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Be Careful to Say Your Wishes


Oh, no…!

Luna, a really pretty woman with long smooth wavy black hair, black coal eyes, and fare skin, was being chased after by some people with black coat. They didn't speak; they didn't show her any emotion or intent to kill, but they aura scared the hell out of Luna. This was the most unpredictable event that she wanted to face.

Damn it!! What do they want!?

Luna wanted to negotiate with them, but it seemed they weren't the type of people who could be offered a negotiation. They chased after Luna, not only in this dimension, but also from another to other ones.

Oh, God…Yuuko-neechan is right! That man sends a lot of 'dolls' to catch me!! How the hell does he know that I am traveling, now!? I just wanted to go home, and suddenly they appeared in mass and tried to catch me! They can't even speak or feel anything!

Luna was still running away when suddenly someone appeared behind her. Luna was startled and cursed inwardly when she realized that the said person grabbed Luna's hand to prevent her for using her power.


Luna tried to see the culprit's face by feeling her aura. In her head, she saw a very beautiful young lady with black coal eyes just like her, but she was wearing gothic Lolita dress, and she has long curly black hair.

"You…!" Luna couldn't finish her sentence because suddenly the girl said some spells and made her dizzy.

Damn it!! I can't believe it that he even sends her, his partner, to catch me with his 'dolls'!! …-ah…, I'm sleepy…!

Luna shook her head to clear her clouded mind, but it seemed not working. Her vision on her head became blurring, and she fought so hard the urge to sleep there.

"Don't worry, Hime (Princess)…. You can sleep, you know. We won't hurt you," she said with confident voice while smiling calmly to Luna's dismay.

Damn it…!

Luna couldn't stand it anymore and she fainted. The mysterious girl supported Luna's body bridal style. She was surprisingly strong enough to lift Luna, even if she looked thin and weak. "Let's come back to Master's place." She ordered the dolls around her while opening the gate to another dimension. Inner the gate there were lots of pieces of glowing mirror, and the whole space was colored purple mixed with red and black, not in texture. Then she entered the gate with Luna in her arms, followed by the dolls. Seconds later, the gate was closed again, leaving no evidence that there was a kidnapping on that spot just now.


"Ah…, I was kidnapped," Luna said while sighing weakly. "Why the hell did it turn out like this?" she whined in displeasure and in annoyance while looking herself-who was trapped in a bubble of glass. Of course it wasn't an ordinary glass; it was so strong to hold her there from breaking it and running away.

"I told you not to play with your power, didn't I, Luna-chan?"

Luna froze on her spot, not that there was a wide space to move, actually, but she held her breath when she heard the annoyed voice behind her. She turned her face a bit to the owner of that voice.

"Yu-…Yuuko-neechan…." Luna greeted the long-straight-black haired woman she called Yuuko while sweat dropping.

"Jeez…, look what you've done. Being captured that easily, are you losing your power or something?" Yuuko asked in irritation.

"No, but…he sent her to catch me this time…so…,"

"I even told you to go straight home, didn't I?" Yuuko cut Luna's explanation and narrowed her eyes at Luna fiercely.

"Uh…," Luna couldn't stand the angry Yuuko, so it's best for her not to object and apologized, "Hai (yes)…, gomen nasai (I'm sorry)…," Luna bowed her head a bit while saying sorry in weak and sad voice.

Yuuko sighed in defeat. She could never stay angry when Luna gave her that look. "Fine then…, let me think how we can save you from that prison." She said while closing her eyes, trying her best to think something. "Do you bring your Mokona (1)?" she asked suddenly after thinking several minutes, "We can send you items you need to release you from that annoying bubble," she added.

Luna sweat dropped again, "I don't bring it…," she said slowly, hesitantly.

Yuuko twitched slightly when she heard that, making Luna covered her face in embarrassment and fear. Yuuko sighed again, "So, it's out of option…," she said slowly while trying to think again. "Are you still in the world before?" she asked again.

"No," Luna shook her head, "-actually, I am in my dimension. This event only was an accident when I was about going home," Luna explained.

"Ok, I'll contact your father about this and we will discuss how to free you from there," Yuuko said while making her leaving.

"No, waiiiit!!" Luna yelped in high pitch, making Yuuko cover her ears in pain.

"What? You don't have to yell like that!!" Yuuko scolded her in irritation.

"Sorry, but please, pretty please, don't tell my father about this! He will be very angry and scold me and then he will definitely imprison me in my own room!!" Luna said in panicky, pleading to Yuuko not to tell his father with her sparkling puppy eyes.

"Luna-chan…your situation now is NOT the situation to concern about THOSE matters, for God sake!!" Yuuko yelled in annoyance.

"But, but, buuuuut!! I really don't want to be imprisoned in my own room!" Luna said stubbornly while crying pleadingly. "Please, pleaseee, I will think another way, but pleaseee don't tell him!!" she said again with her hands clapped in front of her face.

Yuuko sighed again in defeat. "Fine, think about that," she said, agreeing her. Luna's face lightened up 100 percents when she heard that.

"Thank you, Yuuko-neechan, I love you!" Luna said in full spirit. Yuuko shook her head to see Luna's antic. Then Luna began to think about how to get out of that place. After about ten minutes, Luna shouted suddenly. "That's right!!"

Yuuko was startled when she shouted, "What is it? Do you find some ways?" Yuuko asked in hope.

"Well, actually only one way," she said while grinning sheepishly. Yuuko fell down from her chair while sweat dropping.

"Can you be more serious!?" Yuuko yelled at her in annoyance.

"I'm serious!!" Luna yelled back in annoyance too. "I will contact Konohagakure in this world, and ask Naruto to save me! With Naruto's and Kyuubi's chakras, there's no way in hell that he and his subordinates will win against him. Naruto will save me for sure…!!" she explained confidently.

Yuuko narrowed her eyes at Luna curiously. "You don't plan to play with them again, do you?" she asked in suspicion. Luna sweat dropped and gulped.

Why the hell Yuuko-neechan's intuition always is that sharp!?

She thought while crying inwardly. "Of-of course I don't have that kind intention! It's purely for rescuing me from here!" Luna lied, trying her best to hide her real intention.

It's not real intention, damn it! I have plan for them in future, in another world! Not now in my own world and for this freaky-stupid accident!!

Luna thought again in annoyance when she remembered that. This accident ruined all her plans to play with Naruto and Sasuke in another world.

"Ok, then…, do you need my help to contact them?" Yuuko offered her help after understanding Luna's plan.

"Yes, please use my father's name to make a request for Konoha's mission and please pay them first with your money. I'll return it to you after I am free and home," Luna asked her.

"Sure, but like always, Luna-chan, I have to take something from you as an exchange, you still remember that, don't you?" Yuuko said again.

"Yes…," Luna answered with determined gaze. However, inwardly she was-….

Damn it!! She will take my precious memory when Sasuke and Naruto doing things (2) in sofaaa!! Aaah, what a waste!!

…-thinking like that while crying so hard.

"Well then, it's a deal," Yuuko said while sighing again. "Please be patient and wait Naruto or…whatever his name there, ok? Take care of your self, and don't get so choky if you confront him directly, understood?" Yuuko warned her in concern and stern face.

"Ok," Luna said, nodding in understanding while smiling lovely.

"Good girl. Now I am off." With that Yuuko's bubble light disappeared.

Luna sighed in relief and supported her back on the bubble glass. "Please come here quickly…, Naruto…," she said while closing her eyes slowly and softly. –and without realizing it…she fell into a dreamless sleep….

End of Prologue


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