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Be Careful to Say Your Wishes

Epilogue: The Last Wish

This is not the world I want…! This is not my real wish…! I don't want to see anyone dying—!

"Everything I have done…, please…make it never happen," Naruto said while tears dripped from his eyes. "Subete wa…KIETE SHIMAE (everything should…BE GONE)!!" Naruto screamed again, and the moment he screamed his wish…the world around him cracked and in second, it crashed and crumbled into pieces of glass.

Naruto fell, kneeling down on the ground, no…the darkness. Everything around him was black and dark, no picture, no sound, ah…but he still could hear the glimmering of the crumbling pieces of glass actually, but he didn't care anymore. Naruto was tired. He was tired and he didn't care anymore of what would happen.

All Naruto knew was…he was falling…deep-deep into the endless darkness, and he wished he would not have to open his eyes again. His world was crumbling. He knew it…that he had destroyed his world….

"That's why I tell you…. Be careful to say your wish…."

Naruto could feel the world that was crumbling. He closed his eyes, covering his ears; and even if he couldn't see or hear anything, he could feel that he was still falling into the depth of the darkness.

Sai was confused. Hell yeah, he was. A moment ago he was still stuck by Zetsu's plant, and after a second, the picture in front of him cracked and crumbled. He fell to the ground, no, in the same darkness as Naruto, and he couldn't help wondering while coughing madly because he still tried to take a breath.

Sai took a breath deeply as he tried to control his coughs, and then, when he opened his eyes again, passing trough his tears, he could see the darkness, pitch black darkness without picture and without sound.

What the hell—!?

Sai couldn't help widening his eyes in stunned look as he realized that he was nowhere near a place called a 'world.' "What the hell happened just now…?" Sai spoke lowly as he tried to find something as clue, but all he could see was darkness. He was alone there. No, wait. He wasn't alone. It was not vivid, but he could see something ahead of him.

Sai walked closer to the source of light far ahead of him. Then…he found him there, a blond boy that was bending his head down while kneeling. He clutched his body as if he were trying to protect his self. He looked so much in pain that made Sai wants to run and wrap him in his arms. "Naruto…," Sai whispered his name, knowing the identity of the boy in front of him.

'What's happening here, brat…?' Kyuubi tried to ask something from inside of Naruto, but the boy could not say anything as he still tried to protect his sense from crumbling as well as his world. Kyuubi knew how much Naruto felt in pain because he was also in his body. He knew what Naruto felt, but he just could not understand, and he needed a proper explanation from him.

Still, Naruto could not say anything. He was just too tired to go on. He wanted to end everything here and now. He just want to—,

"Shiteita desu (you knew)…," Sai said eventually, and Naruto could hear his voice. He jolted and turned his face in a shocked look, as he looked at Sai's solemn face.

"Sai…." Naruto whispered the boy's name lowly.

"Shiteru desu (you have known), soshite wakatteru desu ne, anta, zutto-zutto (and you have realized it since a long time ago, haven't you), Naruto?" Sai asked while setting his saddest face. "Anta ga wakatteru desu, jitsu wa, kono sekai ga (you have known that this world is—),"

"Wakatteru (I know)," Naruto cut him suddenly. "Shiteru…sohite wakatteru-tebayo, omae no you ni (I know…and I understand it just as much as you do)," he continued sharply. "Wakatteru…kono sekai wa…jitsu no sekai janai (I know this world is not a real world). Kono sekai wa…yume no sekai, wakatteru-tebayo (I understand that this world is a world of dream)! Wakatteru (I understand fully)…!"

"Jaa, naze (then why)—?" Sai couldn't understand why Naruto was so persistent living in that world.

"Niigeta n desu (I ran away)," Naruto answered. Sai widened his eyes in shock when he heard that.


