Title: Indulgence

Author: E.Helena

Summary: Guilty pleasures. BA drabble.

Disclaimer: The characters belong to Dick Wolf and the actors who bring them to life. No harm intended, no money made.

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Chapter 1 - Indulgence

He'd always considered himself a Scotch man. The qualities of the dark amber liquid suited him. Rich, full, and steeped in smooth, earthy tones, it slid elegantly past the senses while hinting of private corners in smoky bars. Indiscretions in dark places were abetted by the seductive virtues of Scotch.

But over time, he found himself increasingly tempted by the charms of Irish whiskey. Lighter. More golden to the eye and, at times, atypically sweet. The erotic nature of whiskey was more elusive to discern, but no less powerful once discovered.

And now that he was on that path of discovery, there was no turning back.


Her childhood craving had been SweetTarts, to such an extreme that her brother once tried nicknaming her 'Tart.' He mistakenly underestimated her and the fact that she was of an age to understand the equivocal meaning of the word. Painfully regretting his teasing, he nonetheless didn't give up and switched instead to 'S.T.' That lasted only until the novelty wore off and he moved on to new brotherly torments. Over the years, her tendency for tart versus sweet hadn't changed.

Lately, however, she'd been irresistibly drawn to the decadence of chocolate. Undecided as to which variance she preferred, she inevitably seemed to gravitate toward the unexpected times when dark was offered. Savoring its warm sensation and the hidden promise of forbidden pleasure, she sought its sensuality, even at times when restraint would have been prudent.

Tonight, she yielded to the dark allure.


So, at this never-again moment of first tasting, chocolate and whiskey melded in a stirring of heat and uncontrollable cravings. Ardent cries proclaimed fulfillment as disparate guilty pleasures dissolved and merged to a perfect confection – their fusion guaranteeing that nothing else would ever again satisfy.

Breaths combined. Eyes locked. And chocolate and whiskey were consumed.



A/N – Just experimenting with something a little different… indulge me :-)