A thick aura dampered her senses, smothering until everything in the scope of her vision hazed over. The bedside lamp visible to her over the top of his shoulder slipped in and out of focus. The room tilted dangerously. She felt sick, like a sailor on a raft in the middle of a stormy sea. Overcome by nausea, Sakura squeezed her eyes shut.

Her heart raced, against her wishes. She was a deer staring down the barrel of the hunter's rifle. Ironically, the tattoo on her back implied the opposite.

Waiting for him to attack was nerve wrecking. Her eyes were still shut, but she didn't want to see.

She hated this. The awful feeling of anticipation mixed with fear settled unpleasantly somewhere in the pit of her stomach, every muscle in her body straining to fight back. The worst part wasn't even the fear.

Guilt and anger, insitgated by her impending death, burned unpleasantly in the back of her throat. She wanted to be strong and stand up for her beliefs. But in the end, she was just another meal, another blood bag for a leech to drain, exactly like the hundreds of other girls before her.

Dying like this was going against her mentor's teaching, the woman who'd never back down, even when faced with the most impossible adversary. What would she think of her student who couldn't even look death in the eye?

Coward. The word rang unpleasantly in Sakura's head. How would she face her friends, her family? What would they say, what would Naruto think, knowing that she'd died, yellow faced and honorless? Her slayer tattoo suddenly burned, and a toxic mixture of determination and adrenalin pumped through her veins.

She had to live. This was life or death. Sakura recalled her vow to kill him. He was just another vampire, she told herself. Another bloodsucker for her to strike down. She breathed to calm herself. It didn't matter that the chances of her overpowering him was about as likely as the sun turning green. The important thing, she'd learned, was trying.

The light was a little disorienting when she opened her eyes, but she quickly blinked it away. When her vision cleared, she reaching out and gripped his arms that caged her in. Summoning every ounce of strength, she shoved him back.

He fell back easily, but recovered even faster. Determined not to be trapped against the wall, Sakura stepped around him. His arms shot out and gripped her in place, and she looked up to see him meeting her gaze.

His were easily the most discerning and bizarre eyes she'd ever seen. They were piercingly red and the pupil was surrounded by three tomoe. They were spinning lazily, and the sight was strangely hypnotic. Suddenly, he gripped her tighter, and the tomoe sped up, until they blurred into a circle. She could feel her eyes strain from trying to follow.

She winced and braced herself, expecting some strange vampire ability. A minute passed seeing no movement from the two. Curiously peering up, she saw him furrow his brows, seeming more frustrated by the second. She stayed as coiled and tense as a prisoner on execution day.

Simultaneously, they fell apart, as if both realizing something incredibly stupid had just passed between them. Sakura was confused, having expected the worst. Sasuke looked... dissapointed was the best word.

What was he trying to do? Sakura stayed in a defensive pose. Vaporise her with his glare?

When it seemed he was weireded out, she made the most of the situation and attacked. She was optimistic but not stupid. With reference to her fight with him in the graveyard, she would be lucky to graze him, much less land a hit.

Which was why she was taken aback when her knee connected solidly to his stomach.

He doubled over with the impact, and fell back with pain. Unfortunately, his heel caught on the edge of Sakura's thick carpet which landed him sprawled haphazardly on her bed.

His hair flipped over his face, and he stayed on her bed with his knees hanging off, arms spread and palms facing the ceiling.

Sakura relaxed a bit when it didn't look like he'd be moving soon. And she was all pumped up and ready to die, too. Walking over, the urge to grab his dangling shins and drag until he hit the floor overcame her.

"How uncool," she told him as she hovered over his figure. So much for the creepy 'I've got you, little slayer.'

He made a noise that sounded like a sigh and a groan.

"That was a low blow, you know?"

"Huh?" With the gingerness of a police dog on a minefield, she stepped closer.

"I was hit by a train," Sasuke actually looked ashamed. "Did that escape your memory?"

Actually, it did. In the heat of the moment, she'd completely forgotten that he was really the wolf she'd saved.

He groaned a little and rolled over.

"Sakura! Are you home?" The unmistakenable voice of Hinata, the roommate, sounded muffled and unclear. "Could you get the door? I left my keys."

Oh, shit.

If Hinata saw Sasuke, one of two things could potentially occur. One, Hinata could freak out leading to Sasuke mass murdering the two of them (still a possibility even without Hinata). Or two, Hinata could tell Tsunade in which case Sakura would be put under surveilence, max guards, and other unpleasant circumstances.

"Ghrg," Sakura made an unintelligent noise, as she frantically searched for a place to hide a five foot eleven vampire with the strongest aura she'd ever felt, in her bedroom.

Nothing could usually shake the stolid Uchiha; the lifetimes he'd spent on planet earth had pretty much shown him everything there was to offer. He'd had plenty of his share of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. Which was why he was so surprised when his Sharingan failed him for the first time.

His mesmer, a technique taught through his clan for generations, didn't seem to affect the girl at all. She'd just stared back at him with confusion. Thinking back, he must've looked pretty stupid just staring at her.

"Sakura?" the female called again.

"I'm coming! One second," Sakura called back and threw an unpleasant glance at him. "Can you please leave? I'll get back to you."