"Ore…niigeta-tebayo (I indeed, ran away), jitsu no sekai ni na (from reality, it is)," Naruto said in his coldest expression he had ever shown in his entire life. "Kono sekai wa yume no sekai (this world is the world of dream), I can do anything in this world. I can make anything inside this world. I can be a god in this world. This world will grant my deepest request. Those are what I thought at first," Naruto continued. "I can make anyone live and die in this world…. I can control this world with my desire only,"

Sai looked at Naruto really in confused face. "Naze…sona mono wa (why…those are)—,"

"Wakatteru…subete wa uso da (I know everything is a lie)," Naruto spoke again. "Wakatteru, kore wa subete…tada no yume (I know everything here is just a dream). Wakatteru, kedo (I know, but)…, kedo (but)…outside this world…Sasuke wa inai-tebayo (Sasuke is not there)…."

When Naruto spoke out his deepest feeling, his tears were dripping from his beautiful blue eyes to his cheeks, tears that he always suppressed inside, tears that showed the real feeling he had inside. A deep love…for the raven haired boy that he always longed for, a soft passion that he had towards the raven haired teammate, a hurt soul that could not save the one he loved most…, one thing that no one know aside himself, that was…his broken heart.

Sai looked at the broken Naruto in hurt look.

"Sasuke wa inai (Sasuke is nowhere to find)…. Ai tai-tebayo (I miss him so much), I want to meet him; I want to embrace him in these hands," Naruto looked at his hands while the tears were still dripping restlessly from his eyes. "I ran away from reality and came here instead to find him, I…have—,"

However, Naruto never finished his words as Sai suddenly knelt, faced him and SMACK!! hit him really hard on his cheek. Naruto looked at Sai in a shocked look. Sai was angry. He was totally mad. His expression showed that to Naruto. "Omae…naniatteru no (you…what do you think you're doing)—?" Sai asked Naruto lowly while narrowing his eyes. Fuzakeru na (don't mess with me)!!" he yelled.

Naruto was utterly shocked at this. Sai was popular with his infamous expressionless self, to see him angry like this was a wonder to Naruto. Even if his cheek was hot because of his smack, and even if the tears were still dripping from his eyes, Naruto couldn't help widening his eyes and looking at Sai in a really shocked face.

"You…what do you think I am!?" Sai shouted at Naruto, still really angry. "What do you think Sakura is!?" he continued yelling. "What do you think Godaime, Kakashi-san, Yamato-taichou, Shizune-san, Shikamaru, Ino-san, Kiba, Shino, Hinata-san, Neji, Iruka-san, Kurenai-san, Gai-san, Lee, Tenten-san, Konohamaru-kun, Moegi-kun, Udon-kun are!? What do you think KONOHA is!?" he screamed really loudly, really angry to Naruto.

Naruto still couldn't catch what Sai meant. He could only stare, dumbfounded at Sai.

"Why…why do you always-always take your pain by yourself—!?" he asked in really sad face now. "Why do you always hide everything from us!? We are your friends, aren't we!? What are we for you!? Why…couldn't I—!" Sai couldn't say anymore as his tears dripped from his eyes as well. He covered his mouth and cried hard after that. Naruto was shocked even more at that.

"Boku ja…dame nandesu ka (am I really not good enough…)?" Sai asked with trembling voice. "Am I really not good enough to replace him as you friend…, your brother…?" he continued while reaching Naruto's shoulders. "Aren't we good enough to heal your heart, Naruto—!?" Sai said those painful words to Naruto while staring deeply into his eyes with those tearful eyes that could make you cry. "Can't we…be your power of heart…?" he continued. "Tsurui desu (it's not fair)…! I like you much-much more than him…, we love you much more than anyone else…! Can't you feel that, Naruto…!? Can't you feel our feeling towards you…!?" Sai clutched Naruto's jacket in really pained look.

Naruto couldn't say anything at that. He could only sit still, doing nothing as Sai cried while hugging him.

"It is not like you…," Sai said again. "The Naruto I know is not a weakling like you…! Anta wa hitori janai desu (You're not alone)!! Boku ga iru, Sakura ga iru, Konohagakure ga iru, minna ga iru n desu (I am here, Sakura is here, Konohagakure is here, everyone is here)!! We are always here for you, Naruto! We're your family! We love you very much! We fight together! We struggle together! So what if you can't save Sasuke in reality!? We still can fight!! Why are you running away!?" Sai shouted again while shaking Naruto's body hard for awhile before he stood and looked at Naruto sharply.

