audibly sniffed the air, and Sakura resisted the urge to roll her eyes at the display. They couldn't sense human aura, and they had to rely on smell? Pathetic.

"Humans," one hissed. All of them grinned. The unspoken term rang through the air.


And then, before the hunters could execute their plan of jumping out and taking the vampires by surprise, they pounced.

Having used this particular offensive pattern several times in the past, Naruto and Lee each engaged two vampires in a battle. The key to the whole attack was that their sniper, Sakura, remained hidden during the battle to shoot at the vampires while Naruto and Lee provided ample distraction. And remain hidden she did as she crouched on her tree branch, searching for an opening.

Kunai gleaming orange in the firelight clashed with armguards and daggers that the vampires had produced. The reflections off the weapons were blinding, but the sparks allowed her to see the battle locations clearer.

None of the vampires had noticed her yet, so that was her cue to make them notice her. She reached behind her with her right hand to snatch an arrow out of the quiver strapped to her back. Her left hand clutched her sleek silver crossbow, which she loaded with an arrow and aimed towards Lee's opponent.

Wait, Lee's opponent?

That was strange; she could have sworn he was fighting two. She didn't see any dramatic bursts of flames yet, as was custom when a vampire perished, so Lee had yet to kill one.

Maybe the vampire defected to Naruto's battle.

She turned towards his direction. Nope. The firelight only showed three individuals where he was battling- Naruto himself and two pale vampires. She couldn't get a clear look though; all three were moving so fast.

Assuming that the missing vampire was escaping, she swept the area, and located his flare of chakra further away from the fire, closer to Lee's battle. Strangely, he wasn't moving. Just… observing.

She grinned. Surely he wasn't so cocky that he'd risk his life (er. Unlife?) to watch a simple battle? Vampires sure were getting arrogant these days- maybe Naruto was right.

She lifted her loaded crossbow, and aimed at his heart. Cocking the arrow, she let it fly.

The targeted vampire heard the whistle of a projectile flying towards him, before he actually saw it. Sidestepping just in time the vampire avoided a potentially lethal hit. The blessed arrow missed its intended mark, his ribcage, and grazed his left arm instead.

The wound it tore was small, but it distracted him and, momentarily, his actual aura was unmasked. Startled, he vanished into the darkness of the maze of tombstones.

Sakura, surprised that dodged the arrow, paled at the burst of energy released in the moments he let his guard down. Immediately, she loaded her crossbow again and backed up against the tree, to avoid an ambush. She knew that as soon as the vampire tended his wound, he'd be back for blood. Her blood.

"Sakura, Naruto, do you copy?" Lee whispered into the microphone attached to the headset on his ears. "I just felt a huge burst of chakra two kilometers west from where I'm standing."

"Copy that," Sakura whispered back shakily. "That was the vampire that hung back from fighting. I must have surprised him with my attack- he dropped his guard and revealed his true chakra." This was bad. This particular vampire was way stronger then what they'd expected. Tonight was only supposed to be light hunting with young vampires. If they'd known that they would be facing an experienced one, they would have bought heavier artillery and more slayers.

"Are the others are masking their aura, too?" Lee asked.

"No, I just finished one off easily. The strong one must have been hiding among the weak for strange some reason." Naruto joined the three-way radio conversation.

"Well what now?"

"Keep your guard up. He's fast." Sakura prepared herself.

Sasuke hissed with pain as he landed on top of a tombstone away from the battle.

How could he have been so careless? He knew exactly how. He stereotyped that weak slayers go after weak vampires, so he had dropped his guard. When the hunters attacked, he'd never expected to actually be seen, so he'd stuck around to watch the battle. What a mistake that had been.

Sasuke stuck out his forearm in front of him, and in the moon's glow he could see that it was glistening with liquid. Blood from his recent kill was leaking through the wound.

The slayer had used a blessed arrow. Damn, those wounds take long to heal.

He snorted at himself. He was getting soft, not fighting enough. It was just a small wound, not enough to deter him in battle and definitely not enough to kill him.

Nonetheless, his ego howled for revenge at the stupid slayer. Although the wound wasn't life threatening, it would cause him inconvenience. He would need to find a healer to fully close the tear and would need to feed more often until the wound healed to maintain his blood level.

He ripped a strip of cloth from the hem of his shirt and wrapped it around his arm. He tied and tightened the makeshift tourniquet with his teeth, then teleported back to the battlefield.

He materialized in front of the sniper on the branch and felt the palpable surprise of the human.

The first move Sasuke made was to rip the headset off the slayer; he wanted no distractions in the form of back-up. Then, wasting no time, he lunged for the jugular. The slayer swung around him and backed up a few steps, tethering on the tip of the tree branch. Then he braced his hands and knees against the branch, probably readying a jump for the ground.

Sasuke flipped around the crouching slayer and gracefully pushed him off the tree branch. He jumped down after the falling human and landed next to him. Sasuke pinned him down on the floor with his forearm, and the slayer gasped and writhed, to shake him off. Sasuke reached out with his other hand to press down his chest, but instead of feeling a flat plane under his palm, he felt something soft…

"PERVERT!" a shrill and obviously feminine voice rang from the body under him reverberating through the silent night.

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