Sasuke, whose wonderful day had consisted of getting hit by a train, being treated by a hunter, having his techniques fail him, getting kicked in the exact same spot and falling flat on his ass, didn't feel like complying. He didn't enjoy being tossed aside nonchalantly, and he didn't feel like conviniencing her when he was in such a foul mood. Maybe he was being childish, he was beyond caring.

"I'm not going anywhere," he told her. God, he must have sounded like an idiot. After she'd kicked him in the stomach, all traces of his bloodlust fell out the window along with his dignity. But he could still be stubborn. Lord help him, he would be stubborn and uncooperative until he annoyed the hell out of her.

She glared at him. "Look. I don't know what you're problem is, but if my roommate finds out you are here, deep shit will come to the both of us."

"It's really cold out here, Sakura," the female voice chimed in from outside the door. Liar, Sasuke thought. It was a perfectly toasty seventy degrees the last time he was out.

"Oh wait, I got it." The lock of the door clicked open, and he heard the hinge creak.

"Sakura," her roommate's voice was much louder now. "I found my keys. Are you okay? You weren't answering." The clank of keys hitting the table and footsteps sounded. He could feel the vibrations through the mattress.

The panic that filled the Sakura's face was almost comical. Perhaps it was just the lingering humiliation from being gracelessly (and temporary he reminded himself) beaten by a girl, but he felt impudent. He thought that her widened eyes, tilted eyebrows, and open mouth slightly resembled a constipated beaver, and he told her as much.

She was not pleased, needless to say, and in the future, when Sasuke looked back to that memory, he would blame the next sequence of humiliating events on his childish impulse to insult her.

With a furious glance at him, now sitting cross legged on her bed (she was pleased to note he was wearing socks but not shoes), she swung his legs fully on the bed with superhuman speed and strength. Then she pulled the comforter (the cute one with the teddy bear print that he was sitting on and completely destroying with his vampire aura under which she could never sleep again) around his body and wrapped him like a log so that he was covered from head to toe. Then she wrestled him into a curled up position and wrapped him up in another set of sheets, sushi-style. She pulled her sheets over that bundle and grabbed her pillow.

Then she climbed on her bed and sat on the whole thing, namely sheets, comforter, and Sasuke.

At this time, Sasuke had no memory of what the scene looked like because he was successfully mummified and shoved into a sarcophagus of cotton sheets, with large boulders weighing him down. Namely Sakura. He had never been so grateful that vampires didn't need oxygen.

"There you are- what are you doing? What is that lump on your bed?" Sakura's roommate's voice sounded from the door, and her aura entered drifted in with her. Strangely, her voice sounded very familiar to Sasuke; he could have sworn he'd heard it somewhere before.

"The lump? They're comforters and blankets! I'm… " Sakura seemed to be at a loss for words. Sasuke wasn't really sure since one of his ears was pressed against the mattress while the other was presently located somewhere under Sakura's calf. Or her butt. He wasn't really sure. At least his stomach didn't hurt.

"I'm spring cleaning!" she replied suddenly. "You know, beating the dust out of comforters and such."

Dread filled Sasuke for a split moment. She better not do it. But she did.

Although it was hard to feel through the layers of fabric, he could clearly hear the thumping sound and a faint pounding against his back. She was actually trying to beat the stuffing out of him.

Just as he was debating the option of simply ripping through the sheets, a faint ringing sounded in the room. He felt Sakura's roommate leave the room calling, "Gotta get the cell."

Immediately, he felt the weight on him ease up. A mixture of humiliation and anger caused him to throw the blanket off, and seize her. His stomach had stopped hurting, but his wound, torn open with his tousle, started to seep.

God was he hungry.

As a medical student, Sakura had memorized of all the chemicals in the human body that caused energy rushes and mood swings, namely hormones and adrenalin. The multihundred paged textbooks and colored diagrams of med school still lingered under the recesses of her mind. What she didn't learn in medic school though, was the inner workings of a vampire.

When she saw Sasuke lying on the bed, rumpled and tired, she'd let her guard down. She assumed that he had given up, and went so far as to sit on him.

Now, with her arms stilled by an iron grip and her back pressed against his front, she deeply regretted her ignorance. In a split second, all of the lethargic laziness in him had faded, leaving only coldness and predatory instinct in his eyes. His irises had changed color too, from crimson to black scarlet. The three tomoes almost blended in, leaving a bizarre kaleidoscope in his eyes.

With a start, she'd realized that she had tilted her head back to stare at his face. The back of her head rested on his collarbone, and his arms wrapped around her stomach, pinning her arms down.

Although the intimate embrace would have normally thrown her off, Sakura knew better. Experience taught her that most vampires adopted such a pose when they were about to feed, to mesmerize the victim. The actual experience of having blood drained away could be as pleasant as a kiss or as excruciating as torture. Although she'd had experience of neither, Sakura had known plenty of human girls who chased after vampires for the sake of the former.

Assessing her situation, she found that her limbs were completely immobile. She was losing consciousness too, as if his presence was drugging her. She wanted to scream for Hinata, but her roommate was no slayer. They would have no chance of defeating him, and Sakura would have to protect Hinata.

She wanted to hope futilely that Sasuke wasn't that hungry, that he would only take a little blood, but the edge present in his gaze told her otherwise.

Just as she was about to go limp in his arms and give up, the room around her blurred. Her familiar furniture and cheery rooms melted away into a modern but sparcely decorated apartment.

Then her stomach lurched, and she doubled over.

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