"Tate (stand up)," Sai said. Naruto had not moved. Sai gritted his teeth. "TATE (STAND UP)!!" he ordered in full power now. Naruto couldn't help but stand up then. "Anta wa tsuyoi desu (you're strong), kokoro ni mo, karada mo (in your heart and in your body). Tatakae (fight up), Naruto! Boku to ishooni, minna to ishooni (together with me, with everyone), tatakae, soshite…katte (fight up, and win)! We will bring that raven haired bastard back together to Konoha! We will make him back no matter what!! As long as you still can fight, we still have another and another chance! We will absolutely bring him back!!" Sai shouted surely, absolutely, without doubt.

Naruto was amazed at Sai's words. He widened his eyes even more as he looked at that hand, Sai's hand that was offered in front of him. It was as if- as if he could see a blinding light behind Sai, and he could see his friends in Konoha there, smiling at him, calling his name.


What have…I done?

Naruto couldn't help asking that question to his own hear.

What the hell am I doing here, whining and breaking, like a spoiled kid—?

"It's a promise for a life time!"

What the hell am I doing, forgetting that promise!?

"You can be stronger than now…. Try to catch me with your own strength."


Naruto took Sai's hand and pulled him in his hug. Sai was quite surprised at the sudden motion and couldn't help but ask. "Wha—?" he looked extremely confused at that.

"You're right…," Naruto spoke lowly, "You're right, Sai. I am not alone. What the hell am I doing here? I should be outside there, trying my best to take him back. Why the hell am I doing, wasting my time here?! What the hell am I running away for!?" Naruto tightened his hug on Sai's body while shouting and screaming to his self.

"Naruto…?" Sai was still confused, but somehow, he could understand why Naruto screamed at his self like that.

"Ore wa baka da-tebayou (I am really stupid)!! I should train more and more so I can get stronger!! That way I will be able to catch Sasuke and be strong enough to hold him, so he will never slip again from my hands!!" Naruto continued screaming all his hearts.

"Yeah, just like that. That is you that I know, Naruto," Sai reached his hands to Naruto's back, and hugged him as well. "We will always be with you. Even if I can't be his replacement, I will always be there when you need someone…," he said while closing his eyes, tears still dripping, but he could feel the life force from Naruto's light.

"No, I was wrong," Naruto said as he released Sai and looked at Sai's eyes. "Of course no one will replace Sasuke, Sai, but you meant more than that. You are my friend, my brother. Everyone has that special spot in my heart. You are my strength. I have realized it just now. Konoha is my family. Everyone is important to me. You're right…I should know that more than anyone else," Naruto smiled solemnly at Sai.

"Naruto…," Sai smiled at him too in same expression.

"Gomen ne, shimpai kakete (I am sorry to make you worry), soshite…arigatou (and thank you), thank you for picking me up here, Sai. It was a moment of madness. I almost drown up in this world. I thought…I was tired of living. I was wrong. I can't die here like this. I still have to be a Hokage; I still have to protect everyone. I still…have to take Sasuke back to Konoha, to beside me. You're right. I still can fight. I haven't died yet!" Naruto said that surely, full of determination.

"Yeah, indeed!" Sai replied his determination without doubt in his strong expression.

Then, suddenly a round light came from nowhere to beside Sai and Naruto who was still hugging each other. They turned their face to the light and were forced to close their eyes because of the blinding sunshine. Ten seconds later, the light began to dim and then revealed a girl in gypsy outfit.

"Luna-Hime!?" Naruto (and Sai a bit) was utterly shocked at the feature he found behind the light. It was the blind princess from Lunar Country, Luna-Hime.

"Haaai, meet again with me, Princess Luna, a Queen-wannabe from Lunar Country, as well as a splendid fortuneteller! Omata see (sorry for making you wait)—!" Luna said while smiling cheerily giving pose as if she were in front of TV camera and under a spotlight onstage in front of her fans.

"What are you, an actress or an idol?" Naruto asked in sour look.

"Wha—t, you're as rude as always, Naruto!" Luna said while humping him in cute pouting face.

"And she doesn't even count her age, 23 year old and still acts like a teen…," Sai said while covering his mouth in pale face.

"I can hear it Sai!" Luna glared daggers at Sai. Even if she couldn't see, she could still threaten other people with her blank glare. It's quite scary anyway. "At least do it silently if you want to criticize another person! How rude of you!" she continued, really annoyed at Sai's words.

"Why are you here, Luna-Hime?" Naruto asked suddenly.

"I told you to call me Luna-chan, right, Naruto?" Luna protested. Naruto only laughed, sweat dropping at that. "Well…I kind of worried just now," Luna said, answering the question in rather worried look.

"Eh?" Naruto looked at Luna in confused look.

"I thought…you will really be drown up in this world, and not be able to get back in reality," she said in uneasy expression. "I am sorry," she apologized suddenly.

"Luna-chan, why are you apologizing?" Sai asked in confused look as well.

"It's about Naruto's wish," Luna said as she lifted her gaze at Naruto's eyes. "It's beyond my power, Naruto. No one can ever change the past," she continued in sad expression. "I can only give you this dream to grant it."

Naruto was surprised at first, but then he smiled softly at Luna. "It's alright, Luna-chan. It's not your fault. I know it's impossible from the start, but I kind of really happy when I can get back to that time," Naruto said. "I was flowing to heaven when I can see him again, and I didn't want to admit losing him, that's why…, I grow weaker in this world. I know you want to show me this dream to strengthen my heart, but I mistook it quite lot. I should realize that there are so many differences between this world and reality. I just didn't want to admit that this world is just a lie. I am really pathetic," Naruto grinned while scratching the back of his neck sheepishly.

"You're wrong, Naruto," Luna said suddenly in soft smile. "Not the entire things in this world are lie," she continued.

"Eh?" Naruto and Sai looked surprised at that.

"As example…Kyuubi's stories about his past," Luna said suddenly, giving example. Naruto and Kyuubi snapped at the same time at the mention of the story. "The story is real even if the conversation happened in this world," she continued. Kyuubi and Naruto looked at each other inside Naruto's mind, and silently they agreed it. "You found the truth in this world, right, Naruto?" she asked suddenly.

"Yeah, even if the truth hurts me much," Naruto replied in sweat drop.

"And one thing more…about the people in this world, Naruto," Luna continued again, "Even if they are not the real ones…their characters represent the true feeling of the real people," she said.

"Eh?" Once again, Naruto widened his eyes in surprise.

"What do you mean by representing the real ones?" Sai asked, not able to understand it clearly.

"It means…they're not real, but real as well. Each person brings the memories and the true personality of the ones they're copying. In short…the people here…are the true personality of the people outside. The personality that is not even considered by the real ones," Luna said while smiling softly as everyone suddenly appeared one by one behind her.

There were Godaime and Jiraya who smiled at Naruto cheerily, Orochimaru who scowled at him, Sandaime who smiled assuringly, Ibiki, Anko, Kakashi, Iruka, Kurenai, Gai, Asuma, Izumo, Kotetsu, Shizune who also smiled at him, and the other Chuunin and Jounin, thus Shikamaru, Ino, Chouji, Sakura, Neji, Hinata, Kiba, Shino, Konohamaru, Moegi, Udon who looked at him with caring eyes, even the Shinigamis, Tsuzuki, Hisoka, Tatsumi, and Watari who waved at him in cheery expression, not forget Dan and Nawaki, and even Obito who sent him peace symbol with their hands.

Ah…I see….

Naruto couldn't help saying that inside his mind when he looked at them. Then, he looked at another way and found Itachi there, together with Kisame. The raven haired man seemed saying something to Naruto with solemn look.


Naruto tried to read his lips movement, and he widened his eyes when he understood it.

"Please…take care of Sasuke…."

Naruto covered his mouth at first, but then he uncovered it and took a deep breath before he shouted at Itachi, "I would still do it even if you didn't tell me to!"

Itachi looked surprised, but then he smiled at Naruto in cheery look. Naruto was quite surprised at that. "So…that is the real Itachi that Itachi himself doesn't realize," Naruto smiled back at him as he looked at Kisame who lifted his thumb at him. "Yeah, and he is too," Naruto waved back at him in happy face.

Then, Naruto tried to find other people, and was greeted with the sight of Haku and Zabusa in other corner. Haku smiled at him and said, "Get stronger, and protect the one you love."

Naruto smiled solemnly at him and answered, "Yeah, Onii-san (elder brother)."

It's really sad that I have to part from Haku again, even if I had found my brother by blood, my one and only family….

Sai knew Naruto's sadness and he tapped Naruto shoulder. "We're here for you, Naruto," he said in soft smile at Naruto. Naruto looked at Sai in appreciation.

"Yeah, thanks Sai," Naruto said while clutching Sai's hand on his shoulders.

Naruto lifted his face again, and he saw Zabusa smiling at him even if it was behind his bandage-mask, Naruto could still see it. "Don't worry, we're resting in peace together," he said to Naruto.

Naruto smiled again at that. "Yeah, please take care of Haku, Zabusa," Naruto said undoubtedly. Naruto sighed in relief when he saw they smiled happily together. "I hope…for your eternal happiness…."

And Naruto could also see Gaara, Temari and Kankuro somewhere, there in the darkness, smiling at him.

"Hei, we will build the perfect alliance between Suna and Konoha, Naruto!" Temari said.

"And we can go somewhere to picnic together or to train together as a part of our friendship," Kankuro said in his confident grin.

"And maybe, jus maybe, Naruto," Gaara said suddenly. "We can continue our relationship in reality," the red haired boys smiled at him really cutely and softly, making Naruto blush somehow. "I love you, Naruto…. That feeling will never be a lie…."


Naruto nodded and then he shouted. "I love you too, Gaara! I promise we will continue our relationship outside this world!!" he waved at Gaara in cheery smile at that. Sai sweat dropped at the promise Naruto made to the red head.

"What kind of promise is that?" Sai asked in disbelieving face. Naruto laughed hard at that.


Naruto couldn't help freezing in his spot when he heard that voice, that low tenor voice which always made his heart thump when he heard it. Naruto turned his face slowly at the source of the voice and found the owner who was smiling at him standing behind him.

"Sa—, Sasuke…," Naruto whimpered slightly when he saw the raven haired teen.

"I love you, Naruto," Sasuke said slowly in that soft expression he had never shown to anyone else except to Naruto which always made Naruto feel in heaven.


Naruto was surprised when Sasuke suddenly confessed his love.

Sasuke looked at Naruto's eyes surely and then he came to Naruto and hugged his neck tightly. "I always do love you, Naruto. I just didn't realize it," he said again as he released the hug and smiled at Naruto. "That's why…I will wait for you to pick me up. This feeling has resided for so long inside my heart, and I need you to pick it up for me. Because I really-really love you…Naruto, please…take me back beside you. Make me feel this soft warm happiness with your love. I will wait for you…forever…."

Naruto couldn't help crying when he heard the confession. This was the true feeling of Sasuke. He was waiting for him to take him back. He was waiting for him to pick the love that Sasuke had not realized was inside him. "Yeah," Naruto said slowly as the tears dripped again from his eyes, wetting his cheeks. "Yeah, Sasuke—!" he continued as he hugged the raven back tightly in his arms.

Then slowly…the Sasuke in his hands began to disappear, as well as everyone behind Luna. The dreams…began to reach its end. Before they're gone completely, Naruto still could see the Akatsuki's members somewhere around the darkest corner of the world. And there…stood Arashi in the middle of the line.

"I will wait for your coming to me, my dear son…Naruto-kun," the blond haired man with blue eyes just like Naruto's said those words while smiling sweetly and looking into Naruto's eyes with that fatherly-care in his gaze.

Is that…?

Naruto couldn't help wondering as he saw the expression. Even if he was smiling, he could see the pain, the sadness, the desperation, and most clearly displayed in those eyes, LOVE.

'Minato…,' Kyuubi said slowly while closing his eyes. He still couldn't forgive Minato, but somehow, he understood a bit of his feeling. Still, he would never forgive him, ever.

More seconds later, everyone was gone, leaving Naruto, Sai, and Luna alone in the darkness. Naruto sighed slowly as he tried to collect his self again bit by bit. Then he looked at Sai and Luna in determined eyes.

"Seems you have decided it," Luna said in her confident smile.

"Yeah," Naruto said slowly.

"Sai, do you still have the Dragon Balls wit you," Luna asked.

"Yeah, I still have two," Sai confessed.

"Good, then you can make a wish, one for each of you," Luna gave direction. Sai nodded and gave one of the balls to Naruto. Naruto received it and nodded surely. "Good, now concentrate, and think of your deepest wish," Luna said again.

Sai and Naruto clutched the ball tightly and thought over their wish. Then, "Get us back to Konoha!" they shouted together.

The balls began to shine brightly in orange color, the sun color, and the light turned to be a black hole. It was a bit different from before; the hole didn't suck them off. Before jumping inside the hole, Naruto turned to Luna. "Jaa na (see you later), Luna-chan," Naruto said in his smile.

"Naruto," Luna called him again before he jumped off. Naruto turned his face again at Luna. "You will bring Sasuke back to Konoha," she said in her mysterious smile as always. "I'll grant your last wish," she continued.

Naruto was surprised at first, but then he laughed. "I'll take the absolute possibility this time, Luna-chan! The absolute possibility that I will definitely take him back!" Naruto grinned cheerily at her, and then he jumped off, back to KONOHA!

Luna looked (in her mind) at the hole which became smaller and smaller and in the end it's gone. Luna smiled lovely at that. "Your wish…will be granted, definitely," she said while closing her eyes, and then…she began to disappear from the darkness, and was gone completely, leaving the dream world to be a dream world purely.


A year later—

"Fuh…fu-fu-fu, at least I can find you, Sasuke," Naruto, 19 year old, Jounin of Konohagakure, said confidently while standing on a cliff, looking at his beloved ex-teammate, Uchiha Sasuke, 19 year old, missing-Nin from Konohagakure, in determined eyes.

"You're really as persistent as always, Naruto, what do you want now?" Sasuke asked in a bored look as he fanned his self with red-white fan while standing on a cliff, across Naruto.

This was the third encounter they had in this year, and they talked to each other between the explosion of the battle between Hebi and Konoha. Sakura vs Karin, Sai vs Juugo, and Kakashi vs Shuigetsu, of course those would leave Naruto vs Sasuke again.

"Of course…to fulfill the promise for a life time, I'll take you back to Konoha, this time, absolutely!!" Naruto shouted while pointed at Sasuke in full spirit.

"Again…? Can you even feel bored or something? I had beaten you up to pulp in our last encounter and you still want to try it?" Sasuke was amazed at how dense Naruto could be.

"Of course!! Who do you think I am? I am a Hokage-wannabe! I'll protect my village and villagers, and of course…I will protect you as well, Sasuke," Naruto smiled softly at the raven, making the raven blush somehow. "Ah, you're blushing, Sa-su-ke-kun," Naruto grinned teasingly at him.

"Shut the hell up!" Sasuke shouted in hot face. Damned, Naruto embarrassed him. "If you really want to die so badly, let's finish things out now, dobe!" Sasuke threw away his fan and prepared his Chidori Nagashi in his entire body. Sasuke cracked his knuckles in front of his face. "This time…I will not leave you alive, Naruto!" he shouted as Sharingan was activated and he moved so fast to Naruto.

Naruto only smiled as he closed his eyes.

"I love you, Naruto…. That's why, the other Sasuke loves you as well, because I am…his deepest feeling that he doesn't realize…."

Naruto remembered his conversation with Sasuke in his dream a year ago, and now was the time to fulfill that promise.

"I will wait for you…to pick me up…."

"I come to pick you up, Sasuke," Naruto said as he used his collaboration chakra with Kyuubi. Purple color covered Naruto's entire body in second, and he also jumped to attack Sasuke.

Please make the chakra as soft as possible, Kyuubi. I don't want to hurt Sasuke.

Naruto said to the kitsune inside him, and Kyuubi could only sigh at his request. 'I know,' he replied Naruto while smiling softly. Naruto also smiled at his reply and it distracted Sasuke's concentration a LOT when he attacked the blond boy.

"Chi—CHIDORI NAGASHI!!" Sasuke shouted as he thrust Naruto with his left hand.

"FUUTON, RASENGAN SHURIKEN!!" Naruto shouted as well as he used his latest Jutsu of Rasengan. Sasuke could feel the powerful chakra inside the jutsu, and he realized that he would never be saved if he was hit directly by it, but it was too late to withdraw now.

Fuh, if I have to die now, why not in the hand of the most important person in my life then?

Sasuke thought silently as he also smiled softly. However, when he closed his eyes to accept the jutsu, the chakra force was gone, and instead, Naruto caught his left hand, and pulled him into his embrace. "At least…I catch you, Sasuke…."


Sasuke was really shocked at the motion. He widened his eyes and his concentration was broken. Chidori Nagashi was gone from his body as Naruto tighten his hug on Sasuke. "I really miss you…." Naruto's soft voice was ringing on Sasuke's hearing as he whispered it softly, and before Sasuke could react, Naruto kissed Sasuke's lips lightly in soft breathtaking kiss. Of course, it shocked Sasuke and made him blush really hard.

"Wha—, WHAT THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING, USURATONKACHI!?" Sasuke screamed really loudly as he punched Naruto's face while still blushing really hard in embarrassment. His screaming even stopped the battles of the others.

"Whose voice was that…just now?" Sakura asked in a dumbfounded look.

"It's Sasuke!" Karin shouted in worried look as she jumped to the direction of Sasuke's voice.

"Hey, wait!!" Sakura shouted as she tried to chase after Karin.

"Wha—, what was that, just now?" Juugo asked in a confused look.

"Leave them alone," Sai said in blushing face as he had idea what Naruto did to the raven.

"Huh? Sasuke is screaming!?" Shuigetsu asked in a shocked look.

"That Naruto…he must be doing something naughty to him," Kakashi said sweat dropping at that.

Back to Sasuke, the boy was still blushing hard. His face was so red, and his body trembled violently. It had been a long-long time ago since he was kissed, yeah, he never kissed anyone except Naruto in that Academy time, and he was really-really shocked that the blond boy had stolen a kiss again from him.

"Ow-ow…that hurts, Sasuke-teme! You no need to hit me that hard, you know!" Naruto said in annoyed look as he stroked his pained nose. Shit, it was bleeding….

"Wha—, how could you say something like that after the thing you did to me!! What the hell are you doing, you-USURABAKA!!" Sasuke shouted, really pissed off as well as embarrassed while pointing at Naruto angrily.

"Isn't that clear? I kissed you, what else?" Naruto answered, but he asked back as well.

"Wha—!?" Sasuke couldn't say anything as the blush worsened in the worst degree.

"Uwaaah, how priceless expression you have there, Sasuke-chan," Naruto grinned.

"You-you bastard!!" Sasuke shouted, really embarrassed and angry as he took out his Kusanagi and was about to attack again when a purple chakra tail smacked the sword slipped from his hand. "Aaah! My Kusanagi!!" Sasuke was shocked as the sword plunged deeply into the rock away on the other side of the cliff.

"You don't need that thing in this kind of situation, Sasu-chan," Naruto said in teasing tone.

"You…really want to make me mad, don't you!?" Sasuke glared daggers at Naruto and clenched his fist really hard. "You—!" Sasuke was about to punch the blond boy again when suddenly a hand touched his fist and clutched it warmly, making the tendon relax of no reason. "Wha—!?"

Naruto took his hand, and then he kissed his fist in soft expression before he set his most enticing gaze to Sasuke's Sharingan eyes. THUMP!! –and you could hear Sasuke's heart beat when he saw those eyes, those blue eyes, pools of sparkling aquamarine.

"I will never…release this hand again from mine," Naruto said while smiling softly at Sasuke. "I've come to pick you up, Sasuke. Let's go home together," then he grinned lightly, as bright as the sun that had Sasuke close his eyes because of the blinding light he emitted.

Sasuke was still sitting there, thunderstruck. "What—? But, why—? I thought, we-, you—," Sasuke didn't even know what he was talking anymore. He was too confused right now.

"Haven't you been enough receiving my confession, Sasuke?" Naruto asked, amazed of Sasuke's thickness sometimes.

"What do you—!!" and now he had just realized that Naruto had just said 'I Love You' indirectly. Sasuke exploded in red crimson at the thought.

"Wow…you blush a lot today," Naruto said, sweat dropping.

"Sh-shut up!! Whose fault do you think it is!?" Sasuke shouted at Naruto, really embarrassed.

"Mine, I guess," Naruto grinned as he held Sasuke's hands and forced him to look at his eyes. "I am serious Sasuke. I love you, and I will do anything for you, believe me," Naruto said that with those serious eyes that turn everyone into puddle.

Sasuke was no exception. He could see the emotion in those eyes with his Sharingan, and he could see no lie in it. He felt like drowning into the blue orbs that were Naruto's eyes. "Sasuke…," Naruto called Sasuke's name softly and with those inviting pink lips, Sasuke's sense began to wave, overflowing emotion filled his heart. He couldn't release his gaze from Naruto's eyes.

"Sasuke…," Naruto leaned closer to the raven while slowly setting his gaze at Sasuke's lips. Sasuke had no energy to resist those eyes. He could only close his eyes when he felt the warmth of Naruto's breath and face, nearing him. Then, he could feel it, the warmth of Naruto's soft lips, on his own.

Heart pounded really hard, hammering his chest, but it was strange. He felt warm, secured, and comfortable at the same time. He could hear the feeling of the other when they're connected like this.

I love you…. You're the precious one for me…. You're my one and only….

As if the world had turned into heaven, when the need of air forced them to break up, Sasuke couldn't control his overwhelming emotion anymore. "I love you…, Naruto…. I always do…." Sasuke was dizzy. He didn't even know what he was saying, but he felt it was the deepest feeling he had deep down there, inside his heart. "I want to come back…, I want to go home…to be by your side…," Sasuke continued, not even opening his eyes, he couldn't open them, no; he didn't want to open his eyes anymore. He wanted to be embraced by those warm arms. He wanted to sleep there for the rest of his life in comfortable state.

Naruto hugged him tightly and closed his eyes. "Okaeri (welcome home)…Sasuke," Naruto smiled softly while kissing his cheek.

"Tada ima (I'm home)…," Sasuke also smiled softly and then he fell asleep in Naruto's embrace.

At last…my wish…is granted, na, Luna-Hime…?


Luna closed her eyes and touched the crystal ball in dreamy expression. "Your wish…is granted, Naru-chan!" she said in cheery look as she sighed in happy-relief face.

"Luna-chan," suddenly Yuuko came out from nowhere, shocking the other girl.

"Aw, Yuuko-neechan, don't surprise me like that!" Luna said while pouting, a bit annoyed.

"I come here to take the payment," Yuuko said while looking around.

"Eh, what do you want to take, Yuuko-neechan?" Luna asked suddenly in nervous smile.

"Hmm…," Yuuko took a glance of the crystal and then she smiled. The change of aura in Yuuko made Luna feel a bad feeling suddenly. "This remembering crystal, I'll have it as requirement," she said.

"Yaaaah, noooo! Anything but that!" Luna shouted in minding look.

"Because this one is precious to you, right, Luna-chan? Let me have it, it's the payment, fufufufu—" Yuuko said in that creepy laugh of her.

I knew she would take it from meeee!!

And Luna could only cry when again, one of her collection in SasuNaru thing was taken away by force by Yuuko.

I want to see them too, that's why—inner Yuuko said while still laughing maniacally.

End of the Epilogue


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